aka Issa (Tomodachi Life Mii)

  • I live in Apartment 101, Elibe Island
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is being a Wikia editor.
  • I am a user in Wikia.
  • My Mii and her sweetheart, Ricken. Unfortunately this couple came in too soon.
  • Post Age-O-Matic photo of my Mii and her spouse.
  • Some Elibean islanders.
  • This game is so cheesy, I don't need to put cheese on my cheeseburger.
  • I spent too much time and grinding just to bring my Mii and her spouse to space for the last day of Holiday Break.
  • They're just staring at each other while their baby is probably hitting her head to the ground...
I'm back now, and I finally got Tomodachi Life on December 30, 2015. I might be late to the party but better late than never. I used to only have the Move-In Version from a code I found at the net, until I was able to find a copy of it. I'm enjoying it a lot and I personally enjoy seeing Miis have relationships.
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