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  • I live in Somewhere
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is Something
  • I am Male...

Some facts about my copy of Tomodachi Life you never had to know:

My look-alike's personality: Independent/Reserved Thinker

Most common personality: Reserved Perfectionist/Independent Artist

Least common personality: Reserved Introvert/Independent Lone Wolf

Island atmosphere: Ambitious

Couples Married: 24

Babies Born: 30 (24 in Mii Apartments, 5 growing, 1 traveller)

Travellers sent: 1

Quality of Life: 56

Islanders: 100

Island Name: Randomii Island

Game started: 31st October 2018

Places opened: All

Collected: 213 food items, 811 clothing colours, 503 hat colours, 89 interiors, 18 goods, 148 treasures and 0 special food.

This user owns Tomodachi Life.
This user is British.
This user is male. Boys rule!
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