Hai, I'm SkyRider3217, but you can just call me Sky. :P

I've been a wikia contributor and Admin for many wikis for a long while now, so you can trust me with editing pages. I do have Tomodachi Life and working on sharing my Island and Islanders.. looking forward to showing. :)

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My Tomodachi Life

Updated: June 28, 2014
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As I Help out the wiki, I've been trying as much as I can to collect all the items in the game. This is what I have so far:

Item Type Quantity/Total Percentage
Food Collection 147/231 63.63%
Clothing Collection


167/409 40.83%
Clothing Collection


346/3,198 10.81%
Hat Collection


52/153 33.99%
Hat Collection


149/1,082 13.77%
Interiors Collection 65/102 63.73%
Goods Collection 18/18 100.00%
Treasure Collection


143/152 94.08%
Treasure Collection

(Special Foods)

0/48 0.00%

Island Info

General Community Vibe
Islanders Average Age M:F Ratio
74 31.5 42:32
Quality of Life Problems Solved
★39 1,566
Streetpass Encounters Travelers Recieved
0 0
Children Born Travelers Sent
5 1
Island Address
SkyFriends Island

337-517 Fried Egg Isles

Peanuts Ocean

SkyFriends Island Export Item
Spiderweb T-shirt


I currently have 74 islanders in my SkyFriends Island. All of them range from Family, Personaly made Miis, OCs, Video game characters, anime characters, etc.

Note: Most of the Miis that i put in my island I randomized the age and Birthday.

Photo Islander Name Gender Age Birthday Personality Married? (y/n) (to who?) Sharing QR Code?
Adam Pie 17 01/15/1997 Easygoing Optimist No
Alexia Vitus 31 11/02/1982 Outgoing Entertainer No
Alina Morales 18 12/22/1995 Easygoing Optimist Yes; to Mr. Free MineCraft (Creeper)
Amy Rose 20 09/23/1993 Outgoing Leader No
André Segers 26 02/18/1998 Outgoing Trendetter No
Aryll WindWaker 9 07/15/2004 Easygoing Dreamer No
Ash Ketchum 10 02/27/2004 Outgoing Charmer No
Beedle ShopKeeper 32 15/16/1982 Easygoing Dreamer Yes, with Jasmine Creeper
Bellsprout Pokémon 15 06/10/1999 Independent Thinker No
Brock Rock 34 09/28/1979 Easygoing Dreamer No
Camille Morales (Me) 18 12/22/1995 Easygoing Optimist Yes; to Shadowbrine (OC)
Captain Falcon 35 11/21/1978 Confident Adventurer No
Charlotte Hyrule 24 06/20/1990 Confident Designer No
Chancellor Cole (from LoZ) 59 06/17/1995

Confident Go-Getter

No HNI 0005
Daisy Toadstool No
Derrick Bitner No
Diamond Minecraft Yes, with Herobrine Minecraft
Dillin Noob No
Enderman Minecraft No
Entei Legend No
Ganondorf Gerudo No
Goron Brother No
Happy-Masked Salesmen No
Herobrine Minecraft Yes, with Diamond Minecraft
Ivo Robotnik (Eggman) No
Jasmine Creeper Yes, with Beedle ShopKeeper
Keta Vitus No
Linebeck the Third Yes; with Midna Twilight
Link Triforce 18Age Spray Yes; with Michelle Lomuscio
Luigi Toadstool No
Magnus Gulliver No
Mario Toadstool No
Markus Persson (Notch) No
Medli Riot No
Mendela Tyran No
Mewtwo Pokémon No
Michelle Lomuscio 18Age Spray 12/19/2002 Easygoing Optimist Yes; with Link
Midna Twilight Yes; with Linebeck The Third
Miles Prower (Tails) No
Misty Cerulean No
Mr. Dino Raptor No
Mr. Free Minecraft (Creeper) No
Ms. Dino Dinosaur No
Nikki NoteStar No
Niko Pirate Yes, with Tetra Hyrule
Oshawott Starter No
Palutena Skyworld Yes; with Pit Icarus
Pandora Amazon Underworld No
Peach Toadstool No
Phousphora Nature No
Pit Icarus Yes; with Palutena Skyworld
Pitoo Pit No
Rachel Cortes No
Raptor Dinosaur No
Reggie Fils-Aime No
Rex Tyran No
Rosealina Luma No
Samuel Oak No
Samus Aran No
Shadowbrine (OC) Yes; with Camille Morales
Shan Raptor No
Sheik Hyrule No
SkyBrine MineCraft 18 06/14/1996 Easygoing Optimist No
Snivy Langsworth No
Sonic Hedgehog No
Steve Minecraft No
Tetra Hyrule Yes, with Niko Pirate
Tyran Raptor No
Valoura Vitus No
Viridi Nature No
Virus Minion (OC) No
VirusMinion Vitus (OC) No
Virus Pit (OC) No
Zelda Hyrule No
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