aka Isaiah Contreras

  • I live in this planet Earth
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Gamer / Artist / Werewolf Enthusiast
  • I am Male
  • Bio I’m a YouTuber named IsaiahTSE. I began as a wiki editor back in 2013 when FANDOM was originally named Wikia! I currently run and maintain the IsaiahTSE Wiki!
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"Great Day!"
— my look-alike, Catchphrase in Life
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Absolutely nothing goes right, nor is anything remotely correct on my island. For instance, my parents aren't even married to my step-parents, a Nintendo representative attempted to get me a sweetheart, and my friend from school isn't my friend and lives in an arcade.

Island Info

Island Name: Awsome Island

Quality of Life: 48

Islander Count: 100

Marriages: ...


Appearance Name Nickname Personality Info Love Interest Best Friend
Isaiah Contreras ISAIAH Easygoing Optimist Me! Beast Girl (Spouse) Sampson
Denise Contreras denise Independent Artist My mom Merin (Spouse)
Ricky Contreras Ricky My dad G Princess (Spouse)
Super Mario Mario Peach (Spouse)
Princess Peach Peach Mario (Spouse)
Sampson Tyson Sampson This and the below 3 are Wl2P Miis ISAIAH
Chris ROGERS Mr. Rogers
Spencer Merin Merin denise (Spouse)
Tyler Jeremes Jermes
Cyles Arret Cyles Attempted to get me together with Beast Girl
Chewie Contreras Pet Chewie My own yorkie. lel Pet Leia (Spose)
Isaac Pentacost Isaac Easygoing Optimist Best Friend from school. Lives in an arcade in this island
Carton Peach Carson Son of Mario and Peach
Jacob Frey Jake Old friend
Golden Princess G Princess Apparently beat me to the #1 spot in the Splurge ranking for a quick second Ricky (Spouse)
Dan Middleton DanTDM Easygoing Optimist Based on DanTDM. Not dating Jemma here. See, nothing's right in the island Candence
Super Luigi Luigi Ms. Lamb
Dr. Treyarus Trayarus Confident Brainiac

Traveler Info

Appearance Name Parents Sent out on
Bailey Mario & Peach 8/9/2014
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