Petting the Mii's head
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It's been a while since I felt so cared for.

That brought back sweet childhood memories...

You're really a gentle soul, aren't you?

I don't know why, but you made me really happy.


I haven't had such nice attention in a long time!

You've got a gentle touch, you know that?

That was relaxing. I loved it!

Bath set
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It's been too long since I had a nice, relaxing soak! "I can't wait to get in that tub!" "I'm so warm and refreshed. Thanks!"


Yay! I adore a good bath!

I'm so looking forward to this!

Hair color spray
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I feel like trying out a crazy color.

What color do you like best?


I'm a whole new me!


Let's do this! I'm feeling adventurous!

You can pick the color.

Sounds good!

I wonder how different I look...this is so fun!

Music box
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Cool! I'm gonna listen to this right now.

That music is so relaxing!


Neat! I'm gonna listen to this right now.

I love the sweet sound of a music box. So pretty!

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Thanks! That gave me the boost I needed to continue my journey. (He loved it!)

Um...thanks. That was...interesting. (He didn't really like it.)

Thanks! That reminded me of my favorite disk growing up. (He loved it!)

That tasted like win. Thanks so much! (He loved it!)

Thanks! That meal really put the wind back in my sails. (He liked it.)

That was superb! Now I'm ready to face the world again! (He liked it.)

That was delectable. I'm stuffed! (He liked it.)

That was lovely! You can't beat the taste of fresh, local ingredients! (He liked it.)

That was so good, it reminded me of all my favorite things at once! (He liked it.)

Yum! That was so good! Thank you so much. (He loved it!)

That hit the spot! It's been too long since I had something so yummy. (He liked it.)

That was the best thing I've ever tasted in my whole life. THANK YOU. (He liked it)


That was so good, I could cry like a little baby. Don't worry—I won't really! (She loved it!)

That tasted even better than the food back home! (She liked it.)

My tummy is fully satisfied now!

Thanks! That reminded me of all the best parts of life, like food.

Thanks! It felt great to fill my tummy with something so tasty. (She liked it.)

That was so delicious, it reminded me of home!

That was... Well, it's the thought that counts. (She didn't really like it.)

Thanks! I haven't had anything that yummy in a very long time. (She liked it.)

If I keep eating like that, you'll have to roll me off this island, ha ha!

"What an interesting flavor! Thanks!" (She liked it)

"That. Was. SO. GOOD."

"That meal was meant to be. it was THAT GOOD."

I used to eat that all the time. It tasted even better than I remembered! 

Thank you! That meal was almost as great as you! (She liked it.)

With Problems

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Male I have ZERO energy right now. I can barely move!

I'm totally beat. Maybe because I haven't eaten in such a long time...

That sound wasn't an animal growling—it was my tummy!

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Male I'm feeling a bit homesick, but I'll be OK...

I'm suddenly really homesick. I'll be OK soon...

I wonder if my parents are missing me...

Caught a cold
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My nose is runny. I must be coming down with something...
My head is burning! I think I have a fever... My throat hurts...


Everyone's saying how warm it is today, but I'm freezing cold...
I feel terrible... I must have a fever...

I don't feel so good...

I've got the chills...

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Male I thought it tasted funny... I shouldn't have kept eating... Ughhh.
Female I knew it was a mistake to keep eating that...

My belly feels weird...

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I must be pretty stinky...
Is my face dirty?


Am I stinky?! I'm not feeling very ladylike right now...
Do I have something on my face?

Problems solved

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I was beginning to lose hope! You're a lifesaver!

"I was about to pass out from hunger. Thanks for the chow!"


I don't remember the last time I ate. I owe you one!

"I was seriously so hungry—you have no idea. Thanks for the grub!

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Male I feel brave again, thanks to you! Time to continue my journey!
Female I feel brave again, thanks to you! Time to continue my journey!
Caught a cold
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Male I wasn't feeling good, but I feel much better now! Thanks for taking care of me!
Female I was feeling under the weather, but now I'm much better! It's all thanks to you. You're the best!
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Male My stomach hurt so badly, I thought you island would be my last stop. Thank for the medicine!
Female I was in so much belly pain, I was sure my goose was cooked! Thanks for the medicine!
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Male It felt nice having a proper bath again! Thank you!
Female I haven't had a proper bath in so long! Thank you so much!
Arriving at the island
At long last, I'm here!

Dry land at last!

I made it!

I'm finally here!

I finally made it!

Leaving the island

I'm off!


See ya!

Peace out!

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