Every series has it's rumours, whether it's a book, a film or a video game series. Tomodachi Life is no exception. There are a few rumours spread about the Tomodachi series ranging from beta elements to real ingame features.

NOTE: The following bullet points may or may not be true, as they are simply rumours made by others.

TC - street live

The final Street Live just uses a random song instead of a supposed classic Nintendo tune.

Tomodachi Collection

Beta Elements:

  • Street Live supposedly had the Miis play classic Nintendo songs instead of a generic tune that loops when finished. According to the rumour, music like the Overworld theme from the original Super Mario Bros. or the main theme from The Legend of Zelda would be played. This may have been scrapped because of console limitations.
  • Miis apparently had more emotions like the villagers and the player in Animal Crossing.
  • Hidden locations such as the Café and beach were at one point accessible like in the sequel.
  • Religious Miis were at one point considered but scrapped as people might have taken offence to Miis bowing down, praying or talking about God.
  • Curiously, an unused model of the Fountain shows the banner used for Quirky Questions in the Fountain Area. This could mean that Quirky Questions was originally intended to be an event at the Fountain, rather than the Question Hall.


  • An early rumour stated that if the DS was tipped upside down, the island will change accordingly. On the main island, the ocean would fall into the sky, in Mii apartments Miis would hit the ceiling of their rooms, etc. This has since been proven false.
  • A person at a Japanese boarding school told his classmates that Miis use the microphone on the Nintendo DS to respond to the player. This turned out to be fake and made up so the person could record kids talking to their systems and post the videos to YouTube. These videos have since been removed by the school.

Tomodachi Life (3DS)

Beta Elements

  • Gay marriage was once considered but scrapped as Nintendo thought people would be offended by the idea. However, it actually offended gay people so it was considered a "pick your poison" situation as neither solutions would be well received.
  • Disabled Miis were at one point considered but scrapped as they wouldn't be able to do certain actions or use certain items
  • A "Kata Guruma Race" was a Mii Interaction that could have taken place in the park when four children were present. They would split into groups of two and then the taller person of the group would carry the smaller Mii over their shoulder and try and get across the finish line first.
  • The player could see Miis playing Wii U games directly instead of just a flashing screen and sound effects. This was panned presumably because of the difficulty in making Miis move according to the game.
  • Similar to the last one, Miis could be seen playing a moving version of Tomodachi Life instead of a still shot in the final.
  • The Enka song actually was translated into English, but ended up not making it into the game.


  • An early rumour was that the Enka song only available in the Japanese version was unlockable if all 100 rooms were filled. This has since been proven false.
  • Another false rumour stated that entering a Miis room within a second after they fart would result in embarrassment.
Enka song

The Enka song was apparently unlockable in the final game but this was debunked by a person who filled up their island.

Mii using 3DS XL

Miis can be seen playing a still shot of Tomodachi Life in the final version.

Miis using Wii U

Miis could apparently be seen actually playing games on their Wii U. All that can be seen in the final is flashing colours.

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