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I love This game soooo much! I solved at least 1,000 islander problems! And I'm a HUGE FAN OF THE OST! I love the "Credits theme" and the "Divorcee Theme". They make me cry but I still LOVE them soooooo much! ToT Tomodachi Life is like my favorite Nintendo 3DS game! I will play Style Savvy trendsetters too. I remember pre-ordering TL just because I laughed so hard at the direct and It's been my favorite game ever since. I'm new to this wiki but I'm not new to editing, I first joined wikia on August 16,2014. And I've created tons of wiki's as well as edited quite a bunch. I'm hoping I can be helpful on this wiki to everyone. You can call me Kanon though :3

Favorite OST Songs x3

TomoDacHi Life OST - Credits

TomoDacHi Life OST - Credits


File:Marriage - Divorcee - Tomodachi Life Music Extended
File:Vacation - Guam - Tomodachi Life Music Extended
File:Romance - Rejection - Tomodachi Life Music Extended
File:Rankings Board - Popularity Ranking - Tomodachi Life Music Extended
TomoDacHi Life OST - Age-O-Matic

TomoDacHi Life OST - Age-O-Matic


TomoDacHi Life OST - Totally Friend Zoned!

TomoDacHi Life OST - Totally Friend Zoned!

Totally Friend-Zoned!

MY Youtube

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Loving Tomodachi (Loving Things xD)

~I love loving


Anime and Manga too

I also love editing on here

because it's great

Did i mention Christmas is coming?

I'm so pumped what about you?

I love loving Tomodachi

Love loving Manga

Especially Anime

I hope you know that

I will be a regular editer from now on~


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