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==<font face="Segoe Print"><font color="Sienna">Allow me to Introduce Myself </font></font>==
{{Userboxes|[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Userboxes|HOA's Userboxes]]}}
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<font face="Candara"><big>
<big>Hi, I'm HOA! I'm musical trash and love the 1920's.
Hello, welcome to my page! I'm HOA, and it's nice to meet you. Let's get to know each other a bit. </big></font>
<font face="Candara"><big>
I am a bureaucrat on this wiki. Although I'm not very active, I make sure to check in from time to time. I will always get message wall notifications.
As a kid, I played many video games. I had heard of Tomodachi on a TV commercial. My good friend, [[User:Dragonfree97|Robyn]], made the Tomodachi Wiki and I had to join! I knew I had made a great choice. After showing all of my hard work, I was lucky enough to become an admin for the wiki. I do my best to keep things organized!</big></font>
<font face="Candara"><big>
See [ my Animal Crossing Wiki userpage] for more.</big>
If you see me around, please don't be afraid to say hello. I love meeting new friends! You can learn more about me [ here]. </big></font>
<br />
<font face="Candara"><small>
Due to my extreme editing sprees on '''<font color="DarkOrange"> August 24<sup>th</sup> - August 30<sup>th</sup></font>'''<font color="DarkOrange"> </font> and '''<font color="GoldenRod"> September 13<sup>th</sup> - September 17<sup>th</sup></font>'''<font color="GoldenRod"> </font> in which I helped develop the wiki to extreme amounts, I was deemed Tomodachi Wiki's '''Community Management'''.
==<font face="Candara"><font face="Segoe Print"><font color="Sienna">Things I've Helped Grow</font></font></font>==
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[MediaWiki:Wikia.js/userRightsIcons.js]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Rules]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Chat Rules]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:About]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Community Portal]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Guidelines Portal]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Neutrality]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Style]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Privacy policy]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Copyrights]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Bureaucrats]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Administrators]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Chat moderators]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Voting]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Promote/Archive 1]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Proposals]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:ParentPage]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Tomodachi Life Wiki:Page Markers]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Help:Contents]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:InfoboxSystem]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:InfoboxCompany]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:System]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Parent Filter VG]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Home-Welcome]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Home-Information]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Home-Content]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Home-News]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Nav-Community]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Nav-Guidelines]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Nav-Home]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Home-Poll]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Userlinks]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Staffs]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Archive]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Create]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:Cleanup]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:NA]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:JP]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:AU]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:EU]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:ES]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:SB]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:FR]] </big></font>
* <font face="Candara"><big>[[Template:D]] </big></font>
==<font face="Candara"><font face="Segoe Print"><font color="Sienna">Fun Polls</font></font></font>==
<font face="Candara"><poll>
Do you like my userpage?
You know it!
Heck yeah I do!
</poll> </font>
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What's your favorite installment of the Tomodachi Series?
Tomodachi Collection
Tomodachi Life
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What's your name?
Sir James Rickaford IV
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Do you like chicken wraps?
Do you like chicken wraps?
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Hi, I'm HOA! I'm musical trash and love the 1920's.

I am a bureaucrat on this wiki. Although I'm not very active, I make sure to check in from time to time. I will always get message wall notifications.

See my Animal Crossing Wiki userpage for more.

Do you like chicken wraps?

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