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Kia aka Me

Kia (Me)


Kia and Yoshi's wedding.

I own both the North American and Japanese (My Japanese is not that good, but I'll try my best) versions of Tomodachi Life.

I'm not planning to make a chart of my islanders, because I usually delete miis when I get bored of them. However, some of the miis shown in the pictures have been on the islands since day one.


Kia and Emi posing (1)

Emi (left) and Kia (right) posing.

I love making Miis and playing games that have them in it (some, not all).



My Mii qr code site link below, a lot of them are original character Miis with some being actual characters from things. 

Some miis in the pictures will be missing, because I didn't make them:


My Islands

Sunnydale Island (Since 2015)
ECmwn-sU8AEfBf '
ラブラブ島/LoveyDovey* Island (Since 2018)
  • The island's name is Love Love (raburabu), but it can mean LoveyDovey.


  • The "removed music" that someone else added on Youtube:  Here
  • Common misconceptions in Tomodachi Life blog: Here


  • Both Sunnydale and LoveyDovey are December islands.
    • Sunnydale is December 2015 and LoveyDovey is December 2018.
  • Almost all Miis on my islands are married or dating someone (if I didn't delete anyone to add someone new)
  • The gender ratio is 50 Males and 50 Females on both islands.
  • I usually delete Miis when I'm bored of them, not all. I do have favorites.
  • Sunnydale island hasn't had a breakup or divorce since 2016.
    • LoveyDovey hasn't had any of that yet and I hope it stays that way.
  • Some Miis on both my islands makes an appearance on my Miitopia game.
  • I also own a physical copy of Tomodachi Collection for the DS. My island on that game is called, Sunset. But I don't play it now.
  • I don't use hacks in my game. (well, none of my games)
  • I also play the Animal Crossing series, can't wait for New Horizons!
  • On both Tomodachi Life and Miitopia, My look-a-like Mii hates cotton candy for some reason.
    • She doesn't hate it on LoveyDovey island, my other Tomodachi Life island.
  • Currently on Sunnydale island, there is a couple that is still dating; it's about 6 or 7 months now, I guess they don't want to get married (their relationship is very positive)
    • They finally got married on January 26, 2020.
  • I'm currently trying to get everyone married on my two islands before March 20th, 2020. Which may not happen now, since the updates about Animal Crossing: New Horizons is keeping me from doing it.
  • Kia and Emi aren't best friends on my islands.
  • As of March 10, 2020, I haven't played Tomodachi Life in weeks because I'm waiting to play the new AC game.
  • Another user copied my profile.

Things I don't understand or other things from this game.

  • Why did they decided to change the Easygoing's arms in western versions, they look bad..
  • Something I noticed, it might be my 3DS or the game is like that, But the Miis talk so slow (and also take pauses when talking) compare to the Japanese version. After playing the Japanese version, it kinda gets annoying when I go back to my NA game and see my Miis there dragging their sentences.
He still have ageomatic on at 18 years old

He's 18 years old as of 2019, why does he still have Age-o-Matic on.

  • The fact you can't get back an item you gave to a Mii by mistake. (I haven't seen anyone bring this up ever, they're too busy worrying about who their Mii should married from an old game. Like don't play the game then, you don't have to)
  • This game seems to have a pattern (the Miis at least, the "I want one too!" syndrome they seem to have), lets say if you give a Mii named Sally a travel ticket all of a sudden everyone else wants one, it's really annoying.
  • Sometimes a child (and if you keep their age as a child) who grew up on the island, will sometimes talk about how they use to be a child or saying things like kids nowadays, when they're child right now.
    • Also they will get into fights with other family members (not their mom, dad or siblings), if they have any.
Laying out in the snow

She's wearing an bikini while laying in the snow.

  • The Miis fight too much on this game.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, players have the opportunity to add a Mii's name or item (with it appearing on the big screen) into a song by using this feature that has a list of pre-made words on it at the Concert Hall when editing a song. This isn't on any other version, which is kinda annoying.. (Pictures of it is on the Regional Differences page: Here, don't this stinks..)
  • Also in the Japanese version, it's very possible to have a single mii trying to ask out a married Mii, It's so annoying and here I thought them trying to ask out a dating person was bad.
  • The Adult and Child can date/get married thing in the Japanese version is creepy.
    • This often happens in my other game, some grown adult Mii on the island will try and ask out one of my kid Miis, to the point that I have to edit and change their age. That Jail room makes so much sense now.
      • It's kinda possible in the North American version, but it's due to a kid turning 18 (while they're still dating) in that game, which is an adult in that game. This is why the game needs to have a separate category between the young kids and the teens as well. (To be honest, I wish the young kids didn't date at all and they're too young to know about love, at least the romantic kind)
Says a actual child!

(this picture was taken in 2019)

  • There should've been a button that stop the Miis from calling you all the time when their baby is crying, I want my Miis to have kids. But it's really annoying when it stops me from wanting to do something, like trying to log onto the game.
  • I don't like it when my female Miis propose to their boyfriends, it's weird.
  • Another thing I don't understand, Why was the NA game the only one that had the Wedding dress as DLC (I know for the June bride thing, but they do it in other places too). That was like one of the reasons why I even bought Tomodachi Life to begin with, for that dress.
Relationships chart NA version

They should have done a better job with this.

  • Why is our relationship chart so bad, the EU and JP versions are so much better. Like whoever did the NA one needs to be fired.
    • Why are the 'Family' labels the same as the regular friends, are they family or not? 
    • The same can be said with Spouse, Boyfriend/Girlfriend and Best Friends if they are not getting along with each other anymore. The ranks will become like the regular friend one if this happens in the NA version. (not pictured)
    • The sneezing mini game is the worst one, I actually started ignoring them whenever they talk about it. I hate it so much, it's a waste of time and energy.
    • I wish the game had something that tells you how full the Port on your island is.
    • Adult Miis can start going after a child after they turn 18 years old, that still can be consider creepy. (Had this happen a few years ago on my NA island.)
  • I don't like when the Miis randomly mix-match their clothes, I like my Miis looking cute or whatever.
    • I also don't let my female Miis wear some of the unisex clothes, sometimes I let them wear them. But then I regret it because it makes them look ugly or weird.
  • It's weird how the Food Mart isn't decorated for the 4th of July, that's the one place people would go to buy food for the BBQs and stuff. I wonder if that was an error, guess I'll never know.
  • This game should've had online trading, this game came out during an era with the internet on handhelds. This isn't the 90's with the link cables, Nintendo.
  • Spinning the baby around mini game in the Japanese and  European versions, there's a warning about not doing it in real life, but in the North American version it's not presented. It's not safe here either, how did NOA messed this up!
Spinning baby low screen NA version

The North American versions lacks the warning at the bottom.

  • In the Japanese version, Miis will swing bats or Golf clubs at the Rooftop when others are up there and sometimes they can be pretty close to them when doing it.

Video (not mines)

Tomodachi Life OST 'Love Ranking 100'

Tomodachi Life OST 'Love Ranking 100'

This plays at 100% Love Compatibility in the Japanese version.




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