For a Mii to obtain a family, they must first get married and have a baby. Alternatively, the player's lookalike can be assigned relationships with other Miis.

Family Album

"This probably has embarrassing baby pictures. It's best to keep it hidden..."
— Treasure Description, Tomodachi Life

The family album.

A family album is a feature exclusive to Tomodachi Life. After a married couple's baby grows up and either moves into an apartment or goes off to travel, the father gives the player an album showing pictures and clips of the family's happy times together, as the game's credits roll. Family albums are accessible through the town hall's child info.

Up to 50 albums can be kept at once. Once a new child has grown up, its album will replace the oldest album unlocked. The player can lock the albums it likes the best; but only 49 can be locked. It is also best to take pictures of the unlocked albums so they can be remembered.

Page Description
Cover A photo of the child in its newborn wear.
1 The mother and father admire their newborn baby.
2 The baby sleeps in its bassinet.
3 The mother and father pose in front of the bedroom curtain, baby in mother's arms.
4 The father tries to entertain the sad baby with a rattle and peek-a-boo, but it keeps crying.
5 The father sings the baby to sleep.
6 The baby rolls over on the carpet, while the parents watch in surprise.
7 The family goes to the amusement park, the mother holding a bunch of balloons.
8 The baby tries to crawl to its parents.
9 At the beach, the baby crawls away from its parents to chase a crab running into the water.
10 The baby stands up for the first time, surprising its parents, and the mother runs over to cheer for it only for it to fall over.
11 A close-up of the baby cooing.
12 The father sleeps on the bed on his side, while the baby mimics him.
13 The baby makes a mess of the family meal at the café.
14 The father scares the baby wearing a scary mask, while the mother tries to comfort and defend it.
15 At the fountain, the baby, now a child, learns to walk to its parents, only to fall down.
16 The child draws a picture at the table.

Japan: The child washes their father's back, while the mother watches from the bathtub.

Western: The mother teaches the child to use its little potty.

18 The child reaches out to pet the family's cat.
19 The family has a picnic at the park, and the child runs around while the parents smile at each other.
20 The family plays soccer, with the child attempting to kick the ball.
21 The parents dress the child up in a baby chick costume.
22 The child helps the mother cook. The mother fries a pan, while the child tries to cut a cucumber.
23 The family rides the Ferris wheel, while the child jumps and runs around happily.
24 The parents sleep in their bed, with the child between them.
25 The mother measures how big the child has grown with their growth chart.
26 A group photo of the parents and their fully grown child.

After the last picture is displayed, the view fades to white as the child's giggle is heard. Then a home movie of the family at the park is shown. The child skips in place as the father (who is filming the movie) says, "Hey, [Child]!". The child looks up and rushes off, the mother looking on in the background. The child peeks in from the side and as the father says, "Come here!", the child giggles and hops away, before charging at the camera and doing a little dance. The father says, "You're so funny!", which amuses the child as it hops off, before quickly returning and jumping at the screen as the father says, "Ha ha ha!". The child continues jumping as the view fades to white.


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