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Island Name: Paradisa Island

Community Vibe: Ambitious

Quality of Life: 185 *

Islanders: 92

Streetpasses: 1453

Problems Solved: 4,655

Highlights of Tomodachi Life

6/5/15 - Took a group photo of my island to celebrate my island's anniversary.

5/17/15 - Original Mii George and OC Riley had a son named Andrew.

5/5/15 - Ken and Serena had a daughter named Sara.

4/26/15 - I collected all hats thanks to the International Streetpass Week.

4/6/15 - Original Mii Ken and OC Serena were married.

3/15/15 - Noel and Arianna were married, sixth couple from 2nd generation.

3/4/15 - Calem and Kylie had a son named Brandon

3/1/15 - With the release of the Train interior, I collected all of the interiors (I time traveled for the April and May interiors).

2/13/15 - Alfred and Sofia were married, Jayden and Lauren were married. The fourth and fifth couples from 2nd generation.

2/7/15 - Jerry and Olivia had a daughter named Hailey.

1/26/15 - Charlie and Maria were married, third couple from 2nd generation

1/21/15 - Original Mii George and OC Riley were married.

1/13/15 - I collected all treasure foods.

12/29/14 - OCs Calem and Kylie were married.

12/25/14 - Original Miis Jerry and Olivia were married (Merry Christmas!).

12/24/14 - With Roast Turkey on sale, I collected all food items.

12/9/14 - Alan and Heather had a daughter named Ainsley.

11/16/14 - Jared and Yuki had a daughter named Miya.

11/14/14 - Professor Layton and Julia had a son named Jayden.

11/11/14 - Damon and Carmen had a daughter named Arianna.

11/5/14 - Dusk and Isabel had a daughter named Lauren.

11/2/14 - Isaac and Zoey (100% compatibility) were married, second couple from 2nd generation.

10/30/14 - Professor Layton and OC Julia were married.

10/22/14 - OCs Alan and Heather were married.

10/11/14 - Original Miis Damon and Carmen were married.

9/6/14 - OC Dusk and Original Mii Isabel were married.

8/22/14 - Devin and Janet had a son named Dylan.

8/19/14 - Ryan and Deedee had a son named Roland, Ayden and Chloe were married, first couple in 2nd generation.

8/17/14 - Nathan and Dawn had a son named Noel.

8/13/14 - Antoine and Abigail had a son named Alfred.

8/12/14 - Original Characters Devin and Janet were married.

8/8/14 - Luigi and Daisy had a son named Luis.

8/4/14 - Rachel and Cedric had a daughter named Tina.

8/3/14 - My friend Ryan married my Original Mii Deedee.

7/31/14 - Luigi and Daisy were married.

7/27/14 - Original Miis Antoine and Abigail were married. Oldest couple in my game (both 40).

7/26/14 - Original Miis Xiao and Chen had a daughter named Lien.

7/25/14 - My friend Nate married my OC Dawn.

7/20/14 - Original Characters Cedric and Rachel were married, second children couple.

7/17/14 - Franky and Penny had a son named Eric.

7/15/14 - Original Miis Xiao and Chen were married.

7/14/14 - My brother and Mia had a daughter named Zoey.

7/11/14 - I have to take care of 5 children at once. (Think about how hard it is to get to your save file!)

7/9/14 - Mario and Peach had a daughter named Maria. (because who else?) Horus and Linda had a daughter named Sofia.

7/6/14 - Finally got all treasures, screwy Game Boy, I complained so much on GameFAQs for that

7/5/14 - Found my look-alike's super all-time favorite: Peaches

7/4/14 - Mario and Peach were married (Happy 4th of July!)

6/30/14 - Chef Antoine set up Mario with Peach (at last!). Horus and Linda were married.

6/28/14 - My brother's look-alike married Mia. Mii Fighter Franky married original Mii Penny.

6/27/14 - Fed Louis Veggie Burger while sad, said it was worst ever. It looked like he melted under an acid rain. LOL

6/26/14 - Ricky and Emily had a son named Isaac. (Babies with teeth? Ridiculous!)

6/24/14 - First Triple confession, my brother ended up dating Mii Fighter Mia. First set-up worked between OC Horus and original Mii Linda, courtesy of Wario.

6/23/14 - Original Miis Ricky and Emily were married.

6/22/14 - Ethen and Taylor had a son named Charles. Got Seth, son of my look-alike from my best friend's game.

6/21/14 - Luke and Lisa had a son named Ayden.

6/19/14 - Luke Triton married my original Mii, Lisa. First kid couple to use Age-o-Matic on.

6/17/2014 - One of my friends, Ethen, married one of my Mii fighters, Taylor.

6/12/14 - My brother was selling Ruined Meals this morning, the heck with it? My best friend's look-alike and Fiona had a child, named him Ezekiel.

6/11/14 - Had a daughter, named her Paige. Kody and Charlotte had a duaghter named Chloe.

6/9/14 - Found the first Worst Ever, I really don't think my brother would hate Stuffed Cabbage Rolls though... My best friend got married to my OC named Fiona, first kid couple (even though they are 17 & 16) XD

6/8/14 - Found the first All-Time Favorite, my brother loves BBQ. My pair of OCs, Kody and Charlotte, married each others.

6/7/14 - My Look-alike got married to my girlfriend's Mii, I am so happy for him!

6/6/14 - My girlfriend's Mii confessed twice to my Look-alike, succeeded on the second time.

6/5/14 - Started Tomodachi Life near Nighttime. Registered my first two friends.


Started since 6/5/2014

Updated as of 8/14/2015

Item Type Quantity/Total Percent Complete/ Date Competed
Food Collection 231/231 100% - (12/24/14)
Clothing Collection 425/428 99.30% - (mm/dd/yy)
Clothing Colors 3100/3341 92.79% - (mm/dd/yy)
Hat Collection 157/157 100% - (4/26/15)
Hat Colors 1067/1111 96.04% - (mm/dd/yy)
Interiors Collection 102/102 100% - (3/1/15)
Gift Collection 18/18 100% - (6/22/15)
Treasure Collection 152/152 100% - (7/6/14)
Special Food Collection 48/48 100% - (1/13/15)

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