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I am Rgis, formerly known as Crystal286. I'm more active on other wikias, but I'm here because this one is pretty fun and I need to look up stuff about Tomodachi Life and Tomodachi Collection.

I have two Tomodachi Life cartridges, but I haven't put much work into them lately. Neither of them has the max amount of Miis because I wanted to add them in slowly so I get to know everyone better. It was a good idea too, because now I have to take care of less people. It just feels bad when I don't properly take care of all my Miis. It can't be like some Miis that are favored more than others, you know? It doesn't feel good to neglect all of them either, but I can't always take care of them.

I'm so glad I have two games. I'm pretty sure I can abuse the heck out of the Streetpass feature, but I have to borrow someone else's 3DS for that which is scary. I might lose my travelers if the other person's 3DS doesn't have their Streetpass on, but I suppose I could just make more Miis. I just don't want to waste all that work I put into them.

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