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Hello, I'm Gameboy. For short, though, you can call me Michael. As my Mii says, "I always try to have a smile on my face."

I enjoy editing the Wiki regularly, and sharing all of my game's progress so far.

I play the European version of Tomodachi Life.

Island Information

Island Name: Sunshine Island

General Community Atmosphere: Lively

Total Islanders: 47 people

Average Age: 22.4

Gender Ratio: 23:24

Problems Solved: 352

StreetPass Encounters: 0

Explorers Received: 0

Total Couples Married: 2

Total Kids Born: 1

Explorers Sent: 0

Island Address: Sunshine Island, 795-264, Spaghetti Peperoncino Isles, Caviar Ocean

Export Item: Retro dress



Full Name Nickname DOB Personality Personal Information Best Friend Lover Image/QR Code
Adam Milford Adam Easy-going / Carer

"The name's Adam. I'm always concerned about other people."

Alex Ellsworth Alexis Energetic / Buddy

"I'm Alexis! I'm always fun to be around!"

Amin Glazier Real_Amin Easy-going / Dreamer

"Name's Real_Amin. I do things my way, but I care about others too."

Andy Hampton Andlfyer Confident / Busy Bee

"You can call me Andlfyer. I work best when I have a lot to do."

Susan (Married)
Angel Chester Angel Reserved / Perfectionist

"I'm... Angel... The bottom line is... I'm a serious person."

Broseph Fulton Broseph Easy-going / Optimist

"Call me Broseph. I always try to have a smile on my face."

Dean Whitaker YoshiYoshi Easy-going / Optimist

"Call me YoshiYoshi. I always try to have a smile on my face."



Domatelo Energetic / Adventurer

"I'm Domatelo! When I make a plan, I always see it through!"

Dylan Neman DuDe Energetic / Buddy

"I'm DuDe! I'm always fun to be around!"

George Hilton Georgy Confident / Busy Bee

"You can call me Georgy. I work best when I have a lot to do."

Graham Norwood Graham Energetic / Charmer

"Name's Graham and I'm always full of life!"

Jack Milward Jacky Reserved / Introvert

"I'm... Jacky. That's it."

Jake Stanford Jake
Joe Sherburn Joe DJ Alleman (Married)
Lachie Osborne Lachie Freyacat's fictional brother.
Mac Belcher Mac
Marko Dawson Marko
Matt Kendrick Matt Matt from the Mii-related games from the Wii. Amadea
Michael Lane Michael This is myself!
Ryan Kimberley Ryan Emma (Dating)
Sam Thatcher Sam
Terence Parker Terence
Zane Newport Zane


Full Name Nickname DOB Personality Personal Information Best Friend Lover Image/QR Code
Aimee Hartmann Aimee
Allison Draper DJ Alleman
Amadea Sexton Amadea
Annalise Rhodes Annalise
Ava Cockburn Ava
Brooke Sidney Brooke
Chloe Lane Chloe My in real life sister.
Emily Barton Emily
Emily Brown Emily
Emma Meadows Emma
Freya Osborne Freyacat Lachie's fictional sister.
Kiana Merritt Kiana Reserved / Perfectionist

"I'm... Kiana. I'm very particular about going by the book."

Linsey Page Linsey899 Energetic / Extrovert

"I'm Linsey! I just love to be the life and soul of a party."

Melissa Fleming Melis Easy-going / Carer

"The name's Melis and I wanna be friends with everybody!"

Natalie Elliott Natalie Energetic / Buddy

"I'm Natalie! I can hit it off with almost anyone!"

Ollie Payton Ollie Easy-going / Softie

"The name's Ollie. I'm known for being comforting to talk to."

Peach Tyrell Peachy Reserved / Do-gooder

"I'm... Peachy... I think I have to put up with a lot sometimes..."

Pippi Sinclair Pippi Easy-going / Dreamer

"My name's Pippi. I care about doing things my way."

Pri Lin Pri Easy-going / Dreamer

"My name's Pri. I care about doing things my way."

Rosie Sherburn Rosie Energetic / Buddy

"I'm Rosie! I can hit it off with almost anyone!"

DJ Alleman and Joe's first daughter.
Samantha Irving Samantha Easy-going / Dreamer

"My name's Samantha. I care about doing things my way."

Susan Fore Susan Energetic / Buddy

"I'm Susan! I can hit it off with almost anyone!"

Tana Blanc Tana Energetic / Charmer

"You can call me Tana. I'm always fun to be around!"

Yui Fujita yui Confident / Go-getter

My name's Yui. People say I'm a very capable girl."

Island History

Feburary 2019:

  • 1: I have started my game. I named the island Sunshine Island. The first Miis have been created, and the first relationships have formed. (Also, I wanted to set the date a day earlier so I can get a last-minute Winter interior.)
  • 6: Zane turned 22 years old.
  • 13: Andlfyer and Susan married each-other. On the exact same day, later, DJ Alleman and Joe married each-other.
  • 17: Emma turned 21 years old.
  • 18: DJ Alleman and Joe had their first daughter, they named it Rosie.
  • 23: Rosie had grew up, and became a permanent resident on Sunshine Island.
  • 25: Sam had his birthday.

March 2019:

  • 6: Susan and Andlfyer had their first child. It was a boy, and they named him Bradley.
  • 11: Bradley had grown up and had been sent to travel the world. Later, Joe and DJ Alleman gave birth to their second child, a boy named Rhys.
  • 13: Two more couples got married. Georgy and Yui got married, and Kiana and YoshiYoshi got married shortly after.
  • 17: Rhys had grown up. He became a permanent islander.
  • 21: Susan and Andlfyer had their second child. It was a girl named Heidi.

Island Gallery

This is my island's gallery! This will show events such as children growing up, some Mii News reports, and other milestones in my island's history.

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