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Lone Star Islanders

The Entire population of Lone Star Island, as of 8/14/2019.

Greetings t'ya! I'm just a regular teen from America with great plans. I don't really do much other than help with the wiki.

As someone who owns both Tomodachi Life and Tomodachi Collection (On an emulator), I can say I'm more than addicted to Mii-centered games. That all started after watching Vinesauce, one of my favorite streamers, stream a series of playthroughs of Life, sparking my interest in the series. Time passed, and islanders came and went. My Island in both games now has a population of 90.

During my playthrough of both games, I made all kinds of creative ways for the islanders to interact with one another, such as forming the Three Broke Dudes Rock Band, the techno group Team Revolution, and my personal favorite, the Mona Sisters, in Tomdachi Life. The Islanders themselves are mainly Miis of pre-established characters, such as Mario, although many are created directly by me exclusively for the Tomodachi series, or characters from a series I myself created, such as the Steampunk based Revolution Industrial. Overall, one could say that my island is a great place to live.

The Fall and Reconstruction of Lone Star Island

However, not everything was OK on Lone Star, for Satan, the Devil, eventually regained his full strength and decided to conquer the world. He destroyed Lone Star (In reality, I reset my save data, but I made this into Satan destroying the island in-universe), and took with it many islanders. A few survived and began to hide out in various spots around the globe. One year later, Austin decided to fight back against the devil in a far off land (see my page on the Miitopia wiki for details; It's my playthrough of that game.) With the help of several survivors, he successfully put down the Devil and returned to Lone Star, or what was left of it, at least. Now, the island is currently being rebuilt by many surviving islanders. But will Lone Star ever be the same?

Tomodachi Collection Islanders

*NOTE: Because TC does not support QR Codes, only Images of the Islanders themselves will be posted. An astrix by their name indicates that they are also on my Tomodachi Life island.

Mii Name Image Source Creator/Island of Origin Brief Description
Austin (Austin Kikolski)* TCAustin Personal Mii Aski1 My personal Mii, based on how I look IRL. As the personal Mii, I act as the magistrate over the island. I also know Enka.
Jordan (Jordan Kikolski)* TCJordan Real Person (Sister) Jski2 My younger sister's own Mii, imported as the second person on the island.
Morgan (Morgan Freeman)* TCMorgan Real Person Alex An amazing actor that may or may not be made of skittles.
Wiseau (Tommy Wiseau)* TCWiseau Real Person PinguJoe An actor from The Room, who decided to say hai to the residents of Lone Star.
Chuck (Chuck Norris)* TCChuckNorris Real Person Ajay A buffed up, energetic person that is OP to the extreme.
Billy Mays* TCBillyMays Real Person Roarke A loud, pompous salesman that has come to Lone Star to advertise his Oxi Clean products.
Markus P. (Markus Perrson)* TCNotch Real Person J1N2G The creator and former owner of Minecraft, wanting to live away from the public eye.
Gaben (Gabe Newel)* TCGaben Real Person J1N2G The founder of Valve who does not wish to release Half Life 3 under any circumstances. Despite this, he cannot escape his fans.
Bill Gates TCBillGates Real Person unknown The founder of Microsoft who has come to advertise his Windows products.
Vinesauce (Vine Sauce)* TCVinny Real Person Vine (Imported from Vineland Island) A Mii of Vinny, a streamer from Vinesauce.
Joel (Joel Johanson)* TCJoel Real Person Vargskele A Mii of Joel, a streamer from Vinesauce.
Bob Ross* TCBobRoss Real Person Unknown A happy little painter that relaxes and draws all day.
Don Trump (Donald Trump)* TCDonaldTrump Real Person celery A loud, pompous businessman that became the 45th president of America, leading the Politically Incorrect Brothers rap group. Despite this, he was the only member not destroyed with the old island, and later joined the Rapper's Creed.
Hitler (Adolf Hitler)* TCHitler Real Person JuanBatman The Nazi dictator has come once again to gas the Jews. Or get a glass of juice.
Stalin (Joseph Stalin) TCStalin Real Person Stalin The infamous Soviet Dictator has arrived on Shadow Island, and he's here to... Become a cyclist?!

Couples (Both former and current)

Old Island:

  • Notch and Lozzeeey (Broke up, then got back together and married before Lozzeeey was erased)
  • Haggoggie and Lozzeeey (Divorced)
    • Children:
  • BoBoChicken and Jordan (Divorced after BoBoChicken was erased)
    • Children:
  • Ahab and Gunter (Married, but divorced after island was destroyed)
    • Children:
  • Slim and Meredith (Married, but divorced after island was destroyed)
    • Children:

New Island:

  • Bubba and Peach (Married)
    • Children:
  • Luigi and Melissa (Married)
  • Snake and Mona (Married)
    • Children:
  • Mario and Ava (Married)
    • Children:
  • Joey (Kid-O-Matic) and Jordan (Married, no children, both deleted)
  • Boots and Meredith (Married)
    • Children:
  • Crono and Alexa (Married, no children)
  • Austin (Me) and Maddie (Broke up)
  • Notch and Gunter
  • Billy Mays and Rukia (Married, no children)
  • Szayelapporo (Kid-O-Matic) and Marle
  • Pietro and Lucca (Married, no children)
  • Schnaustin and Miku (Married, no children)
  • Frederick and Mikiah

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