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"For kids who want to be grown-ups and experience life as an adult."
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life

An Age-o-matic is a gift given to a child Mii to transform them into an adult. It is the opposite of a Kid-o-matic.

When the player gives this to a Mii they will say, "Please turn me into a grown-up." A cutscene will follow with the Mii saying, "Let's give it a try!" The player will spray the Mii and they will magically grow a few inches,and afterwards they will happily salute and say, "Look at me! I'm all grown up! I'm going to start acting like a real grown-up now!"

This is then followed by a montage of scenes of the Mii experiencing life as a grown-up. The first scene is at the train station. The Mii, wearing a snazzy suit if male or a leopard print scarf if female and a pair of sunglasses, struts through the station and strikes two poses, before looking at its "watch". It turns to see the train pull in to pick them up.

The second scene is in an office. The Mii sits at a computer, now wearing either a business suit if male or office outfit if female. It types really hard, then slams on the keyboard one final time to finish its work.

The last scene is at a fancy restaurant. The Mii, sits at a table, now wearing the same outfit as the train station, but without the sunglasses. It takes a bite of the meal it's eating, becoming entranced as flowers appear over their head. Then the Mii looks out the window at the city lights, very happy.

After the montage the camera will cut back to their apartment, where the now grown-up Mii says, "Thanks! I feel so responsible, and tall!"

If a proposal was successful and the dating Miis are children, the gift they present the player will always be an Age-o-matic, and they request the player use it on them so they can get married. Once accepted, any child Miis will be sprayed with the Age-o-matic and the growing up cutscene will be skipped. After growing up the proposing Mii will say "Look at me! I'm all grown up!" It will then either say "I'm so tall! Woo-hoo!", "I'm not a kid anymore," or "It's weird being so tall!"


"For grown-ups who want to be kids again and relive the joys of youth."
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life

The Kid-o-matic is a gift given to an adult Mii to turn them into a kid. It is exclusive to Tomodachi Life and the opposite of the Age-o-matic.

Upon giving a Mii the Kid-o-matic, it will say, "Please turn me into a kid again." A cutscene will play where the Mii says, "This should be fun!" and the player sprays the Mii, causing it to shrink to the lowest height possible as sweet music plays. The Mii will salute happily, then say "I'm a kid again! I can't believe it! This is gonna be so fun!"

This is followed by a montage of scenes of the Mii reliving their childhood. The first scene is at the park; the Mii, wearing some overalls and a multicolor cap, runs up to a slide and trips before climbing it. It jumps for a moment before it slides to the bottom, landing on a cushion and clapping happily.

The next scene is at the fountain. The Mii runs around, only to stop for a moment. It approaches a puddle and smiles upon seeing its reflection in it, then splashes in the puddle.

The last scene is in a children's bedroom. The Mii, now wearing pajamas and a classic nightcap, gathers up several cushions, blankets and a stick to make a fort. While inside, it shines a flashlight around and cheers happily.

The montage ends back at the apartment, where the now young Mii says, "Thanks! I feel so young and carefree!"

If the Mii has a sweetheart, has a spouse, or is sad, they will not accept the Kid-o-matic.

AR Camera

The AR Camera is an item the player can give to a Mii to take special pictures.

Disposable Camera

Disposable Camera

A sprite of the disposable camera in Tomodachi Life.

"You won't know what you shot until you develop the film. Mysterious!"
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life

The disposable camera (or camera in Tomodachi Collection) is a gift/good that the player can give a Mii.

The player can let the Mii take a picture of either "Someone We Know" or "Something Artsy" ("Someone We Know" is only available in Tomodachi Life).

Disposable Camera TC

A sprite of the disposable camera in Tomodachi Collection.

Upon being given a disposable camera, a Mii will immediately go out and snap a photo off-screen of something artsy, though in Tomodachi Life the player can let the Mii take a picture of either "Someone We Know" or "Something Artsy". If the player chooses "Someone We Know", some photos will contain either a certain Mii or a group of Miis. Upon returning, the Mii will show the player what moment they managed to capture. After viewing the picture, the Mii will give the picture a random title.

The player can then rate the Mii's photo, with the rating scale being worded differently in Collection and Life. In Collection the ratings will vary from "100 points" to "No idea". Depending on what the player decides, the Mii will remark on the player's rating.

Bath Set

"Recharge those used-up mental batteries with a long, steamy bath."
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life
Bath set

A bath set is one of the many gifts/goods that can be given to Miis. When given to a Mii, they will proceed to take a bath. Bathing removes any hair dye the Mii may have had and calms them down if they have had a fight, but a bath will not work with a huge fight.

A Mii may sometimes ask to take a bath. It can also be a traveler's problems at the campsite.

  • Miis will sing a random song during bathing.
  • The bathhouse can be bought as an interior at the Interiors Shop.


"Fans are cool. Now I'm gonna be cool, too!"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life
Mii using fan and saying random things

A Fan in use in Tomodachi Life.

A fan is a gift the Miis can use in Tomodachi Life.

Upon giving one to the Mii, a scene where the Mii sits on the floor in front of the fan is shown, as it blows in its face. The player can tap one of the three buttons at the bottom to change the fan's speed, either slow, medium or fast. The Mii also says random lines in a robotic voice, the speed changing with the fan's speed.

Upon exiting, the Mii will later say, "It's so nice and breezy now.".

Frying Pan

"Cook up something tasty with this heavy, nonstick frying pan."
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life
Frying Pan

A sprite of the frying pan in Tomodachi Life.

A frying pan is a gift/good in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life that can be used to make a random food.

Home Cooking

Artwork of a Mii.

Upon receiving the frying pan, the Mii will utter that they will cook up something delicious. The player will then see the Mii wearing an apron (Collection) or a chef's outfit (Tomodachi) in a kitchen while using the frying pan. When finished, the Mii tastes the food and looks off to the side, and the camera zooms in on a table as their food is revealed.

Hair Color Spray

Hair Color Samples

Hair colors samples.

Hair Dye, also known as hair colour spray is an item exclusive to Tomodachi Life that enables the player to change a Mii's hair color. It offers 32 colors not normally found in Mii Maker. Once chosen, the Mii will spray his/her hair, eyebrows, and mustache, and beard the chosen color. Sometimes, a Mii will request to have their hair's color changed through the hair dye.


There are a total of 32 colors to choose from.

Color Number Color Name
1 Very Light Blue
2 Light Blue
3 Azure
4 Blue
5 Navy
6 Blue-Gray
7 Teal
8 Turquoise
9 Cyan
10 Mint Green
11 Bright Green
12 Green
13 Hunter Green
14 Light Yellow
15 Yellow
16 Beige
17 Orange
18 Dark Orange
19 Crimson
20 Red
21 Maroon
22 Hot Pink
23 Pink
24 Light Pink
25 Dark Purple
26 Purple
27 Lavender
28 Dark Moderate Magenta
29 Charcoal
30 ???
31 Light Gray
32 White

Dye Removal

Hair Dye Colors

Methods to remove hair dye:

  • When a Mii takes a bath, the color washes off and the Mii's natural hair color returns.
  • To remove the hair from selected parts of the Mii's head (hair, eyebrows, mustache, and beard), they may be changed individually in Mii Maker. However, if the colour of the facial hair is changed in Mii Maker, the eyebrows will revert to their pre-dyed colour, and vice versa).


"Someone's feeling sleepy. VERY sleepy indeed. But what to make them do...?"
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life (US)
""You can hypnotise anyone with this kit. What will you make them do? 3 ,2, 1... ""
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life (EU)

The hypnotism set (or hypnotizer in US) is a gift/good the player can use on a Mii in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. It can be used to review any dreams the Miis had.

Upon being given the hypnotism set, the Mii tips its head before saying "Cool, let's give it a try!" This then transitions to a scene of them sitting in a chair with the hypnotism set in front of them. The player must swing the hypnotizer back and forth by either dragging with the stylus or moving the system to hypnotize the Mii (Life). The Mii will follow the item until they yawn, close their eyes, and fall asleep. Alternatively, in Life the player can swing in a circle to get the Mii dizzy.

The hypnotized Mii will then appear on the top screen, and the player chooses the dream they want. The Mii will repeat the dream's name slowly and the player will be able to see whatever dream they chose. The player cannot get any gifts through hypnosis.

When the dream is over, the hypnotized Mii will appear on the bottom screen. It snaps out of hypnosis with a "Wah!" and after a pause, says "Nothing happened! Or...wait... What was I just doing?". In Life the Mii will then gain a small bit of happiness and money.

  • In real life, when being hypnotized through the pendulum swing, the person cannot move their head as what the Miis do, only their eyes. Since the Miis' don't have eye movement (except in some promotional shots), their heads serve as the movement.


A kaleidoscope is an gift the player can give to a Mii to gain some money and experience.





Music Box

A music box is a gift/good the player can give a Mii in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life.

Upon giving a Mii the music box they will say, "Thanks! I'm gonna listen to this right now." The scene then changes to show them on the floor, happily listening to the song, which plays a slower, higher pitched, music box version of a song heard somewhere else in the game. The box's decoration can be either the island, the Hat Shop, the Food Mart, the Photo Studio, the Compatibility Tester, or the Mii listening to the song. The decoration determines what song is played:

  • Island - Island theme, day
  • Hat Shop - Hat shop theme
  • Food Mart - Food Mart theme
  • Photo Studio - Photo Studio theme
  • Compatibility Tester - Compatibility Tester theme
  • Mii - Mii Maker theme

The song can only play for a certain time. When the music box is winding down, the music slows until it stops; the listening Mii will then be disappointed. The player can tap the "wind up" button to wind the music box back up, and the music resets. This continues endlessly until the player exits.

Upon exiting, the Mii says, "Such a relaxing melody. Doesn't it put you at ease?"

It can also be used during a fight and it calms the Mii down.

Sewing Machine

"You'll definitely make something really stylish with this. Or "sew" it "seams.""
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life
Sewing machine

A sewing machine is one of the Gifts/Goods you can give a Mii in Tomodachi Life. A Mii can use it to make a random article of clothing, excluding Streetpass and Spotpass clothes.

When a Mii receives the sewing machine, it says, "I'm going to make something stylish, just you wait.", then a cutscene plays. The Mii sits at the sewing machine, wearing a cooking apron and bandana, and sews. While sewing, it says two things that may hint at what they're making. When finished, they stop and look towards the camera, and they show a mannequin of the clothes they made. They finish afterward by saying, "I think I made some nice clothes."

  • Most of the time with smaller Miis, their feet won't touch the pedal in the sewing animation.

Slide Puzzle

Slide puzzle
"Slide the pieces around to complete the picture. It's easier than it sounds."
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life

A Slide puzzle is one of many gifts you can give to a Mii. When you give it to them, the Mii will say, "Let's solve this thing together!", and you will be taken to a game where you must solve the puzzle to create a randomly generated picture of a Mii. The Mii you gave the puzzle to will sit on the top screen encouraging the player. When you solve the puzzle, the Mii will clap and congratulate you. You are not required to complete the puzzle, and can quit at anytime. The Mii will earn some XP for this activity, regardless of whether or not you solve the puzzle.


A swing is a gift/good you can give a Mii in Tomodachi Life.

Upon receiving the swing, the Mii says, "I'll go hang this from the ceiling.", then the scene changes to a minigame where you can push the Mii on their swing. The player taps the screen and holds down to push the Mii, the direction of the stylus depends on the direction of where the Mii is pushed. If the Mii is not pushed for a while, it will gradually get impatient.

When done swinging, the Mii will say, "I felt like a bird soaring in the wind!" after exiting the game

Travel Ticket


Special Function

-age-o-matic -kid-o-matic -ar camera -disposable camera -bath set -fan -frying pan -hair dye -medicine -music box -sewing machine -travel ticket

No Special Function

-hypnotizer -kaleidoscope -mobile -slide puzzle -swing

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