aka Ioannis Dimakopoulous

  • I live in the USA
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is Person
  • I am Male
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This user is male. Boys rule!
This user is fluent in Finnish.
This user is American.

About My Island

Name: 7 3/4 Island

Address: 769-277 Buttered Potato Isles, Sashimi Ocean

Quality of Life: 51

Number of Islanders: 96

54 Male, 42 Female

I think that most of the news reports in-game are fake/staged, as for most of them there are no possible island locations where they could happen (Especially: the Giant news report)


  • Why can you see Miis wearing clothes you don't give them? (E. g. Sweetheart Flashbacks, Cooking, Sewing, Married Couples sleeping)
  • Why do certain users give all Miis same clothes?
  • Why do parents say, "I get a little sad when I see [Grown-Up Child]'s empty room, when the child does not have a bedroom, instead sleeping with their parents? Additionally, this can happen even while the parents are raising another child.

Autonomy Scale

Mii being autonomous Mii not being autonomous
Talks about Food Mart delivering and reaching for milk Stomach does not increase unless you give food to them. Additionally, Miis NEVER go there unless itś a part-time job.
Married couples can be seen eating & Miis can be seen eating at the cafe See above
Miis can be seen browsing at Clothing Shop Mii NEVER buys new clothes, only gets them when you give clothes to them (see Questions).
Miis' relationship levels will randomly increase and decrease when you do not play. Mii will never get new friends, sweethearts when you do not play. They will ask you first.
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