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  • I live in Massachusetts
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is aspiring artist and contributor
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Welcome to Smashville Island! Where friendship, romance, and fun collide! Population: 88

24 babies, 30+ marriages, 1 divorce.


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Meet the Islanders!

Name Relationships Inspiration
Hannah Bill (father), Becky (mother), Terry (husband), Colton (son), Xavier (son), Chrom (BFF) me!
Robin Wario (husband), Oliver (son), Reagan (daughter), Eli (son), Young Link (BFF) Fire Emblem
Baby Peach Colton (husband), Jason (ex-boyfriend), Ness (ex-boyfriend), Olimar (ex-boyfriend), Jacob (ex-boyfriend), Becky (BFF) Mario
Roy Corrin (wife), Bailey (daughter), Kaylee (daughter), Byleth (BFF) Fire Emblem
Lucina Mii Brawler (husband), Toon Link (ex-BFF) Fire Emblem
Dark Pit Liam (husband), Bayonetta (BFF) Kid Icarus
Paula Ness (husband), Henry (son), Ryder (son), Futaba (BFF) EarthBound
Liam Dark Pit (husband) Lightning from BFB
Ryu Samus (wife), Terry (ex-BFF), Mii Brawler (BFF), Nevaeh (daughter), Stella (daughter) Street Fighter
Toadette Snake (husband), Trinity (daughter), Jason (son), Jeanne (BFF) Mario
Leaf Olimar (ex-husband), Faith (daughter), Joshua (son), Princess Peach (ex-BFF), Skylar (BFF), Easton (ex-boyfriend) Pokemon
Young Link Birdo (wife), Viridi (ex-girlfriend), Robin (BFF) The Legend of Zelda
Luigi Ashley (WW) (wife), Ganondorf (rival) Mario
Terry Hannah (wife), Ryu (ex-BFF), Birdo (BFF), Colton (son), Xavier (son) Fatal Fury
Ganondorf Princess Daisy (wife), Gabriel (ex-boyfriend), Wii Fit Trainer (ex-girlfriend), Luigi (rival) The Legend of Zelda
Ashley (WW) Luigi (husband) WarioWare
Bayonetta Mega Man (husband), Dark Pit (BFF) Bayonetta
Gabriel Easton (boyfriend) Ganondorf (ex-boyfriend), Captain Falcon (ex-boyfriend), Isabelle (BFF) Gelatin from BFB
Pit Jeanne (wife), Oliver (ex-BFF), Inkling (BFF), Dominic (son) Kid Icarus
Zelda Chrom (husband), Skylar (daughter), Peachette (BFF) The Legend of Zelda
Richter Palutena (wife), Wario (BFF), Sydney (daughter) Castlevania
Bridgette Yoshi (BFF) Total Drama
Ken Sheik (wife), Lily (daughter), Bill (BFF) Street Fighter
Mii Gunner Marth (wife), Autumn (daughter), London (daughter) Super Smash Bros.
Byleth Princess Peach (wife), Easton (son), Jacob (son), Camila (daughter), Madeline (daughter), Roy (BFF) Fire Emblem
Birdo Young Link (husband), Terry (BFF) Mario
Jeanne Pit (husband), Toadette (BFF), Dominic (son) Bayonetta
Mii Brawler Lucina (wife), Ryu (BFF) Super Smash Bros.
Chrom Zelda (wife), Hannah (BFF), Skylar (daughter) Fire Emblem
Ike Inkling (wife) Fire Emblem
Link Futaba (wife), Kylie (daughter) The Legend of Zelda
Shulk Peachette (wife), Ashley (daughter) Xenoblade
Isabelle Villager (husband), John (son), Gabriel (BFF) Animal Crossing
Becky Bill (husband), Hannah (daughter), Baby Peach (BFF) my mom
Villager Isabelle (husband), John (son), Animal Crossing
Wario Robin (wife), Oliver (son), Reagan (daughter), Eli (son), Richter (BFF) Mario
Viridi Young Link (ex-boyfriend), John (husband) Kid Icarus
Wii Fit Trainer Ganondorf (ex-boyfriend), Jason (husband), Ryder (BFF), Colton (ex-boyfriend) Wii Fit
Snake Toadette (wife), Trinity (daughter), Jason (son) Metal Gear Solid
Samus Ryu (husband), Autumn (BFF), Nevaeh (daughter), Stella (daughter) Metroid
Ness Baby Peach (ex-girlfriend), Paula (wife), Henry (son), Ryder (son), Ivy (BFF) EarthBound
Palutena Richter (husband), Sydney (daughter) Kid Icarus
Olimar Leaf (ex-husband), Faith (daughter), Joshua (son), Baby Peach (ex-girlfriend), John (BFF), Bailey (ex-girlfriend), Ivy (girlfriend) Pikmin
Gary Dominic (husband) Grassy from BFB
Marth Mii Gunner (wife), Autumn (daughter), London (daughter), Pauline (BFF) Fire Emblem
Captain Falcon Gabriel (ex-boyfriend), Ivy (ex-girlfriend), Corrin (BFF), Sydney (ex-girlfriend), Trinity (wife) F-Zero
Pauline Toon Link (wife), Marth (BFF) Mario
Bill Ken (BFF), Becky (wife), Hannah (daughter) my dad
Inkling Pit (BFF), Ike (husband) Splatoon
Toon Link Pauline (wife), Lucina (ex-BFF), London (BFF) The Legend of Zelda
Peachette Shulk (husband), Zelda (BFF), Ashley (daughter) Mario
Mega Man Bayonetta (wife) Mega Man
Futaba Link (husband), Kylie (daughter), Paula (BFF) Persona
Sheik Ken (husband), Lily (daughter), Faith (BFF) The Legend of Zelda
Ivy Captain Falcon (ex-boyfriend), Olimar (boyfriend), Ness (BFF) Ice Cube from BFB
Corrin Roy (husband), Bailey (daughter), Kaylee (daughter), Captain Falcon (BFF) Fire Emblem
Princess Peach Byleth (husband), Easton (son), Jacob (son), Camila (daughter), Madeline (daughter), Leaf (ex-BFF), Rosalina (BFF) Mario universe
Princess Daisy Ganondorf (husband), Colton (BFF) Mario universe
Rosalina Princess Peach (BFF), Yoshi (husband) Mario universe
Yoshi Rosalina (wife), Bridgette (BFF) Mario universe
Jigglypuff Jacob (husband) Pokémon

Smashville Island Kids (All are residents and 18 years old)

Name and Gender Parent(s) Personality (NA/EU)
Faith (Female) Olimar and Leaf Outgoing Charmer/Energetic Buddy
Colton (Male) Terry and Hannah Confident Designer/Confident Busy-Bee
Autumn (Female) Marth and Mii Gunner Independent Artist/Reserved Perfectionist
Joshua (Male) Olimar and Leaf Independent Artist/Reserved Perfectionist
Oliver (Male) Wario and Robin Independent Lone Wolf/Reserved Introvert
Easton (Male) Byleth and Princess Peach Easygoing Optimist
Henry (Male) Ness and Paula Easygoing Dreamer
John (Male) Villager and Isabelle Easygoing Optimist
Jacob (Male) Byleth and Princess Peach Confident Adventurer/Confident Leader
Skylar (Female) Chrom and Zelda Outgoing Charmer/Energetic Buddy
Bailey (Female) Roy and Corrin Easygoing Optimist
Nevaeh (Female) Ryu and Samus Confident Adventurer/Confident Leader
Sydney (Female) Richter and Palutena Easygoing Dreamer
Trinity (Female) Snake and Toadette Outgoing Trendsetter/Energetic Charmer
Ryder (Male) Ness and Paula Easygoing Dreamer
Camila (Female) Byleth and Princess Peach Easygoing Buddy/Easy-going Carer
Xavier (Male) Terry and Hannah Easygoing Dreamer
Ashley (Female) Shulk and Peachette Independent Lone Wolf/Reserved Introvert
Reagan (Female) Wario and Robin Confident Designer/Confident Busy-Bee
Madeline (Female) Byleth and Princess Peach Independent Thinker/Reserved Thinker
Stella (Female) Ryu and Samus Independent Artist/Reserved Perfectionist
Jason (Male) Snake and Toadette Independent Artist/Reserved Perfectionist
Lily (Female) Ken and Sheik Confident Brainiac/Confident Free-Spirit
Kaylee (Female) Roy and Corrin Outgoing Trendsetter/Energetic Charmer
Eli (Male) Wario and Robin Independent Artist/Reserved Perfectionist
Kylie (Female) Link and Futaba Easygoing Dreamer
London (Female) Marth and Mii Gunner Easygoing Dreamer
Dominic (Male) Pit and Jeanne Easygoing Softie

Islanders' Rare Reactions To Food

Hannah: Cinnamon Roll (worst)

Roy: Eggnog (worst ever)

Lucina: Brussels Sprouts (super all-time favorite)

Paula: Lobster (worst)

Ryu: Apple Pie (worst), Pork bun (all-time favorite)

Toadette: French Fries (all-time favorite)

Terry: Escargot (worst)

Ganondorf: Veggie Burger (worst ever)

Ashley (WW): Soda (worst)

Gabriel: Lollipop (worst ever)

Richter: Flan (worst)

Ken: Panini (all-time favorite)

Byleth: Waffles (all-time favorite), Pickles (super all-time favorite)

Birdo: Pizza (super all-time favorite), Fish cakes (worst)

Jeanne: Calimari (all-time-favorite)

Chrom: Roast Beef (worst ever)

Link: Buffalo wings (worst ever)

Shulk: Yakisoba (worst ever)

Villager: Granola Parfait (all-time favorite)

Becky: Roast chicken (worst ever)

Olimar: Truffle (worst), Yakisoba (super all-time favorite)

Palutena: Nachos (super all-time favorite)

Gary: Panini (super all-time favorite)

Marth: Nachos (worst ever)

Captain Falcon: Salmon menuiere (worst ever), Fancy Cupcake (worst)

Inkling: Coleslaw (super all-time favorite), Barbecue (all-time favorite)

Pauline: Chicken Noodle Soup (super all-time favorite)

Bill: Hash browns (worst)

Ivy: Eggnog (worst)

Princess Peach: Mushroom (super all-time favorite), Baked Beans (all-time favorite)

Princess Daisy: Fish Sticks (super all-time favorite), Raw Oyster (all-time favorite)

Rosalina: Cracker (worst)

Autumn: Drumstick (worst)

Joshua: Chocolate (all-time favorite), Grilled cheese (worst ever)

Oliver: S'more (all-time favorite)

Skylar: Crab (worst ever)

Nevaeh: Tempura (super all-time favorite)

Sydney: Frozen yogurt (all-time favorite), Roast chicken (worst)

Ryder: Sports Drink (super all-time favorite), Yakitori (worst ever)

Ashley: Escargot (super all-time favorite)

Reagan: Fried Chicken (worst), Saltine Crackers (all-time favorite)

Madeline: Rice (worst)

Lily: Gratin (super all-time favorite)

Kaylee: Gingerbread Cake (worst ever)


Robin and Wario: Married with children

Roy and Corrin: Married with children

Lucina and Mii Brawler: Married

Dark Pit and Liam: Married

Paula and Ness: Married with children

Toadette and Snake: Married with children

Luigi and Ashley (WW): Married

Terry and Hannah: Married with children

Bayonetta and Mega Man: Married

Richter and Palutena: Married with children

Mii Gunner and Marth: Married with children

Byleth and Princess Peach: Married with children

Link and Futaba: Married with children

Pit and Jeanne: Married with children

Chrom and Zelda: Married with children

Shulk and Peachette: Married with children

Villager and Isabelle: Married with children

Samus and Ryu: Married with children

Pauline and Toon Link: Married

Ken and Sheik: Married with children

Ganondorf and Princess Daisy: Married

Young Link and Birdo: Married

Inkling and Ike: Married

Captain Falcon and Trinity: Married

Xavier and Autumn: Married

Oliver and Faith: Married

Joshua and Ashley: Married

Ryder and Kaylee: Married

Bill and Becky: Married

Henry and Camila: Married

Yoshi and Rosalina: Married

Eli and Skylar: Dating

Olimar and Ivy: Dating

John and Viridi: Married

Easton and Gabriel: Dating

Dominic and Gary: Married

Wii Fit Trainer and Jason: Married

Jigglypuff and Jacob: Married

Colton and Baby Peach: Married

Former Couples/Spouses

Baby Peach and Ness: Ex-sweethearts

Captain Falcon and Gabriel: Ex-sweethearts

Captain Falcon and Ivy: Ex-sweethearts

Ganondorf and Gabriel: Ex-sweethearts

Ganondorf and Wii Fit Trainer: Ex-sweethearts

Young Link and Viridi: Ex-sweethearts

Leaf and Olimar: Ex-spouses

Jacob and Baby Peach: Ex-sweethearts

Captain Falcon and Sydney: Ex-sweethearts

Olimar and Baby Peach: Ex-sweethearts

Colton and Wii Fit Trainer: Ex-sweethearts

Easton and Leaf: Ex-sweethearts

Jason and Baby Peach: Ex-sweethearts

Olimar and Bailey: Ex-sweethearts


  • Smashville's a spring island, founded circa March 2019. The real thing started in October 2019.
  • I own Tomodachi Life since February 28, 2015. I've lost count on how many islands I have.
  • Unlike the rest of the fans, my StreetPass is disabled by Parental Controls and I'm working to get it back.
  • Hannah is the most spoiled Mii on my island, having spent $50,000.
  • Smashville's time zone is two hours ahead. (e.g. 8:00 am EST = 10:00 am SST)
  • I really want the European Tomodachi Life (Citra maybe, but IDK if it works for Macs).
  • Hannah shares the same worst food as a former resident, Mario (cinnamon roll).
  • Bill and Becky are technically the first grandparents on the island because their daughter Hannah gave birth to a son named Colton.
  • Jason and Henry shared the same hairstyle throughout their childhood, but their fully-grown hairstyle is different. The same goes for Colton and Ryder, Jacob and Easton, Faith and Bailey, and Dominic and Xavier.
  • Ironically, despite being a vegan, Bridgette enjoys eating bacon.
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