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  • I live in a UK overseas territory
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Hi, welcome to my page, I'm JGC12345 and I have been playing TL since I first bought it back on August 12, 2014. Personally, I enjoy the game and I'm glad I bought it and I find it fun.   

James a.k.a 謝사な, Jámęš, JGČ
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History of my Island

When I first bought Tomodachi Life back in August of 2014, I was really excited to play it. The way how I got it was weird, first my mum challenged me not to say sorry for the whole day. Surprisingly, I didn't say sorry for the whole entire day and my mum was really proud of me. She would then give me a gift, and then I decided I wanted TL. So a few weeks later back in Grand Cayman, I went to the video game and technology store where I live and I bought TL. Before I got to go home, my dad had some chores to do, and I was anticipating to play it when I got back.

When I got home, I inserted the cartridge for TL and booted up my 3DS and was so excited! When I started the game up, I then chose my signature Mii from the Mii Maker app and then named my island Grand Cayman. Then I started making tons of Miis, all of them being my friends and family and went deep into the game. I would feed the Miis, make them interact with each other, and show the songs I made for them. It was so much fun and stuff, and even ay school, I was addicted to it.

What I like in Tomodachi Life

  • So many new discoveries and lots of fun
  • It never gets really boring
  • You don't need to control the Miis half of the time.

What I don't like in Tomodachi Life

  • Even if it doesn't really bore me, sometimes certain problems and things can get tedious.


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