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|Name = Town Hall
|Name = Town Hall
|Image = <gallery type="slideshow">Tomodachi_Collection_Hall.png|Tomodachi Collection.
|Image = <gallery type="slideshow">Tomodachi_Collection_Hall.png|Tomodachi Collection.
hall.png|Tomodachi Life.
Town_Hall.jpg|Tomodachi Life.
|How to Unlock = Unlocked automatically
|How to Unlock = Unlocked automatically

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Town Hall
  • Tomodachi Collection.
  • Tomodachi Life.
Europe Name Town Hall
Korean Name Unknown
Japanese Name 市役所 Shiyakusho
Events N/A
How to Unlock
Unlocked automatically
"Create new islanders, check info... A lot of other important business goes on here."
— Building description, Tomodachi Life

The Town Hall is a location in Tomodachi Collection, and Tomodachi Life. The town hall allows the player to make and modify Miis, and change game options.

The Town Hall is used to:

  • Make Miis and import Miis from Mii Maker, QR codes, or another Tomodachi Collection/Tomodachi Life player over local wireless
  • Transfer items to another player through local play
  • View, edit, and delete Miis
  • View Personality Chart (Tomodachi Collection only)
  • View travel records and family albums of Mii children
  • View an album containing all obtained items
  • Edit the date and time, island name, baby settings, sound settings, and StreetPass/SpotPass settings
  • Delete the save data


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life


  • While viewing a Mii's profile from the Mii List, pressing the A or B buttons will make the Mii say their greeting from when they first moved in. Pressing left or right on the control pad will make them say the phrases they've been given.
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