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1. Talking to Other Users

  1. Talk politely to other users.
  2. Do not post comments such as 'Hi!' or 'I'm bored'. Doing so may result in you being sharked.
  3. Swearing is only permitted in the chat room. Cursing of any form will not be tolerated on any wiki page, but if used on a talk page, user page, or message wall, use asterisks after the first letter of the word. If you swear at another user anywhere, you will be blocked depending on the way it was used.
  4. It is not acceptable to post one word replies such as 'OK' or 'yeah' because they add nothing to the discussion.
  5. It is okay to post your personal information such as name, age, and country. You can give your state or province name, but do not expose your city. Posting information of other users is not acceptable and will result in bans.
  6. It is acceptable to discuss topics of sexuality as long as no pornographic content is posted or linked to.
  7. It is not permitted to have an alternate account to evade a block from this wiki. However, an alternate account to evade a global block may be permitted depending on the circumstances.
2. User Page Content

  1. No offensive and/or pornographic content on user pages, or any pages. If a user is found with pornography on their page or has uploaded said material, they can be blocked for at least 6 months, if not longer.
  2. Swearing is permitted on your user page if it is CLEARLY MARKED on the top of your page there may be bad words.
  3. No racist content.
  4. No content which may be gory or bloody.
  5. No content which may upset/distress people.
  6. Do not edit another user's user page. Only administrators are permitted to do this, unless it says so on the page. You must be logged in to edit your user page.
3. Spam and Vandalism

  1. Vandalism is the insertion of nonsense/gibberish into pages. Spam is the posting of links to a site repeatedly in articles or to promote said site. Users who vandalise are punished the same as users who spam. If the spam links to a website containing gory, offensive, pornographic, or screamer videos, the length of block will multiply by the number of times the links are blocked.
  2. Persistent vandals need a life and will be blocked.
  3. Vandals from the same IP will be banned if the IP has not already been banned.
  4. Persistent posting of material that is deemed sharkable (see section 1, clause 2) is deemed spam.
  5. Do not create pages on the wiki that are not relevant to Tomodachi Life. If you wish to create a personal page, type User:(Your Username)/(Desired Page Name). Pages that are not relevant to the series that do not include this before the page will be deleted and may result in the blocking of the user that created it.
4. Spelling and Grammar

  1. Plurals are not spelt with an apostrophe. Compare: "The trees" to "The tree's." First one, correct; second one, the tree's what? What does the tree have? If you use an apostrophe on the word, it states that the tree is in ownership of something, which is incorrect.
  2. Make sure you're using the correct phrase relating to a character's gender: Some users use "he" instead of "she" and "him" instead of "her."
  3. Don't confuse "affect" and "effect." Compare: "The rain affects his hair." (verb: to affect) and "The rain has an effect on his hair." (noun: an effect). "The rain has an affect on his hair," and "The rain effects his hair," are incorrect.
  4. Only proper nouns or words at the beginning of a sentence are to be capitalized. We Do Not Capitalize Words Like This In American English Or British English. Or Australian, For That Matter. It's annoying. However, it is necessary to capitalize every word that is four letters or longer in a title, and, on blogs, we do permit you to capitalise all letters in a word for emphasis. For example, "When Jeremy and I went into the haunted house, it was VERY scary!"
  5. A comma always comes before the "and" or "or" in a series, for example, "Bob, Bree, and Miranda are my Miis." Not using the comma would result in a pairing of Bree and Miranda, removing the use of a series in the first place.
  6. Do not confuse "your" and "you're." Compare: "I found your cat outside on the porch," to "You're being silly." "Your" is a sign of ownership, and "you're" is a contraction for "you are." However, using either of these words would be unnecessary in any wiki articles because the use of the word "you" is not permitted in them (see section 5, clause 2).
  7. Do not confuse "lie" and "lay." Compare: "The chickens lie next to their feed," to "I lay the feed next to the chickens." To lie down means to move into a resting position, whereas you can lay an object down. The past tense of lie is lay, and the past tense of lay is laid. Compare: "I was tired, so I lay down on the bed," to "I laid the pencil down on the table." The word "lie" is also used to describe the telling of false information, and, in this case, the past tense of the word would be "lied." For example, "My boss asked me if she liked her new wallpaper, so I lied."
  8. Titles of large pieces of work, such as books, movies, and plays, should be italicized. Works that are small, such as songs, poems, or newspaper articles, should be in quotations.
  9. When using quotations, all of the punctuation goes inside of the quotations. For example, "My Mii wants something from me," has a comma that is inside of the quotations and not after them.
  10. If you decide to list or explain something after a clause that can stand by itself, use a colon, not a semicolon. For example, say, "I have three dogs: Sugar, Kachina, and Leo," not "I have three cats; Nemo, Smokey, and Mittens." A semicolon can be used in place of a coordinating conjunction like and, or, for, nor, but, yet, or so. Semicolons are used to combine two sentences without using any of these words. For example, "I love Tomodachi Life; I've loved it since I was 10 years old."
  11. Do not confuse "two," "too," and "to." For example, "I have two Tomodachi games. I play them too much, so my parents told me to stop."
  12. Repeated failure to use proper grammar will result in blocking.
5. Article Style

  1. Do not speak in chat speak or text speak on wiki pages, such as, "Are you well? Thank you for the gift, Susan!" is preferable to, "r u ok, thx 4 th gft suzn," which is hard to read and annoying.
  2. Do not use the word "you". Replace "you" with "the player." Note that "player" does not need to be capitalized, unless it is at the beginning of a sentence. Because the gender of the player can be either male or female, replace with he/she, him/her or, more preferably, "they." "One" is also acceptable.
  3. The American spelling of words is preferable. Compare: "humor" (USA) to "humour" (UK), or "color" (USA) to "colour" (UK).
  4. No point of view. This is like saying: "Easygoing Miis are really nice and I like them lots." Aside from being considered vandalism, it can cause more and more users to do it. It just gets annoying. Info like that goes on your user page.
  5. No huge blank spaces.
  6. No 'claims of authorship' - nobody wants to know who wrote the third paragraph, etc. You don't see it on Wikipedia, so don't do it here.
  7. On the wiki, add information where it sounds the best. For example, do not say, "My Mii is outgoing. This means he is open about his feelings and is easy to understand. He will get along well with other Miis. He also enjoys chatting with friends." Instead, say, "My Mii is outgoing. This means he is open about his feelings, easy to understand, and gets along well with others. He also enjoys chatting with friends."
  8. No contractions in article text; always spell out the word. Example: "they're" should be "they are".
  9. Usernames and proper nouns should always be capitalized.
  10. Once you have created a link to a page in an article, do not link to it again in the same paragraph. For example, do not say, "My Mii was having a Rap Battle. He ended up winning the Rap Battle."
6. Images and Other Files

  1. Please do not upload images if you do not intend to use them on any page. This also applies with music and video files.
  2. Please use a licensing template for each image/music file.
  3. Do not upload gory, pornographic, or offensive images, videos, or music files.
  4. When uploading a file, ensure that its name includes some information about it. For example, if you are uploading a picture of a Mii eating lunch, call it something like MiiEatingLunch.png and not something like IMG-3482602467.png. This makes it easier to find the file later and reuse it in other articles.
7. Admins and Rollbacks

  1. Do not request promotions. Admins, and the rollback role, are highly regarded and if you are thought to be benefited with either role you will be vouched for. Begging or continually asking for a roll is considered harassment.
  2. Admins do not gain superpowers. The admin role is not an amazing promotion to dance to. The only benefits are the delete page option, rename file option, the undo option, and the ability to promote/demote other users to some extent (advanced promotion/demotion is done by bureaucrats).
  3. To see a list of current admins and rollbacks, head to Tomodachi Life Wiki:Administrators.
  4. One must make sure one is eligible to become an admin or rollback. On this site, you must have reached 500 mainspace edits (check your edit count here), you must have been on the site for the minimum period, and you must be active.
8. Linking

  1. To link to a page on THIS wiki, just put the page name in [[ and ]].
  2. To change the text that appears on the page, just put [[page name|wanted text]].
  3. To link to an external site, just copy the entire url to the page.
  4. To change the external link text, just put [url|wordsonpage]. Notice the space between the url and the appearing words.
9. Blog Posts and Message Walls

  1. General chat must be kept on blog comments or fourms.
  2. Talk pages are for wiki related discussion only, which means stuff such as opinions about characters will be removed.
  3. Threads may be locked if they are posted on after six weeks of inactivity.
10. Accounts

  1. Multiple accounts are not permitted as of November 2013. Previous multiple accounts are currently "legal", but in future, this will not be allowed. If other accounts are made to evade demotion or banning, you will be punished harshly.
  2. Renaming of accounts is possible; there is no need to make a whole new account to get a different account name. Go here to request username change.
  3. "Hoarding" of account names such as renaming multiple times to "reserve" characters in a series is not permitted.
Chatroom Rules located here.

All wiki users must be 13 years old or older in order to comply with US law.

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