A traveler (JP).

Travelers are special Miis that travel to and from the player's island and other islands via StreetPass, with these Miis being exclusive to Tomodachi Life. In order to receive and send travelers, the player must have StreetPass enabled on their system and on Tomodachi Life. The player can obtain their own traveler Miis when two married Miis have a baby. The player must choose to send the child to travel the world once they are fully grown.

Travelers's dialogue is unique from the normal Miis living on the island. They differ from gender and are different depending on their personality. For more details see the dialogue page.

Traveler Ranking

For every 10 islands they go to, the traveler will go up a level. The more islands they go to, the higher the traveler's ranking is. Their clothing differs as their rank goes up, and there are 5 rankings.

One star is from 1-10 islands, and is off-white. Two stars is 11-20 islands, and is grey. Three stars is 21-30, and is black. Four stars is 31-40, and is silver. Five stars starts at 41 and goes up from there, and is gold.


Problems that a traveler has are unique compared to the ones islanders have:

Type Image Description Effect Solution
Hungry Traveler Hunger The traveler will say they didn't eat in a long time. The traveler's tummy will be empty upon tapping it. Upon zooming out, it will growl. Feed the traveler.
Homesick Traveler Homesick The traveler will say they're homesick. The traveler's brain will have a picture of a house. Give the traveler a music box or a pet on the head.
Dirty Traveler Dirty Face The traveler will point out they feel stinky. The traveler's face is dirty when viewed in close-up. Give the traveler a bath set.
Sickness The traveler will say they either feel sick or their belly hurts. Their forehead will glow or their tummy will have viruses. Give the traveler some cold medicine or stomach medicine.


  • It's possible for a Traveler to send a letter with a picture of them at the Roof, despite it being a hidden location in the Western and Korean versions.  
  • If a Traveler comes back to their home island for a short visit, if both of their parents have been deleted from the island; they'll visit the Player's look-a-like instead.
    • The same when they send a letter.


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