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  • I live in Brisbane, Australia
  • I was born on December 26
  • My occupation is High school student
  • I am Male
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Hello, I'm Gameboy. For short, though, you can call me Michael. As my Mii says, "I always try to have a smile on my face."

I enjoy editing the Wiki regularly, and sharing all of my game's progress so far.

I play the European version of Tomodachi Life. I truly though, wish I had the American version, because I own an American 3DS and I would like to see the differences between the two.

Island Information

Sunshine Island

This island includes myself and friends from the no-longer available Miitomo. I have managed to get all their QR Codes and I featured them alongside me on Sunshine Island.

  • Island Name: Sunshine Island
  • General Community Atmosphere: Lively
  • Total Islanders: 47 people
  • Average Age: 22.4
  • Gender Ratio: 23:24
  • Problems Solved: 352
  • StreetPass Encounters: 0
  • Explorers Received: 0
  • Total Couples Married: 2
  • Total Kids Born: 1
  • Explorers Sent: 0
  • Island Address: Sunshine Island, 795-264, Spaghetti Peperoncino Isles, Caviar Ocean
  • Export Item: Retro dress

Diversity Island

Once again I am here, but everyone here is from a different country (Spain, Germany, Japan etc.). Phrases I give them and songs they sing make them speak in their language.

  • Island Name: Diversity Island
  • General Community Atmosphere:
  • Total Islanders: 40 people
  • Average Age: 25.0
  • Gender Ratio: 20:20 (I ensure every islander has a Special Someone (sweetheart).)
  • Problems Solved: 137
  • StreetPass Encounters: 0
  • Explorers Received: 0
  • Total Couples Married: 0
  • Total Kids Born: 0
  • Explorers Sent: 0
  • Island Address: Diversity Island, 82-776, Gummy Candy Isles, Cheese Ocean
  • Export Item: Checked trim dress

Islanders (Diversity Island)



Island History



  • 11: Started my new Diversity Island. I have created six Miis, including myself and my real life sister. The first few problems were solved on this day.
  • 17: The first ever successful confession of love took place (in fact, two). Chloe confessed her love to Michael (both Australia). Miguel (Spain) also confessed his love to Genevieve (France).
  • 18: Sonja (Netherlands) confessed her love to her best friend, Alexei (Russia).

Island Gallery

This is my island's gallery! This will show events such as children growing up, some Mii News reports, and other milestones in my island's history.

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