Treasures are special items for the player to collect, sell, and or to gift to other Miis. Treasures can be obtained by playing games with the Miis and winning them as well as through viewing the Mii's dreams.

There are two categories: Treasures and Special Foods. The treasures' main usage is to be sold at the Pawn Shop, but they can also be given to Miis who want to confess their love, if the option "Give a present" is selected.

Special Foods costs play coins if it is offered by travelers received from StreetPass, or for free from a travel returning to their home island as a gift from their travels. The travelers will trade after the player has solved their problem, which is a random number from 1 to 10 play coins.

Tomodachi Collection Treasures

Item Num. Order Sell Price Description Image How to obtain
Iron 01 ¥2,800 "A cordless iron with a steam function." Iron Medium prize
SLR Camera 02 ¥25,000 "A standard single-lens reflex (SLR) camera." SLR Camera Medium prize
Puppy Plush 03 ¥3,000 "A cute and fluffy plush toy that makes you feel at peace." Puppy Plush Large prize
Fan 04 ¥500 "In summer, it is nice to carry a fan to keep you cool." Fan TC Medium prize
Watch 05 ¥9,800 "A fashionable, luxury wristwatch." Watch Small prize
Ocarina 06 ¥4,000 "A beautiful blue ocarina that produces clear sounds." Ocarina TC Medium prize
Pacifier 07 ¥580 "A cute pearl blue pacifier to help keep a baby quiet." Pacifier TC Small prize
Charm 08 ¥1,000 "A vivid charm with gold thread to deliver peace of mind." Charm Small prize
Paper Crane 09 ¥100 "A common origami. It is very neat." Paper Crane TC Small prize
Castanets 10 ¥600 "Cute castanets in two-tone, red and blue colors." Castanets Small prize
Robot 11 ¥3,980 "This small robot can fight the evil invaders!" Robot TC Large prize
Brooch 12 ¥3,000 "It is beautiful and shiny with very delicate craftsmanship." Brooch Souvenir from a vacation to Italy
Sculpture 13 ¥5,000 "Beautiful craftsmanship of a glass swan sculpture." Sculpture Medium prize
Key Chain 14 ¥480 "A classic souvenir to share memories from a trip." Key Chain Souvenir from a vacation to Hawaii
Dirty Rag 15 ¥10 "A very dirty rag. There is probably no use for it." Dirty Rag Medium prize
Stamp 16 ¥500 "A commemorative stamp with original design." Stamp Small prize
Wooden Bear 17 ¥6,000 "A sturdy and very detailed carved bear from Hokkaido." Wooden Bear Large prize
Fish Print 18 ¥1,000 "A splendid commemorative fish print." Fish Print Large prize
Gold Coin 19 ¥20,000 "A beautiful gold coin, it seems to have very high value." Gold Coin TC Have a Mii level up past level 20
Silver Coin 20 ¥10,000 "A beautiful silver coin, it seems to have high value." Silver Coin TC Have a Mii level up past level 20
Gold Medal 21 ¥10,000 "Congratulations for winning the first prize!" Gold Medal Medium prize
Stink Sock 22 ¥10 "It is dirty and stinky. You shouldn't try to sniff." Stink Sock Medium prize
Teddy Bear 23 ¥3,000 "A cute and fluffy white teddy bear." Teddy Bear TC Large prize
Game Boy 24 ¥12,800 "Very compact system. It fits comfortably in your hand." Game Boy TC Large prize
Perfume 25 ¥3,800 "It can be used by both male and female." Perfume Medium prize
Kokeshi Doll 26 ¥2,000 "It always stands still quietly." Kokeshi Doll TC Small prize
Bungee Rope 27 ¥400 "It can extend very well and is very durable." Bungee Rope View the Freefall dream
Wedding Ring 28 ¥50,000 "Made with a very beautiful brilliant cut diamond." Wedding Ring Small prize
Autograph 29 ¥100 "It seems valuable but nobody knows whose autograph it is." Autograph TC Large prize
Soccer Ball 30 ¥1,800 "A standard black and white ball for soccer lovers." Soccer Ball View the Rolling Head dream
Cactus 31 ¥500 "Despite its spines, it is very cute and tiny." Cactus Small prize
Shisha 32 ¥4,300 "A classic souvenir from Okinawa. It looks heroic." Shisha TC Souvenir from a vacation to Okinawa
Dictionary 33 ¥5,000 "You can find any words in it. Really! It's unbelievable!" Dictionary Medium prize
Shuriken 34 ¥3,000 "A ninja's throwing weapon. It looks cool with black color." Shuriken TC Small prize
Handkerchief 35 ¥5,000 "A silk handkerchief with splendid embroidery border." Handkerchief TC Souvenir from a vacation to Shanghai
Crystal 36 ¥7,000 "An item that gives off a mysterious aura." Crystal TC Medium prize
Aquarium 37 ¥5,000 "For modern people who feel tired, it has healing effect." Aquarium Large prize
Snow Dome 38 ¥1,980 "You can always see snow inside this little glass. It's romantic♪" Snow Dome Medium prize
Spanish Fan 39 ¥3,000 "A folding fan that gives off gorgeous atmosphere." Spanish Fan TC Souvenir from a vacation to Spain
Cicada Shell 40 ¥100 "A memento from a summer vacation." Cicada Shell Small prize
Elephant 41 ¥10,000 "It is decorated with colorful gems." Elephant Souvenir from a vacation to Thailand
Shirt Button 42 ¥100 "It contains faint memory about love. It's part of life." Shirt Button Small prize
Towel Set 43 ¥2,000 "High grade fluffy towel set that comes in two colors." Towel Set
Vase 44 ¥40,000 "It seems to be a very valuable heirloom." Vase Large prize
Globe 45 ¥6800 Globe TC Large prize
Moonstone 46 ¥5,000 "It came from a place so far away. A cool, precious stone." Moonstone View the Space dream
Tissue 47 ¥100 "A common tissue box. It's good to have more for spares." Tissue Lose a mini-game
Doorknob 48 ¥1,000 "Just a common doorknob. Turn it clockwise to open a door." Doorknob Small prize
Toilet Paper 49 ¥100 "A regular double roll toilet paper to keep in your toilet." Toilet Paper Lose a mini-game or view the Toilets dream
Totem Pole 50 ¥6,000 "Look at it from top to bottom. An ornament with some impact." Totem Pole TC View the Staring dream
Clay Figure 51 ¥15,000 "It was excavated from somewhere." Clay Figure Large prize
Nest 52 ¥5,000 "A fine bird nest. The type of bird is still unknown." Nest View the Birds dream
Jump Rope 53 ¥480 "Cute plastic jump rope." Jump Rope TC Small prize
Virtual Boy 54 ¥15,000 "A pleasant black & red system with a unique shape." Virtual Boy Large prize
Harmonica 55 ¥2,500 "Conventional harmonica that suits a traveler's image."
Small prize
Chopsticks 56 ¥1000 "A pair of vivid color plastic chopsticks." Chopsticks Souvenir from a vacation to Hong Kong
Basketball 57 ¥2,000 "It is surprisingly heavy and is made of bouncy material." Collection Basketball Large prize
Jigsaw 58 ¥100 "With just this piece, you can imagine the whole picture." Jigsaw Small prize
Bouquet 59 ¥4000 Bouquet TC Large prize
Fireworks 60 ¥8,800 "A five-piece fireworks fireball." Fireworks Large prize
Card 61 ¥1,000 "Playing cards made by Nintendo." Card Small Prize
Seal 62 ¥2,500 "A big stamp type seal that is easy to use." Seal TC Medium prize
Doll Set 63 ¥5,000 "The dolls' faces are drawn with brush in very good details." Doll Set Large prize
Magazine 64 ¥680 "With colorful sparkle cover. A must-have for stylish people." Magazine Large prize
Famicom 65 ¥14,800 "This unique dark red system even has a microphone!" Famicom Large prize
Piggy Bank 66 ¥2,500 "A pink fat Piggy Bank. Isn't it a waste to break it?" Piggy Bank Medium prize
French Doll 67 ¥10,000 "An elegant doll that resembles a beautiful french woman." French Doll Souvenir from a vacation to France
Old Tower 68 ¥6,800 "A fantastic Japanese architecture." Old Tower Souvenir from a vacation to Kyoto
Birth Cord 69 ¥30,000 "This must be someone's very important item." Large prize
Pennant 70 ¥1,500 "A very traditional souvenir. This one is original."
Pennant TC
Large prize
Funny Face 71 ¥10,000 "This exotic mask comes from a very faraway country." Souvenir from a vacation
Bonsai 72 ¥5,900 "This small pine tree depicts the vast universe." Bonsai Large prize
Backscratcher 73 ¥2000
Lucky Cat 74 ¥6,000 "This lucky cat will bring good luck to you." Lucky Cat Large prize
Moss Ball 75 ¥2,000 "The healing green algae that makes you feel calm." Moss Ball Medium prize
Fountain Pen 76 ¥10,000 "A high grade fountain pen. It is a classic gift from graduation day." Fountain Pen Medium prize
Earpick 77 ¥500 "Made with top grade bamboo and fluffy cotton." Earpick Medium prize
Megaphone 78 ¥700 "A yellow plastic Megaphone. It is cheep but looks nice." Megaphone View the Hey, Hey Listen! dream
Alarm Clock 79 ¥2,800 "An alarm clock with a standard alarm to wake you up." Alarm Clock View the Levitation dream.
Moai 80 ¥20,000 "A very unique ornament. Do you feel its existence?" Moai Large prize
Balance Toy 81 ¥1,000 "It is made from wood and has a cheerful design." Balance Toy View the Finger Ride dream
Snowman 82 ¥500 "This one is made with a special material and will not melt." Snowman Large prize
Signatures 83 ¥1,000 "A piece of paper with signatures from your friends." Signatures Large prize
Recorder 84 ¥3000 "A popular instrument for a music class." Recorder TC Medium prize
Album 85 N/A "A wedding album filled with memories of the couple. Album TC Have a couple get married.
Note 86 N/A "An appreciation note from the the residents for helping them." Note Solve at least 100 problems
Bronze Cup 87 N/A "Congratulations! You are a master at problem solving!" Bronze Cup Solve at least 400 problems
Silver Cup 88 N/A "Contratulations! You are an expert at problem solving!" Silver Cup TC Solve at least 600 problems
Gold Cup 89 N/A Gold Cup TC Solve at least 800 problems
Platinum Cup 90 N/A Platinum Cup TC Solve at least 1000 problems

Tomodachi Life Treasures

There are 152 items in total. The Japanese version has 140 items. Unavailable items will be marked with an X and an empty space means it's unknown if it appears or not.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Sell Price Description Image How to obtain
Abacus 001 001 X US: $14.00
EU: €14.00
UK: £14.00
"Use this to figure out tough math equations. Or just use a calculator." (US)

"Can be used for working out tough sums. Also doubles up as a rattle" (EU)

Abbacus Large prize
Acorn 002 002 084 US: $0.10
EU: €10
UK: £0.10
JP: ¥10
"Squirrels go nuts for these things. Find an oak tree and start shaking." (US)

"These grow into oak trees, but they're not as much fun as conkers..." (EU)

Acorn Small prize
Ammonite fossil 003 003 006 US: $100.00
EU: €100.00
JP: ¥10,000
"This dude swam the ocean during the dinosaur days. Now it's a paperweight." (US)

"One inhabited the cretaceous oceans, but now sits on a scientist's shelf." (EU)

Ammonite Fossil Small prize
Antique clock (US)
Grandfather clock (EU)
004 061 X US: $260.00
EU: €260.00
UK: £260.00
"This clock is so old that it probably has grandchildren somewhere." (US)

"Ding dong ding dong, ding dong ding dong... BONG! BONG! It's two o'clock!" (EU)

Antique clock Large prize
School bag (JP)
005 004 131 US: $50.00
EU: €50.00
UK: £50.00
JP: ¥5,000
"Use this to carry all kinds of things, like toys and snacks. Oh, also textbooks." (US)

"For carrying stuff like a sandwich and a packet of crisps." (EU) "For carrying stuff on your back like a sandwich and a packet of crisps." (UK)


Western Version.

Backpack TL Japan

Japanese version.

Large prize
Balloon 006 005 099 US: $2.00
EU: €2.00
UK: £2.00
JP: ¥200
"An orange balloon ready for party duty. Well, at least until the helium leaks out." (US)

"Blowing up balloons is tiring work. Use helium for floatiness and squeakiness." (EU)

Baloon View the Falling dream
Bamboo box (US)
Bamboo clothes box (EU)
007 006 076 US: $10.00
EU: €10.00
UK: £10.00
JP: ¥1,000
"Use this handmade box to store all kinds of things, like clothes and toys." (US)

"You can put stuff in this, like clothes or trinkets, or whatever you've got!" (EU)

Bamboo Box Large prize
Barbell (US)
Dumb-bell (EU)
008 042 072 US: $14.50
EU: €14.50
UK: £14.50
JP: ¥800
"Pump it! Attack it! You can do it! Just remember to switch arms eventually." (US)

"Pump it, work it! Keep it up, but don't forget to change arms!" (UK)


Western version

Barbel TL Japan

Japanese version

Medium prize
Basketball 009 007 091 US: $20.00
EU: €20.00
UK: £20.00
JP: ¥2,000
"Be the head-honcho hoopster with this bouncy orange ball of basketballness." (US)

"Learn to dribble to improve your game. And don't forget to wear a bib..." (EU)

Basketball Large prize
Beads 010 008 X US: $6.00
EU: €6.00
UK: £6.00
"A bowl of beads, ready to be made into a necklace or braided into your hair." (US)

"This is a bowl of beads, ready to be braided into some hair." (EU) "This is just a bowl of beads, ready to be braided into some hair." (UK)

Beads Medium prize
Bell 011 009 057 US: $4.00
EU: €4.00
UK: £4.00
JP: ¥400
"Give this to your cat, or put one on its collar so it can't sneak and attack you." (US)

"Equip your cat with one of these, unless you like unexpected presents." (EU) "Equip your cat with one of these. Unless you like unexpected presents." (UK)

Bell Small prize
Binoculars (US)
Pair of binoculars (EU)
012 087 061 US: $60.00
EU: €60.00
UK: £60.00
JP: ¥6,000
"Use these to look at birds...or maybe become a world-class spy." (US)

"Eye, eye. Bet we can get a good view of anything with these." (EU)

Binoculars Small prize
Bojobo Dolls X X 136 US: X
JP: ¥2,000
"A happy doll that will make a wish. (Souvenir from Guam)" Bojobo Doll TL Souvenir from a vacation to Guam.(JP)
Bonsai tree 013 011 115 US: $59.00
EU: €59.00
UK: £59.00
JP: ¥5,900
"You'll learn something about yourself by caring for and shaping this tiny tree." (US)

"This tree is tiny. Careful you don't lose it down the back of the sofa." (EU)

Bonsai Sprite Large prize
Bouquet 014 012 092 US: $40.00
EU: €40.00
UK: £40.00
JP: ¥4,000
"A pretty collection of flowers for that special someone in your life." (US)

"Meant for someone special, like your mum or other half. Stop sniffing them!" (EU)

Bouquet Large prize
Bowling ball 015 013 X US: $35.00
EU: €35.00
UK: £35.00
"This ball is the perfect weight for you. Just what you need for a bowling night." (US)

"With your own ball every throw will be a strike (or if you're no good, a split)." (EU)

Bowling Ball Medium prize
Box of matches 016 014 118 US: $1.00
EU: €1.00
UK: £1.00
JP: ¥100
"Use this to (safely) start a campfire. if you get them wet, they are worthless." (US)

"By far the easiest way of lighting campfires, unless it's raining..." (EU)

Box of Matches View the Stick Figure dream
Box of tissues (US/EU) 017 015 079 US: $1.00
EU: €1.00
UK: £1.00
JP: ¥100
"A simple box of tissues made from recycled paper. Gesundheit!" (US)

"You know what these are for. Remember not to blow too hard." (EU)

Box of Tissues Lose a mini-game
Brass key (US)
Random key (EU/JP)
018 101 086 US: $5.00
EU: €5.00
UK: £5.00
JP: ¥500
"What does this mysterious key unlock? Probably nothing all that important." (US)

"I wonder which door this key opens. Romantic? Scary more like..." (EU)

Brass Key TL Medium prize
Broom 019 016 X US: $3.00
EU: €3.00
UK: £3.00
"Some folks use this to clean up, others use it to fly around. To each his own." (US)

"If you're not using this to sweep up, you might try flying about on it" (EU)

Broom TL Large prize
Cane (US)
Walking stick (EU)
020 139 075 US: $30.00
EU: €30.00
UK: £30.00
JP: ¥3,000
"This will help you get around if your bad knee starts acting up." (US)

"The best way to ensure you don't keel over when you're on your daily stroll." (EU)

Cane View the The Future dream (US)
View the 20XX dream (EU & JP)
Carnation 021 018 013 US: $10.00
EU: €10.00
UK: £10.00
JP: ¥1,000
"Give this to your prom date or maybe to your mom for Mother's Day." (US)

"The perfect gift on Mothering Sunday. If you remember, that is..." (EU)

Carnation Medium prize
Chattery teeth (US)
Set of wind-up teeth (EU)
022 116 X US: $2.50
EU: €2.50
UK: £2.50
"Either granny lost something important or this is one of those toothy toys." (US)

"No, grandma's false teeth aren't haunted. It's just a wind-up toy." (EU)

Chattery Teeth TL Medium prize
Chess piece
Shogi king (JP)
023 019 008 US: $10.00
EU: €10.00
UK: £10.00
JP: ¥1,000
"Bwaha! Checkmate! Wait-- I have to get the king? Oh. Never mind then." (US)

"I've taken your queen. Checkmate. What? I have to get the king too?" (EU)

Chess Piece TL

Western Version

Shogi King TL

Japanese Version.

Medium prize
Chopsticks holder X X 090 US: X
JP: ¥700
Chopsticks Holder TL Medium prize
Clay figure
Haniwa (JP)
024 020 093 US: $100.00
EU: €100.00
UK: £100.00
JP: ¥10,000
"This clay figure looks sort of familiar. Did you find it in the ground?" (US)

"Can't help feeling we've seen this odd clay figure somewhere before..." (EU)

Clay Figure TL Large prize
Clothespin (US)
Clothes peg (EU)
025 021 060 US: $0.30
EU: €0.30
JP: ¥100
"For hanging your clothes out to dry or shielding your nose from a bad smell." (US)

"For hanging up washing, or keeping away really bad smells." (EU)

Clothespin TL

Western Version

Clothespin TL Japan

Japanese Version.

Small prize
Collar 026 022 037 US: $7.00
EU: €7.00
UK: £7.00
JP: ¥700
"Give your poochie a perk with this brand-new genuine-leather collar." (US)

"Not a fashion accessory, unless you're a dog, cat or pot-bellied pig, that is." (EU)

Collar Small prize
Comb 027 023 035 US: $2.00
EU: €2.00
UK: £2.00
JP: ¥200
"A wide-toothed comb to work through those tangles. Don't pull too hard." (US)

"Work through those tangles and split ends. You'll look better for it." (EU)

Comb View the Crazy Hair dream
Compass 028 024 108 US: $3.50
EU: €3.50
UK: £3.50
JP: ¥350
"Use this compass to find your way back home if you ever get lost." (US)

"North - the best of all compass points. (Well, it DOES always point that way.)" (EU)

Compass Small prize
Conch 029 025 114 US: $80.00
EU: €80.00
UK: £80.00
JP: ¥8,000
"A giant shell that has been turned into an instrument. Cheapest trumpet ever." (US)

"This has been rigged to make it easier to blow like a trumpet." (EU)


Small prize (US & EU)

View the Unbelievable dream. (JP)

Copper coin 030 026 082 US: $50.00
EU: €50.00
JP: ¥5000
"Penny for your thoughts? Just don't spend it all in one place." (US)

"Next time you need to spend a penny make sure you've got one of these." (EU)

Bronze Coin Gift from a traveler left on the campground
Coral (US)
Piece of coral (EU)
031 094 051 US: $5.00
EU: €5.00
UK: £5.00
JP: ¥500
"This used to be home to thousands of microorganisms. Now it's a souvenir." (US)

"Once this was home to thousands of microorganisms. Look at it now..." (EU)

Coral TL Small prize
Cork stopper 032 027 047 US: $1.00
EU: €1.00
UK: £1.00
JP: ¥100
"Put a cork in it! No, don't stop talking. Just put this in that bottle over there." (US)

"Put a cork in it! No, I'm not telling you to be quiet - just how to use it!" (EU)

Cork Stopper TL Small prize
Cowbell 033 028 018 US: $8.00
EU: €8.00
UK: £8.00
JP: ¥800
"Everyone could use a little more cowbell. This one's from Switzerland." (US)

"You already have one, but you decided you need more of this Swiss article." (EU)

Cowbell Souvenir from a vacation to Switzerland
CRT television (US)
034 029 102 US: $39.00
EU: €39.00
UK: £39.00
JP: ¥3,900
"One of those big, giant televisions from back in the day. Get help moving this." (US)

"CRT stands for cathode ray tube - the part of old TVs that made them so fat." (EU)

CRT Television TL Large prize
Crystal 035 030 039 US: $60.00
EU: €60.00
UK: £60.00
JP: ¥6,000
"Use this crystal as a paperweight. Or maybe it can see the future?! Maybe..." (US)

"This is a naturally-occurring crystal. Maybe it's a powerstone!? Maybe..." (EU)

Crystal TL Medium prize
Cuckoo clock 036 031 X US: $130.00
EU: €130.00
UK: £130.00
"You're cuckoo if you don't want this hysterical clock in your home." (US)

"Cuckoo-cuckoo! On the hour, every hour, every day of the year..." (EU)

Cuckoo Clock TL Large prize
Cup and ball 037 032 X US: $7.80
EU: €7.80
UK: £7.80
"A simple game, but it has its charms. Not the most exciting birthday gift." (US)

"The premise is simple, but mastering this game could take a lifetime." (EU)

Cup and Ball TL Small prize
Daruma doll X X 069 US: X
JP: ¥2,000
Daruma Doll TL Large Prize
Daruma stack game X X 070 US: X
JP: ¥780
Daruma Stack Game TL Small prize
Desert sand 038 034 050 US: $5.00
EU: €5.00
UK: £5.00
JP: ¥500
"A scoop of Saharan sand brought back as a memento from a trip to Africa." (US)

"This Saharan sand was picked up on a trip through Africa." (EU)

Desert Sand

Souvenir from a vacation to Africa

Souvenir from a vacation to Egypt (JP)

Diamond 039 035 064 US: $500.00
EU: €500.00
UK: £500
JP: ¥50,000
"Diamonds are someone's best friend. Jewelers, maybe? Or rich people?" (US)

"Diamonds are used to cut glass. Not this one! It's far too sparkly for that!" (EU)

Diamond TL Small prize
Diary 040 036 X US: $6.00
EU: €6.00
UK: £6.00
"A paper friend to keep your deepest secrets. Or your not-very-deep ones." (US)

"For writing your most personal thoughts and feelings. Better keep it locked up." (EU)

Diary TL Medium prize
Die (US)
Dice (EU)
041 037 049 US: $1.50
EU: €1.50
UK: £1.50
JP: ¥150
"You generally need two to play board games. Find another or no dice." (US)

"Without these, all those board games would make us, you know...bored." (EU)

Die TL Small prize
Disco ball (US)
Mirrorball (EU/JP)
042 080 126 US: $200.00
EU: €200.00
UK: £200.00
JP: ¥20,000
"Get down tonight. Yeah! Get down. This disco ball will help with that." (US)

"Think there about a bajillion tiny mirrors on this. Disco fever!" (EU)

Disco Ball TL Large prize
Disposable diaper (US)
Disposable nappy (EU)
043 038 021 US: $0.50
EU: €0.50
UK: £0.50
JP: ¥50
"Wrap your baby's bottom in this to avoid a very messy situation." (US)

"Give it a quick sniff to make sure it's not already been used, will you?" (EU)

Disposable Diaper TL Medium prize
Domino 044 039 X US: $2.00
EU: €2.00
UK: £2.00
"Line up a bunch of these in some cool pattern, and them watch them tumble." (US)

"One piece of the most ruthless game known to mankind." (EU)

Domino TL Small prize
Door handle 045 040 080 US: $7.00
EU: €7.00
UK: £7.00
JP: ¥700
"Having one of these is sure to open some doors for you." (US)

Without one, you'll have trouble opening the door." (EU)

Doorknob Sprite View the Door dream
Dowsing rods 046 041 065 US: $1.50
EU: €1.50
UK: £1.50
JP: ¥150
"Some people believe these can locate anything. What do YOU think?" (US)

"Can be used to find water, or anything else, if you believe in that kind of stuff." (EU)

Drowsing Rods View the Hide-and-Seek dream
Engagement ring 047 043 048 US: $500.00
EU: €500.00
UK: £500
JP: ¥50,000
"A diamond ring with a rock the size of a small country. How could she resist?" (US)

"There's something about the glint of a cut diamond. It's mesmerising..." (EU)

Engagement Ring TL Small prize
Expensive-looking vase 048 044 066 US: $400.00
EU: €400.00
UK: £400
JP: ¥40,000
"It's tempting, but don't break it. Think of all the games you could buy instead." (US)

"This family heirloom is worth a fair bit. Take care not to drop it!" (EU)

Expensive-Looking Vase Large prize
Fancy soap 049 045 122 US: $10.00
EU: €10.00
UK: £10.00
JP: ¥1,000
"Some fancy soap brought back from France. Merci for the memories." (US)

"This soap was brought back from France. Merci for the memories." (EU)

Bar of Soap Souvenir from a vacation to France
Faucet (US)
Tap (EU)
050 129 053 US: $4.80
EU: €4.80
UK: £4.80
JP: ¥480
"A classic, silver faucet for the kitchen. Turn the handle to make water happen." (US)

"A classic design if ever there was one. Turn the knob to get water." (EU)

Faucet TL Medium prize
Finger trap 051 046 X US: $0.50
EU: €0.50
UK: £0.50
"Don't put your finger in there, or you'll never get it back out. Scary." (US)

"Just don't get your fingers caught in this. You'll never get them back out!" (EU)

Finger Trap TL Medium prize
Flashlight (US)
Torch (EU)
052 134 016 US: $5.50
EU: €5.50
UK: £5.50
JP: ¥550
"Your best friend during thunderstorms. Remember to keep batteries handy." (US)

"Useless without batteries. You'll need to have some handy." (EU)

Flashlight TL Small prize
Foam hand 053 048 X US: $1.20
EU: €1.20
UK: £1.20
JP: ¥—
"Point your favorite team in the right direction with this giant foam hand." (US)

Good for pointing at the opposition. And that's about it." (EU)

Foam Hand TL Large prize
Folding fan
Kyoto fan (JP)
054 049 028 US: $20.00
EU: €20.00
UK: £20.00
JP: ¥2,000
"A handcrafted silk fan from Japan. Use it to cool off or look demure." (US)

"A traditional handcrafted fan from Japan." (EU)

Folding Fan

Souvenir from a vacation to Japan  (US & EU)

Souvenir from a vacation to Kyoto (JP)

Footbag 055 050 X US: $4.20
EU: €4.20
UK: $4.20
JP: ¥—
"Don't even try setting foot on a college campus without one of these." (US)

"If you're full of beans, this article might be just up your street." (EU)

Footbag TL
Small prize
Fountain pen 056 051 123 US: $100.00
EU: €100.00
UK: £100.00
JP: ¥10,000
"You can't carry around your degree, so keep this in your pocket to look smart." (US)

"Keep in the top pocket to give off the air of an educated wordsmith." (EU)

Fountain Pen TL Medium prize
Four-leaf clover 057 052 130 US: $10.00
EU: €10.00
UK: £10.00
JP: ¥1,000
"Is that a... Wow, it is! Where did you find this?! You must be really lucky." (US)

"One, two, three, four, I declare, it's a four-leaf clover! Lucky!" (EU)

Four-Leaf Clover TL Small Prize
Game & Watch (US)
Game & Watch system (EU)
058 053 041 US: $60.00
EU: €60.00
UK: £60.00
JP: ¥6,000
"This is where dual-screen gaming and the +Control Pad got their start!" (US)

"Help Mario dodge those barrels in multi-screen Donkey Kong (1982)." (EU)

Game & Watch Medium prize
Game Boy 059 054 042 US: $125.00
EU: €125.00
UK: £125
JP: ¥12,500
"This big, gray box is full of the fondest memories. A true gaming classic!" (US)

"First model of the portal game machine. A true gaming classic!" (EU)

Game Boy Medium prize
Glass ornament (US)
Cut-glass ornament (EU)
061 033 022 US: $50.00
EU: €
UK: £50.00
JP: ¥5,000
"This will likely sit on some high shelf looking pretty and gathering dust." (US)

"Most likely this will sit on the sideboard gathering dust. Careful not to chip it!" (EU)

Glass Ornament TL Small prize
Glass slipper 062 056 023 US: $30.00
EU: €30.00
UK: £30.00
JP: ¥3,000
"A beautiful glass slipper perfect for dancing at a ball. Where's the other?" (US)

"Must get home by midnight, otherwise you'll turn into a pumpkin." (EU)

Glass Slipper TL Medium prize
Globe 063 X X US: $24.00
"This globe puts the whole world at your fingertips. Go on - give it a spin!" Globe TL Large prize
Gold bar (US)
Gold ingot (EU)
064 059 032 US: $1,000.00
EU: €1,000.00
UK: £1,000.00
JP: ¥100,000
"This gold bar is heavy. REALLY heavy. That's how you know it's worth a ton." (US)

"Gold's heavy, dude. I mean, like, really heavy, man." (EU)

Gold Bar Medium prize (very rare)
Gold coin 065 057 029 US: $200.00
EU: €200.00
UK: £200.00
JP: ¥20,000
"Gold coins have a way of holding their value. Keep this someplace safe." (US)

"The only way to make sure this is real is to give it a quick nibble." (EU)

Gold Coin Level up a Mii over level 20
Gold earrings 066 058 031 US: $150.00
EU: €150.00
UK: £150.00
JP: ¥15,000
"These earrings are made from 100-karat gold. Really. That's possible." (US)

"These 18 karat gold earrings are in this season. If you can afford them..." (EU)

Gold Earrings TL Small prize
Historical bust (US)
Bust (EU)
067 017 X US: $500.00
EU: €500.00
UK: £500.00
"This dude must be pretty important to be made into a bust. No idea who it is." (US)

"Some old bloke from history by the looks of things. No idea who though..." (EU)

Historical Bust TL Large prize
Home-run ball 068 062 111 US: $50.00
EU: €50.00
UK: £50.00
JP: ¥5,000
"This home-run ball was caught during a trip to New York City. Nice snag!" (US)

"This home-run ball was caught during a trip to an American baseball game." (EU)

Home Run Ball Souvenir from a vacation to America(US & EU)

Souvenir from a vacation to New York(JP)

Hotel toiletries 069 063 113 US: $3.00
EU: €3.00
UK: £3.00
JP: ¥300
"Stock up on essentials while you're on vacation. They're free...right?" (US)

"All the stuff you need for a short break in a hotel you'll never visit again." (EU)

Hotel Toiletries TL Large prize
Hourglass 070 064 058 US: $9.50
EU: €9.50
UK: £9.50
JP: ¥950
"A device that measures the flow of time for the whole universe. OK, not really." (US)

This one's set to three minutes. Just enough time to boil an egg!" (EU)

Hourglass TL Medium prize
Hula girl (US)
Bobblehead doll (EU)
071 010 X US: $10.50
EU: €10.50
UK: £10.50
"Set this doll on your dashboard to turn every drive into a dance party." (US)

"You don't have to nod in agreement. If you did, your head might fall off!" (EU)

Hula Girl View the Drive dream (US and EU)
Inner tube (US)
Rubber ring (EU)
072 108 007 US: $12.00
EU: €12.00
UK: £12.00
JP: ¥1,200
"This can help ease you into swimming, or you can leisurely float on it." (US)

"Could be used with some water wings if you're not that confident in the pool." (EU)

Inner Tube View the Sea Monster dream
Jewelry box (US)
Jewellery box (EU)
073 065 X US: $7.00
EU: €7.00
UK: £7.00
JP: ¥700
"This dancing ballerina will guard your jewelry. Seriously, she knows karate." (US)

"Complete with dancing ballerina and mirror, what more could a girl ask for?" (EU)

Music Box Treasure Medium prize
Jump rope (US)
Skipping rope (EU)
074 121 085 US: $4.80
EU: €4.80
UK: £4.80
JP: ¥480
"Use this pink jump rope to have lots of jumping-over-a-rope adventures." (US)

"Long, thin and light, this rope is many things, but mostly it's PINK!" (EU)

Jump Rope TL Large prize
Kangaroo warning sign 075 066 X US: $60.00
EU: €60.00
UK: £60.00
"Watch out for those roos--they'll give you a black eye if you get in their way." (US)

"Strewth, watch out for those kangaroos! A souvenir from Australia." (EU)

Kangaroo warning Sign Souvenir from vacation to Australia
Kneaded eraser (US)
Putty rubber (EU)
076 099 088 US: $1.00
EU: €1.00
UK: £1.00
JP: ¥100
"Regular erasers are an insult. A master artist needs a REAL eraser on hand." (US)

"For when your common or garden eraser just won't get the job done." (EU)

Kneaded Eraser TL Small prize
Krama scarf (US)
Krama headscarf (EU)
077 069 040 US: $15.00
EU: €15.00
UK: £15.00
JP: ¥1,500
"This scarf brought back from Cambodia is great for keeping cool in the sun." (US)

"This scarf you picked up in Cambodia is great for keeping cool in the sun." (EU)

Karma Scarf Souvenir from vacation to Cambodia
Lantern 078 070 X US: $15.00
EU: €15.00
UK: £15.00
"Take this on your camping trip so you can go Bigfoot hunting after dark." (US)

"Take this on camping trips, unless you want to be in bed at sundown." (EU)

Lantern TL Medium prize
Leather gloves X X 024 US: X
JP: ¥6000
Leather Gloves TomodachiLife
Souvenir from a vacation to Italy.(JP)
Lipstick 079 071 036 US: $20.00
EU: €20.00
UK: £20.00
JP: ¥2,000
"Out of all the colors in the world, this pink-rosebud shade is most youthful." (US)

"These come in a variety of fashionable colours, though this is traditional pink." (EU)

Lipstick TL Small prize
Loofah 080 072 105 US: $3.00
EU: €3.00
UK: £3.00
JP: ¥300
A hard sponge made from a tropical cucumber. Say good-bye to dry skin." (US)

"This is made from some kind of fruit. Why not try one for your next bath?" (EU)

Loofah TL Small prize
Luck Charm X X 010 US: X
JP: ¥1,000
Luck Charm TL View the Drive dream (JP)
Lucky cat (US)
Waving cat (EU)
081 141 121 US: $57.00
EU: €57.00
UK: £57.00
JP: ¥5,700
"That white cat is beckoning you to buy something, or maybe it wants to be fed." (US)

"Is it waving, beckoning or trying to swat flies? Who knows?!" (EU)

Lucky Cat TL Large prize
Lump of coal 082 073 US: $0.10
EU: €0.10
UK: £0.10
JP: ¥–
"You must have been naughty this year. Or Santa messed up big." (US)

"What you're getting in your stocking if you've not been good." (EU)

Lump of Coal TL Small prize
Magnifying glass 083 074 127 US: $7.00
EU: €7.00
UK: £7.00
JP: ¥700
"This magic glass makes small things appear bigger. Incredible, right?" (US)

"Use it to make things that you are looking at a little bit bigger." (EU)

Magnifying Glass TL Medium prize
Mahjong piece X X 116 US: X
JP: ¥200
Mahjong Piece TL Small prize
Manhole cover 084 075 124 US: $50.00
EU: €50.00
UK: £50.00
JP: ¥5,000
"Who took this? Someone could get hurt! It looks like a metal pizza." (US)

"If this doesn't get put back where it belongs, someone could get hurt!" (EU)

Manhole Cover View the Trap dream
Marble 085 076 097

US: $1.00 EU: €1.00
JP: ¥100

"A glass cat's-eye marble. Keep it with the rest so you don't lose it." Marble TL Small prize
Marionette 086 077 004 US: $50.00
EU: €
UK: £50.00
JP: ¥5,000
"A skillful puppeteer can bring these toys to life. Impressive but creepy." (US)

"A skillful puppeteer can make this seem really lifelike... Creepy!" (EU)

Marionette View the Reflection dream
Martian rock 087 078 019 US: $100.00
EU: €
JP: ¥10,000
"A little martian keepsake brought back from a trip to outer space." Martian Rock Souvenir from a vacation to space
Metal spatula (US)
Fish slice (EU)
Big wooden spoon (JP)
088 047 054 US: $2.00
EU: €
UK: £2.00
JP: ¥200
"Flip your fritters with this metal spatula. It's the one that chef on TV uses." (US)

"Great for flipping burgers, eggs, hash browns and any other fried favourites." (EU)

Metal Spatula TL

Western version

Big Wooden Spoon TL

Japanese version

Medium prize
Microchip 089 079 001 US: $10.00
EU: €
UK: £10.00
JP: ¥1,000
"A tiny chip full of information. So small, it can fit basically anywhere." (US)

"The pinnacle of human achievement? Or just some old junk from the 70s?" (EU)

Microchip TL Small prize
Mosquito coil X X 020 US: X
JP: ¥200
Mosquito Coil TL Medium prize
Mug 090 081 117 US: $8.00
EU: €
UK: £8.00
JP: ¥800
"This mug has strawberries on it, but it's mostly just used for bitter coffee." (US)

"Ahh, can't beat a cuppa! Or I guess in this case, mugga!" (EU)

Mug TL Small prize
Nail clippers 091 082 077 US: $5.20
EU: €
UK: £5.20
JP: ¥520
"If you don't use these, your nails will get out of control. No one wants that." (US)

"Just remember to clean up the clippings after you've finished!" (EU)

Nail Clippers TL Small prize
Famicom (JP)
NES console (EU)
092 083 098 US: $148.00
EU: €
UK: £148.00
JP: ¥14,800
"The classic console that got the world gaming. Plug it in and play some Mario." (US)

"The old school classic game console. Mario eat your heart out. Not literally!" (EU)


Western version.

Famicom TL

Japanese version.

Large prize
Nintendo DS card X X 078 US: X
JP: ¥3,800
"A game software for the Nintendo DS, Is this an old game?" Nintendo DS Card TL View the Familiar Dream
Nutcracker 093 X X US: $75.00
"Hand-carved by a master woodcrafter, this German nutcracker is one of a kind." Nutcracker Souvenir from a vacation to Germany (US)
Origami crane 094 085 012 US: $1.00
EU: €
UK: £1.00
JP: ¥100
"It takes skill to fold just one, but if you fold 1,000, you'll be granted one wish." (US)

"Good luck comes if you can fold 1,000 of these. Good luck folding just one!" (EU)

Origami Crane TL Small prize
Packet of tissues 095 086 112 US: $1.00
EU: €
UK: £
JP: ¥100
"Keep these around in case you ever have an unexpected sneeze-splosion."
Pack of Tissues TL

Western version.

Pack of Tissues TL JP

Japanese version.

Gift from a traveler left on the campground
Paint Bucket 096 131 107 US: $9.80
EU: €
UK: £9.80
JP: ¥980
"Paint the town red! Or any color, really. Paint the torn purple, perhaps?" (US)

"This magic paint changes colour to match your mood. Nah! Just kidding!" (EU)

Paint Bucket View the Factory Tour dream
Pan flute (US)
Pan pipes (EU)
097 089 052 US: $35.00
EU: €
UK: £35.00
JP: ¥3,500
"This Peruvian flute is super old. Some say it belonged to a satyr named Pan." (US)

"A souvenir of darkest Peru. Where else?" (EU)

Pan Flute Souvenir from vacation to Peru
Pearl necklace 098 090 055 US: $100.00
EU: €
UK: £100.00
JP: ¥10,000
"A string of shiny, expensive pearls from the belly of a mollusk." (US)

"These grow in some kind of shellfish. Clams or mussels? Oysters? I dunno..." (EU)

Pearl Necklace TL Medium prize
Pebble 099 091 063 US: $0.10
EU: €
UK: £0.10
JP: ¥10
"You can find these pretty much anywhere, often in your shoe." (US)

"These blighters get everywhere. Often found stuck in the sole of your shoe." (EU)

Pebble TL Small prize
Perfume 100 092 044 US: $38.00
EU: €
UK: £38.00
JP: ¥3,800
"Toilet water is a kind of perfume. It's not what you think - promise." (US)

"Toilet water is a kind of perfume, not, you know, water out of the toilet." (EU)

Perfume TL Medium prize
Phonograph (US)
Gramophone (EU)
101 060 X US: $300.00
EU: €300.00
JP: ¥--
"Vinyl is the only acceptable format for listening to the classics." Record Player Medium prize
Piece of Berlin Wall X 093 106 US: X
EU: €
UK: £6.00
JP: ¥600
"This rubble was picked up on a trip to Germany, but what's its significance?" Piece of Berlin Wall TL Souvenir from a vacation to Germany (JP & EU)
Pinecone (US)
Pine cone (EU)
102 095 119 US: $0.10
EU: €
UK: £0.10
JP: ¥10
"A memento from a special walk in the park you had with your sweetie." (US)

"Good for a quick kick-about at the park. Also good for pine seeds." (EU)

Pinecone TL Small prize
Plastic trophy 103 096 103 US: $20.00
EU: €
UK: £20.00
JP: ¥2,000
"It's a little cheap, but all that matters is you won it fair and square." (US)

"It's not worth much, but at least it's safe to wear it as a helmet." (EU)

Plastic Trophy Medium prize
Plush panda (US)
Panda toy (EU)
104 088 096 US: $30.00
EU: €
UK: £30.00
JP: ¥3,000
"A cuddly plush panda brought back from China for your snuggling pleasure." (US)

"A cuddly toy panda brought back from that trip to China." (EU)

Plush Panda Souvenir from a vacation to China
Pocket watch 105 097 017 US: $65.00
EU: €
JP: ¥6,500
"These are rare now that everyone has a cell phone. So quaint, though." Pocket Watch TL Small prize
Potty 106 098 011 US: $15.00
EU: €
UK: £15.00
JP: ¥1,500
"This is for...well, you know. Let's just say it's a diaper replacement." (US)

"That awkward phase between the nappy and the toilet. Do not use as a helmet!" (EU)

Potty TL

Western version.

Potty TL JP

Japanese version.

Large prize
Famicom Robot (JP)
107 100 134 US: $198.00
EU: €
UK: £198.00
JP: ¥9,800
"A retro robot from the NES days, and also an official Smash brawler." (US)

"The retro robot who was always happy to lend a hand or, in this case, two!" (EU)


Western version.


Japanese version.

Medium prize
Receipt 108 102 133 US: $0.10
EU: €
UK: £0.10
JP: ¥10
"Lose this and you'll be stuck with that shirt you only wanted to wear once." (US)

"Make sure you don't lose this, you'll need it to keep your wallet well-stuffed." (EU)

Receipt TL Small prize
Red thread 109 103 002 US: $1.00
EU: €
UK: £1.00
JP: ¥100
"Some red thread for sewing red buttons back onto red shirts and the like." (US)

"Used for sewing buttons back on and playing cat's cradle." (EU)

Red Thread View the Red Thread dream
Rocking horse 110 104 X US: $80.00
EU: €
UK: £80.00
"Childhood just isn't the same without a trusty horse to rock on. Rock on!" (US)

"Yeah, this horse is really rocking. Woo! Ah, I see, not that kind of rocking..." (EU)

Rocking Horse TL Large prize
Rose 111 106 095 US: $10.00
EU: €
UK: £10.00
JP: ¥1,000
"A rose by any other name smells as sweet, but 'thorn flower' isn't as good." (US)

"Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Of course it would!" (EU)

Rose TL Medium prize
Rubber ducky (US)
Rubber duck (EU)
112 107 003 US: $4.00
EU: €
UK: £4.00
JP: ¥400
"Quack, quack, quaaaack! That's duck for 'more bubbles, please!'" (US)

"Quack, quack, quack. Quaaaack! That's duck for, "Enjoy your bath!" (EU)

Rubber Ducky TL Small prize
Ruby pendant 113 109 132 US: $100.00
EU: €
UK: £100.00
JP: ¥10,000
"A heart-shaped ruby surrounded by diamonds. It's pretty. Pretty expensive." (US)

"A red heart-shaped ruby? Must be worth a pretty penny." (EU)

Ruby Pendent TL Medium prize
Russian dolls 114 110 120 US: $30.00
EU: €
UK: £30.00
JP: ¥3,000
"Stack them into each other for storage or just for your own amusement." (US)

"There's another inside, and another, and another, and another..." (EU)

Russian Dolls TL Large prize
Scented candle 115 111 005 US: $3.00
EU: €
JP: ¥300
"Made of real beeswax and peonies, so it won't give you a headache." Scented Candle TL Small prize
Scourer 116 112 071* US: $1.00
EU: €
UK: £1.00
JP: ¥100
"Get that gunk off your expensive pots and pans with this handy device." (US)

"Great for getting that gunk off your pots and pans." (EU)

Scourer TL

Western version.

Scourer TL JP

Japanese version.

Small prize
Screw 117 113 087 US: $0.50
EU: €
UK: £0.50
JP: ¥50
"You've got a screw loose. You're not crazy, but you should screw it back in." (US)

"Uh-oh, looks like a screw's loose. Make sure it gets screwed back in." (EU)

Screw TL Small prize
Seashell 118 114 014 US: $1.00
EU: €
UK: £1.00
JP: ¥100
"A token from that unforgettable summer with that unforgettable someone." (US)

"This stirs memories of that summer when you met a special someone." (EU)

Seashell TL Medium prize
Security camera 119 115 110 US: $75.00
EU: €
UK: £75.00
JP: ¥7,500
"If you see one of these, play it cool. Or do a funky dance. Either one." (US)

"The best choice for home security. Just remember to press record!" (EU)

Security Camera View the Giant dream
Shell necklace 120 117 X US: $3.00
EU: €
UK: £3.00
"Did she sell you this seashell necklace by the seashore? Surely she did!" (US)

"Did she sell you this seashell necklace by the Tahitian seashore? For sure!" (EU)

Shell Necklace Souvenir from a vacation to Tahiti
Silver bracelet 121 118 033 US: $80.00
EU: €
UK: £80.00
JP: ¥8,000
"This bracelet is one size fits all. It won't fit a baby, though. Misleading, I know." (US)

"This is one size fits all, so it suits boys as well as girls." (EU)

Silver Bracelet TL Small prize
Silver coin 122 119 030 US: $100.00
EU: €
UK: £100.00
JP: ¥10,000
"This is your ticket to soda and/or candy joy from any vending machine." (US)

"Usable in vending machines and payphones everywhere." (EU)

Silver Coin Level up a Mii over level 20
Skeleton key chain (US)
Skeleton key ring (EU)
123 120 015 US: $4.80
EU: €4.80
UK: £4.80
JP: ¥480
"Not sure why you'd want the skeleton of a tiny humanoid, but here you go." (US)

"A jiggling skeleton on a key ring to match all the jiggling keys." (EU)

Skeleton Keychain View the Backpack dream
Smelly sock 124 122 034 US: $0.10
EU: €
UK: £0.10
JP: ¥10
"It's not just a sock - it's a very smelly sock. Try not to breathe near it." (US)

"You can probably smell this a mile off. Someone's smelly old sock." (EU)

Smelly Sock TL Medium prize
Snow globe 125 123 059 US: $19.80
EU: €
UK: £19.80
JP: ¥1,980
"If only making it snow in real life was this easy. It's a wonderland in there." (US)

"Just think - when it really snows, who's shaking the globe?" (EU)

Snow Globe TL Medium prize
Solar panel 126 124 062 US: $100.00
EU: €
UK: £100.00
JP: ¥10,000
"You already take your own bags to the store. Now take things a step further." (US)

"The greener way to produce electricity. This one is for domestic use." (EU)

Solar Pannel View the Solar Powered dream
Spinning top 127 125 046 US: $3.50
EU: €
JP: ¥350
"Round and round and round it goes. Oh man. Now I'm dizzy..."
Spinning Top TL

Western version.

Spinning Top TL JP

Japanese version.

Small prize
Spinning toy
Yo-yo (JP)
128 126 129 US: $6.00
EU: €
UK: £6.00
JP: ¥600
"Finally a way to walk the dog without having to pick up after it." (US)

"Sleeper, walk the dog - it's amazing what tricks you can do with this toy." (EU)

Spinning Toy TL Small prize
Squirt gun (US)
Water pistol (EU)
129 140 125 US: $4.80
EU: €
UK: £4.80
JP: ¥480
"Destroy friends and enemies alike with this squirt gun of doom." (US)

"Pew, pew! The funniest and quickest way to squirt your nearest and dearest." (EU)

Squirt Gun TL Medium prize
Stethoscope 130 127 074 US: $25.00
EU: €
UK: £25.00
JP: ¥2,500
"Deep breath in...deep breath out. Now cough. Don't argue - this is science." (US)

"Breathe in, breathe out, and in again, and out again. Now cough!" (EU)

Stethoscope TL Small prize
Sunset key chain (US)
Key ring (EU)
131 068 025 US: $4.80
EU: €
UK: £4.80
JP: ¥480
"This beautiful sunset key chain is the perfect souvenir from a trip to Hawaii." (US)

"A beautiful sunset key ring reminding you of your trip to Hawaii." (EU)

Sunset Keychain Souvenir from vacation to Hawaii
Super Scope (US/JP)
Nintendo Scope (EU)
132 084 056* US: $95.00
EU: €
UK: £95.00
JP: ¥9,500
"The old-school way to take out those video-game baddies. Pew pew pew!" (US)

"This is the retro way to take out those on-screen bad guys." (EU)

Super Scope TL

Western version.

Super Scope TL JP

Japanese version.

Large prize
Swimming certificate 133 128 X US: $0.30
EU: €
UK: £0.30
"You finally earned that highly coveted certificate. It's all downhill from here." (US)

"Few manage to achieve the dizzy heights of a swimming certificate." (EU)

Certificate Medium prize
Takoyaki maker X X 067 US: X
JP: ¥3,000
Takoyaki Maker TL Large prize
Tanuki figure X X 068 US: X
JP: ¥1,200
Tanuki Figure TL Large prize
Tape player (US) 134 X X US: $12.00
"Bust out your old mix tapes, and take a listen down slow-jam lane." (US) Tape Player TL Medium prize
Teapot (US)
Kettle (EU)
135 067 128 US: $19.80
EU: €19.80
UK: £19.80
JP: ¥1,980
"That high-pitched whistle means your water is boiling. Finally, it's teatime!" (US)

"Put the kettle on, think it's time for a cuppa." (EU)

Teapot TL

Western version.

Teapot TL JP

Japanese version.

Medium prize
Teddy bear 136 130 038 US: $30.00
EU: €
JP: ¥3,000
"A soft, fuzzy, wuzzy, widdle baby bear! Ehem. I's a teddy bear." Teddy Bear TL Medium prize
Toilet paper (US)
Roll of toilet paper (EU)
137 105 081 US: $1.00
EU: €
UK: £1.00
JP: ¥100
"Pure-white two-ply toilet paper for you to, um...use as you see fit." (US)

"Swanky two-ply to give your backside the poshest of polishings." (EU)

Toilet Paper Sprite Lose a mini-game
Toothbrush 138 133 094 US: $2.00
EU: €
UK: £2.00
JP: ¥200
"If the sound of a dental drill makes you nauseous, use this three times a day." (US)

"Change your brush regularly and don't miss those tricky teeth at the back!" (EU)

Toothbrush TL Medium prize
Totem pole X 135 083 US: X
EU: €
UK: £60.00
JP: ¥6,000
"The ancient spirits of nature reside in this relic. Bask in its aura of power." (EU) Totem Pole TL Large prize
Toy robot (US)
Tin robot toy (EU/JP)
139 132 104 US: $10.00
EU: €
UK: £10.00
JP: ¥1,000
"It's a real-life robot! It can't do much, but it can walk a little. Technology!" (US)

"It's a walking tin robot, that's all you can say about this. Beep!" (EU)

Toy Robot TL Medium prize
Tulip 140 136 073 US: $4.80
EU: €
UK: £4.80
JP: ¥480
"This delicate tulip will make a fine addition to your garden." (US)

"As pot plants go, these are fairly low-maintenance and pretty to boot!" (EU)

Tulip TL Large prize
Virtual Boy 141 137 089 US: $150.00
EU: €
UK: £150
JP: ¥15,000
"This red-and-black gadget is where 3D gaming all started. See? History is fun!" (US)

"This is where 3D gaming all started. Dig the cool red and black styling." (EU)

Virtual Boy sprite Large prize
Vuvuzela 142 138 X US: $8.50
EU: €
UK: £8.50
JP: ¥--
"This thing is a blast at home, but it's even better at a soccer match." (US) Vuvuzella Large prize
Wet towel X X 009 US: X
JP: ¥100
Wet Towel TL Medium prize
Whiteboard eraser
Blackboard eraser (JP)
143 142 045 US: $10.00
EU: €
UK: £10.00
JP: ¥
"There's nothing like a squeaky-clean whiteboard. What, you don't agree?" (US)

"Whiteboard eraser or a new stealth hovercraft? You decide!" (EU)

Whiteboard Eraser TL

Western version.

Whiteboard Eraser TL JP

Japanese version.

Small prize
Whoopee cushion 144 143 100 US: $5.00
EU: €
UK: £5.00
JP: ¥500
"Whoopee! You fell for it! Or sat on it, more like. Calm down―no one heard!" (US)

"Whoopee! WHOOPEE! You did it! You sat on my strategically-placed cushion!" (EU)

Whoopie Cusion

View the "Unbelievable" dream (US & EU)

Medium prize (JP)

Wind chime 145 144 101* US: $10.00
EU: €
UK: £10.00
JP: ¥1,000
"This wind chime is delightful. Except on windy nights. Then it's a pain." (US)

"Not really soothing, as it tends to jangle ALL the time." (EU)

Wind chime Large prize
Wooden bear statue X 145 027 US: X
EU: €
UK: £60.00
JP: ¥6,000
"Carved by some mountain woodsman to look like a friendly bear." (EU)
Wooden Bear Statue TL

European version.

Wooden Bear Statue TL JP

Japanese version.

Medium prize
Wooden spoon 146 146 026 US: $6.00
EU: €
UK: £6.00
JP: ¥600
"This wooden spoon is great for stirring or even scooping things." (US)

"Not just used in cooking, but also the classic consolation prize." (EU)

Wooden Spoon TL Small prize
Golden spoon 147 147 135 - "Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. One-up them." (US)

"A lucky few are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but this one's gold!" (EU)

Gold Spoon Feed your islanders 1,000 times
Family album 148 148 136 - "This probably has embarrassing baby pictures. It's best to keep it hidden..." (US)

"Let's face it, you see them every day, so why would you ever look at this?" (EU)

Album Have a baby grow up
Bronze trophy 149 149 137 - "You did well, but not well enough. Just kidding! Congratulations!" (US)

"Congratulations! You've earned a bronze trophy... Next!" (EU)

Bronze Trophy Solve 200 problems
Silver trophy 150 150 138 - "You did great for not winning at all. I kid, I kid! Congratulations!" (US)

"Congratulations! You did so well you came second! Now on to the winner..." (EU)

Silver Trophy Solve 400 problems
Gold trophy 151 151 139 - "You're the very best-the best there ever was. You should be SO proud!" (US)

"Wow! You really won a gold trophy. Don't forget to bring it back next year!" (EU)

Gold Trophy Solve 700 problems
Platinum trophy 152 152 140 - "Platinum? That's even better than gold! You must be absolutely incredible!" (US)

"Your feat cannot be honored in words, only through the gift of precious metal." (EU)

Platinum Trophy Solve 1000 problems
  • All treasures obtainable as prizes can also be obtained through the Catch mini-game and Tomodachi Quest.

Special Foods

Special foods can be bought from travelers for the price of 1-10 play coins per food. The type of food the player get depends on the traveler's home island's region of origin. If the traveler is born on an island from the same region as the player's, the player will get a unique special food. If the traveler hails from an island from another region of origin, they will always offer the exotic cuisine.

If a Mii is given a special food, he/she will give a very positive gesture, and say something related to the food which was eaten. However, the special food will not appear in the Mii's favorite food list.

The Japanese, European/Australian, and USA/Canada versions have completely different special foods.

There are 48 Special Foods in total in the USA version.

A list of special food reactions can be seen here.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Description Image
Akashiyaki X X 001 "A specialty of Hyogo Prefecture, A takoyaki, octopus ball deep fried with a fish sauce to dip in." Akashiyaki TL
Alligator fritters 001 X X "Enjoy some tasty, deep-fried gator tail without the bite. Fresh from Louisiana." Alligator Fritters TL
Aloha Musubi 002 X X "Hawaiian sushi made with canned pork. Wait—where's the fresh Hawaiian fish?!" Aloha Musubi TL
Anbo gaki X X 003 "A specialty of Fukushima Prefecture. A dried persimmon that is sweet and quite a delicacy." Anbo Gaki TL
Ankounabe X X 002 "A specialty of Ibaraki Prefecture. A Monkfish hot pot that is said to be good for your skin." Ankounabe TL
Baguette 003 X X "Long, thin french bread for making long, thin french sandwiches." Baguette Special TL
Baklava 004 X X "Sweet pastry layers filed with chopped nuts and sweetened further with honey." Baklava TL
Barbeque ribs 005 X X "You better call dibs on these ribs. They won't last, so act fast." Barbecue Ribs TL
Botebote Cha X X 040 "A specialty of Shimane Prefecture. Green tea with beans and pickled vegetables. It's not soup it's tea, but rather filling." Botebote Cha TL
Brioche 006 X X "You can never get enough French pastries. This one is half butter." Brioche TL
California Roll 007 X X "An inside-out sushi roll with sticky white rice, crab, and cucumber." California Roll TL
Cannoli 008 X X "Fried, cheese-filled tubes of Sicilian-pastry numminess. And you're invited." Cannoli Special TL
Chanpon X X 024 "A specialty of Nagasaki Prefecture. Chinese noodles, pork, seafood, vegetables all in a heavy meat stock soup." Chanpon TL
Chicken tikka masala 009 X X "Juicy chicken bits floating in ambrosial orange sauce." Chicken Tikka Masala Special TL
Chili con carne 010 X X "Spicy meat stew flavored with garlic and merciless green chilies." Chili Con Carne Special TL
Chili dog 011 X X "Cooler than a hot dog. Doggier than a bowl of chili. Eat up, buttercup." Chili Dog TL
Chinsuko X X 025 "A specialty of Okinawa. Sweet butter cookies similar in taste to shortbread." Chinsuko TL
Chorizo 012 X X "Eat this spicy Spanish sausage alone, or add to queso to make fantastiqueso." Chorizo TL
Chow mein 013 X X "Chow down on this dish of deliciously fried noodles. It's the "mein" course!" Chow Mein TL
Churros 014 X X "Fried dough dipped in sugar. The best part of going to a theme park." Churros Special TL
Cioppino 015 X X "No sign of your heart there, but we did find a great fish stew in San Francisco." Cioppino TL
Corn bread 016 X X "Yummy bread made from cornmeal. Gives thanks before stuffing your face." Corn Bread TL
Country-fried steak 017 X X "If southern comfort were a food, it would be country-fried steak." Country Fried Steak TL
Couscous 018 X X "The tiniest, cutest, healthiest pasta out there. Toss in some veggies and enjoy." Couscous Special TL
Crab cakes 019 X X "These tasty morsels are all crab -- no filler -- and fried to a golden perfection." Crab Cakes TL
Crawfish 020 X X "If lobsters are too pricey, chow down on the more cost-efficient crustacean." Crawfish TL
Creme bruleé 021 X X "The top is so pretty, it feels wrong to break it. But that won't stop you." Creme Bruleé Special TL
Crumpet 022 X X "A small cake that's made of British. Slab on some butter and nosh away." Crumpet TL
Dongara soup X X 027 "A specialty of Yamagata Prefecture. Hot codfish soup where nothing is wasted. Seasoned with soy sauce and onions." Dongara Soup TL
Enchiladas 023 X X "Meat and cheese in a corn tortilla with mouthwatering sauce on top." Enchiladas TL
Exotic cuisine 024 000 "Unique food from far-off lands. Savor those exotic flavors!" Exotic Cuisine TL
Falafel 025 X "This falafel is far from awful, Chickpeas should always, always be fried." Falafel TL
Fish-and-chips 026 X X "The British call this meal fish-and-chips. Looks a lot like fish and fries, though..." Fish and Chips Special TL
Fortune cookies 027 X X "Fortune favors those who spend lots of money at the food mart." Fortune Cookies TL
Frogs legs 028 X X "Got a frog in your throat? Just swallow to send it to your tummy instead." Frog Legs TL
Fuku chiri X X 034 "A specialty of Yamaguchi Prefecture. Puffer fish hot pot, served with vegetables and tofu in a fish stock soup." Fuku Chiri TL
Funa zushi X X 036 "A specialty of Shiga Prefecture. Fermented fish cut into slices. The origin of the modern sushi." Funa Zushi TL
Futomaki Matsuri sushi X X 035 "A specialty of Chiba Prefecture. Sushi rolls made into colorful decorations of flowers and other pretty pictures." Futomaki Matsuri Sushi TL
Gnocchi 029 X X "Sinfully good pillow babies stuffed with potato, pesto, and cheese." Gnocchi TL
Goma saba X X 013 "A specialty of Fukuoka. Mackerel sashimi with a sesame soy sauce." Goma Saba TL
Greek salad 030 X X "Feta makes everything bettuh. That's how you know this salad is to die for." Greek Salad Special TL
Gumbo 031 X X "Step right up, and get your grub on with a big bowl of Louisiana gumbo." Gumbo TL
Hitomoji Guruguru X X 032 "A specialty of Kumamoto Prefecture. Spring onions rolled round and round and seasoned with light soy sauce." Hitomoji Guruguru TL
Hiyajiru udon X X 033 "A specialty of Saitama Prefecture. Cold udon noodles served in a miso soup." Hiyajiru udon
Hoba miso X X 039 "A specialty of Takayama Prefecture. Mixed miso paste and vegetables grilled on a magnolia leaf over a charcoal stove." Hoba Miso TL
Houtou X X 038 "A specialty of Yamanashi Prefecture. Stewed udon, vegetables in a thin fish soup. The udon is more like dumplings than noodles." Houtou TL
Hummus 032 X X "Hummus is only the beginning. Grab some chips or bread, and go to town." Hummus Special TL
Ikanesgu X X 005 "A specialty of Hokkaido Prefecture. A squid stuffed with rice and cooked." Ikanesgu TL
Ise Ebi X X 006 "A specialty of Mie Prefecture. A spiny lobster boiled and cooked to perfection." Ise Ebi TL
Iwaokoshi X X 007 "A specialty of Osaka Prefecture. A sweet made with puffed rice, ginger and sesame." Iwaokoshi TL
Jakoten X X 020 "A specialty of Uwajima Prefecture. Small fish blended into a paste and deep fried. The bones and everything is used in this crunchy tempura." Jakoten TL
Jelly beans 033 X X "Everyone knows the red ones are best! Time to put some jelly in your belly!" Jelly Beans TL
Jidori-no Sumibiyaki X X 018 "A specialty of Miyazaki Prefecture. Chicken roasted over hot charcoal, there's not really a taste quite like it." Jidori-no Sumibiyaki TL
Kabura zushi X X 010 "A specialty of Ishikawa Prefecture. Salted turnips served with thinly sliced carrots and kelp. Pickled together with rice and served as sushi." Kabura Zushi TL
Kaki no Hazushi X X 008 "A specialty of Nara and Wakayama Prefectures. Sushi wrapped in persimonne leaves." Kaki no Hazushi TL
Katsuonotataki X X 009 "A specialty of Koichi Prefecture. Lightly broiled jackfish tuna sliced and served with ginger." Katsuonotataki TL
Kibi dango X X 011 "A specialty of Okayama Prefecture. Three sweet rice balls on stick covered in millet grain. It's the food of friendship." Kibi Dango TL
Kiritanpo X X 012 "A specialty of Akita Prefecture. Mashed rice shaped onto sticks and roasted over an open fire and served with sweet miso sauce." Kiritanpo TL
Lassi 034 X X "Cool down with a refreshing glass of this chilled yogurt drink." Lassi TL
Manhattan clam chowder 035 X X "New York's take on clam chowder. Red, hot, and delicious." Manhattan Clam Chowder TL
Masu sushi X X 041 "A specialty of Toyama Prefecture. Trout sushi made into a round shape and cut like a pizza." Masu Sushi TL
Meat loaf 036 X X "Sliced from a load of ground meat and served with a slathering of gravy." Meat Loaf TL
Minestrone 037 X X "A thick soup from the heart of Italy. The pasta makes it oh-so hearty." Minestrone Special TL
Miso Nikomi Udon X X 042 "A specialty of Aichi Prefecture. Udon noodles made in miso soup topped with vegetables." Miso Nikomi Udon TL
Momiji Manju X X 044 "A specialty of Hiroshima Prefecture. Castella cakes shaped into a Japanese maple leaf and filled with red bean paste." Momiji Manju TL
Mussels 038 X X "These mussels are not from Brussels. They're charmingly chewy." Mussels Special TL
Nama-shirasu don X X 028 "A specialty of Kanagawa Prefecture. Raw baby sardines on rice. Served with ginger for this unique sashimi." Nama-Shirasu Don TL
Namayatsu hashi X X 029 "A specialty of Kyoto Prefecture. Triangles of unbaked rice flour cake with a sweet red bean center, flavored with cinnamon or green tea." Namayatsu Hashi TL
New York bagel 039 X X ""Bagel" is New Yorkese for "breakfast". Pass the cream cheese!" New York Bagel TL
Ningyo yaki X X 030 "A specialty of Tokyo Prefecture. Castella cakes molded into the 7 Gods faces and baked with a sweet bean center." Ningyo Yaki TL
Nosawana zuke X X 031 "A specialty of Nagano Prefecture. Pickled nozawana, a Japanese leafy vegetable." Nosawana Zuke TL
Pad thai 040 X X "Stir-fried rice noodles with plenty of egg and tofu chunks." Pad Thai TL
Peach pie 041 X X "This pie is just peachy. Guaranteed to make you all warm and happy." Peach Pie TL
Philly cheesesteak 042 X X "A giant roll stuffed with steak and cheese. Not for the faint of heart." Philly Cheesesteak TL
Pierogies 043 X X "Globs of dough filled with meat and potatoes and then boiled and fried." Pierogies TL
Pulled-pork sandwich 044 X X "Savory, slow-cooked pork drenched in barbeque sauce and then sandwichfied." Pulled-Pork Sandwich TL
Reuben 045 X X "A thick and hearty sandwich with piles of corned beef, cheese, and dressing." Reuben TL
Rice puddding 046 X X "Turns out all you need to turn rice into pudding is to add milk and nutmeg." Rice Pudding Special TL
Sakura-ebi no kakiage X X 014 "A specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture. Tempura with cherry shrimps. A deep fried delight." Sakura-ebi no Kakiage TL
Sasa dango X X 015 "A specialty of Niigata Prefecture. Mugwart flavored rice ball with a sweet been center. Wrapped in bamboo leaves." Sasa Dango TL
Satsuma-age X X 016 "A specialty of Satsuma Prefecture. Deep fried fish cakes, they can come big or small." Satsuma-age TL
Sanuki udon X X 017 "A specialty of Kagawa Prefecture. Udon noodles with a fish sauce soup. A very simple but delicious taste." Sanuki Udon TL
Sauerkraut 047 X X "A healthy serving of finely cut and VERY sour pickled cabbage." Sauerkraut Special TL
Senbei jiru X X 022 "A specialty of Aomori Prefecture. Nabe, Japanese hot-pot with rice crackers." Senbei Jiru TL
Shepherd's pie 048 X X "A cost-effective yet filling pie with a mashed-potato crust and meat filling." Shepherd's Pie TL
Shimotsukare X X 019 "A specialty of Tochigi Prefecture. Simmered vegetables, fried tofu and soy beans in a fermented sake soup." Shimotsukare TL
Shuba salad X 042 X "Layered herring, eggs, potatoes and beetroot." Shuba Salad TL
Tofu Chikuwa X X 026 "A specialty of Tottori and Nagasaki Prefecture. Tofu and fish flour shaped into long tubes resembling bamboo." Tofu Chikuwa TL
Wanko soba X X 047 "A specialty of Iwate Prefecture. Soba noodles in many small bowls. The challenge is to try to eat as much as you can before they go cold." Wanko Soba TL
Yaki manju X X 045 "A specialty of Gunma prefecture. Sweet castella cakes filled with red bean paste skewered and grilled with a miso sauce." Yaki Manju TL
Yaseuma X X 046 "A specialty of Oita Prefecture. Sweet flat soy noodles covered in sugar." Yaseuma TL
Zunda mochi X X 021 "A specialty of Miyagi Prefecture. Mochi with mashed young soy beans. A sweet dessert." Zunda Mochi TL

Bold = normal foods in the EU version


  • If the player collects all the treasures, they will get a special newscast stating that they've collected all available treasures.
  • In the Japanese version, the Conch is obtainable through the 'Unbelievable' dream and the Whoopee cushion is obtainable as a prize after a mini game. This was switched in Western versions.
  • If the player obtains a treasure worth $100 or more, the jingle is different and sparkles can be seen flashing around the treasure.
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