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Honeybunny (Me)

Oh, Hi! Honeybunny (JP) here! I am a regular Tomodachi Life fan who owns both the North American and Japanese (I also own Tomodachi Collection but who cares!?) versions of Tomodachi Life.

I am not planning to delete any Mii's because instead of deleting them, I just edit them of how I want or like.

I just love playing Tomodachi Life and playing games that have Mii's in it (excluding Wii Music).


My Islands

Pizza Island (Since 2015)
Pizza islanders.jpeg '
おにぎり島/Riceball* Island (Since 2019)
Wholeis .jpeg '
  • The Romaji Is Onigiri.

Me and my wife.


  • Both Pizza and Riceball Island are summertime islands.
    • Pizza Island was founded on July 2015 while Onigiri Island was founded on June 1st 2019.
  • My Mii is spoiled with over $150 spent.
  • The game got massively reworked on December 2018 which either I deleted or recycled old Mii's. (Most of them were fictional characters that is originally made by me)
  • Riceball island shares the name with the name given to my island in Tomodachi Collection.
  • My in-game son is called Richie Jr.
    • No do not call him a parody of Richie Rich it is just a coincidence.
  • My Tomodachi Time is based on 10:30 AM to 11:00 PM.
  • I own 10 handhelds and 5 home console Nintendo systems.
  • UnlIke other Tomodachi Life fans, My islands has the most travelers on both islands combined! (Over 50 travelers more then the married couple)
  • I am the designer of the Head Template.
  • I am the designer of the Warning Templates.
  • I am planning to get the Korean version but don't worry, I'll get it.


  • Why is Daphne the most desirable gal on your island?
  • What is your favorite game?
  • Why do some Mii's on your island look basic?
  • Do you like Animal Crossing?
  • What is your least favorite game?
  • Do you own an Alexa?
  • How did you discover Tomodachi Life?
  • What is your 3DS friend code?
  • What is your Switch friend code?


  • She is beautiful!
  • Tomodachi Life. (Duh)
  • The more basic it is the older it is.
  • Yes but not as much as Tomodachi Life.
  • New Super Luigi U. (Because it is Super Bland and hard)
  • Yes I certainly do!
  • Unlike most people, I got it from watching videos on the eShop on my Wii U when I was 7.
  • 9514-9518-0059
  • SW-5280-3756-6804


Leisure isle.jpeg
Europe Name Depends On The Language
Korean Name 허니버니
Japanese Name ハニーバニー
Events Gaming Hours: 10:30 AM-11 PM
How to Unlock
Scan my QR Code down at the gallery.







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