During my playthrough of both Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life, I've come up with several different ideas for the next game in the series.

Item Ideas

  • The Basketball, Game Boy, Spinning Toy, and Yo-Yo and now Level-Up Gifts instead of Treasures.
    • When using the Yo-Yo, the Mii will spin the Yo-Yo and sometimes perform tricks. They can also use it at the Park.
    • When using the Spinning Toy, the Mii will spin the toy on the ground and watch it as it now a Level-Up gift instead of a Treasure
    • When using the Basketball, the Mii will dribble the ball and sometimes shoot baskets. If multiple Miis have basketballs, they will sometimes compete against each other.
  • Special Foods are now unlockable Foods that can be unlocked when a Mii reaches a certain level, similar to Special Interiors. They are also redesigned to not feature the wooden slab, and the Miis do not give unique reactions to each food when eating it (However, all of them have a high chance of being "really liked it!" or better.)
  • Interiors are replaced by Wallpaper, Flooring, and Furniture, and the Interior of a Mii's Appartment can be freely customized.
    • Players can re-arrange furniture in certain ways, similar to Animal Crossing, and Miis can now interact with or use certain furniture (i.e. Miis will sit on chairs, watch someting on a TV, sleep in a bed, etc.)
    • The Interior Shop is renamed the "Furniture Shop", and a shop for Wallpaper and Flooring is added as well.
    • All Treasures are now furniture items that can be randomly bought at the Furniture Shop. Food can also be placed in a Mii's appartment, and Clothing can be placed in the form of either a Mannekin or on a hanger on the wall.
    • The Laptop, Punching Bag, Treadmill, Scale, Mirror, Wii, and Wii U are now furniture items instead of Level-Up gifts. However, the Miis still interact with them.
      • The Wii and Wii U, however, can only be used if a TV-related furniture item is placed in the Mii's appartment. If none exists, the Mii will never use these items. This also applies if the Wii or Wii U is placed far away from the TV item.
  • Clothing is divided into shirts, pants, shoes, and hats, and can be customized more freely, similar to Miitomo.
    • As a result of this, a separate store selling shoes is added.

Location Ideas

  • New Location: Sports Center
    • In the Sports Center, Miis will use any sports-related Level-up gift (Soccer Balls, Baseball Bats, etc.) In various Sports-related rooms. It is unlocked when one of these items is given to a Mii.
    • The events Tennis Match, Basketball Match, and Soccer Match can occur here, which involves Miis competing in any of these aforementioned sports (If they have the related items) and wear uniforms to match.
  • The Train Station, Fancy Restaurant, and School are now acessable outside of Proposals and Confessions, respectively.
    • In the Train Station, Miis can be seen waiting for the train, falling asleep on the various benches, reading a book or playing on a 3DS (if they have one), or talking with friends. Occasionally, a train may rush past, waking up any Miis that were asleep while disappointing any Miis that were waiting for the Train.
      • Rap Battle now occurs here instead of the Fountain, and is now available for the first time in Japanese versions.
      • Dance Off, a new event, also occurs here. In this event, Miis perform various dances until one of them messes up.
    • In the Fancy Restaurant, Miis can be seen eating meals and talking with one another, similar to the Cafe, but act much more formal.
      • The new event Cooking Show can occur here. In this event, a random Mii, dressed as a chef, will make a random Food and serve it in front of a live audience.
    • In the School, child Miis can be seen playing outside on a playground, sitting in desks inside a classroom, or walking and talking with other Miis in the hallways.
      • English Lesson now occurs here instead of the Fountain, available for the first time in western versions.
        • In the North American version, the Miis will speak Japanese, and the event is named "Japanese Lesson" to accomodate this. In the European version, the Miis will speak English, French, Spanish, German, or Italian, depending on the region (The Mii will speak any of the aforementioned languages other than the main language the player's system uses), and is renamed "[Language] Lesson".
  • The apartments in Mii Apartments now resemble real-world apartments in terms of design, and feature a bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen, including the default furniture for each room. These rooms resemble their counterparts from real-life apartments and can also be rearranged. This replaces the Bed and blue matt (Or laying directly on the floor from the Japanese version) that appear when a Mii falls asleep, the Bathouse when a Mii uses a Bath Set, and the Kitchen area when a Mii uses a Frying pan.
    • If the bathtub and kitchenware appliances in the bathroom and kitchen, respectively, are removed, it is impossiable for the Mii to use the aforementioned items.
    • If the bed is removed from the bedroom, the Mii will not fall asleep, making it impossible to view Dreams.

Event Ideas

  • Street Live can now occur at other locations besides the fountain at different times of the day, similar to the Markets.
    • The Morning Street Live takes place at the Fountain, and uses a flute and guitar.
    • The Afternoon Street Live occurs at the Train Station, and uses jazz instruments such as the saxophone.
    • The Evening Street Live occurs at the Fancy Restaurant, and uses classical instruments such as the violin.
  • Seasonal events can now occur:
    • On Christmas, a Christmas Tree is set up at the Fountain while Miis give gifts to one another. Sometimes, a Mii will ask the player to deliver gifts for them. The seasonal food is Roast Lamb, which is available for the first time in the North American and Japanese versions.
    • On Halloween, Miis will dress in costumes and compete at the Park to see who is the scariest dresser. The Miis will also go trick-or-treating at other appartments or homes. The seasonal food is Candy Corn.
    • On New Year's Day, a giant timer and glowing ball appear over the observation tower. During the last five minutes, Miis will gather at the area to count down the new year. The seasonal food is Ozouni in the Japanese version.
    • On Tanabata in the Japanese version, Miis will set up Bamboo Stalks with lights around the Park and make wishes in front of each stalk. The seasonal food is Fukumame.
    • On the 4th of July in the North American version, Miis will gather at the park and watch a Fireworks Show, sometimes making comments. This occurs instead of the Fireworks Show being a proposal location. The seasonal food is Chili Dogs.
    • On Thanksgiving in the North American version, Miis will hold a feast at the Fancy Restaurant and talk amongst one another. The seasonal food is Roast Turkey.
    • On Valentine's Day, Miis will give valentines to one another at the Fountain, and confessions and proposals become much more common. The seasonal food is a Box of Chocolates, which is now available for the first time in the North American versions.

Minigame Ideas

  • Miis now give the player a specific item when winning a minigame, similar to Dreams. However, they still give the player Toilet Paper or a Box of Tissues if they lose.
    • The prize for winning Sumo is a Sumo Wig in a random color (Wrestling Singlet in a random color for the European version.)
    • The prize for winning Cards is a Deck of Cards
    • The prize for winning Butt-Writing Quiz is a Writing Desk
    • The prize for winning Catch is a Rubber Ball (The Mii always drops a rubber ball.)
    • The prize for winning Look That Way is a Foam Hand
    • The prize for winning Daruma Doll Fell Down is a Daruma Doll (Traffic Light in Western versions, as it is "Red Light, Green Light" in those versions.)
    • The prize for winning Match and Vs. Match is a Pannel Board (The same one used in these minigames)
    • The prize for winning Shadow/Zoom/Pixel Quiz is the last Food, Article of Clothing, or furniture item displayed.
    • The prize for winning Mii Facts is a model of Mii Appartments
  • New Minigame: Box Shuffle
    • The Mii will place a ball inside one of three Bamboo Boxes, then shuffle them around. The player must choose the box with the ball inside three times to win. The prize for winning is a Bamboo Box.
  • Football is reverted to its original Japanese counterpart of Sumo in the North American version, though the European versions still use a Greco-Roman wrestling theme.

Other Ideas

  • Miis now have their own themes when visiting their appartments/homes, similar to Miitomo.
  • When visiting a Mii in Mii Homes, the player now enters the House itself, rather than being transfered to the Mii's apartment.
    • When given a Bath Set or Frying Pan in their home, the Mii will use their house's bathtub or kitchen, respectively, when using those items.
    • The different rooms of a house can be customized. However, the Bathroom must always contain a Bathroom Sink, Shower, and Bathtub, the Kitchen must always contain Kitchen Appliances, and the Bedroom must always contain a bed. If these items aren't placed, it is impossiable for the Mii to use a Bath Set or Frying Pan in their home, or for them to fall asleep.
      • Due to these customizations, the design of the house is no longer determined by the spouses' personalities.
    • The player can now call one of the Miis to the home instead of the apartments, if they wish.
  • Mii Apartments no longer undergoes expansions. Instead, the player immediately has access to 100 apartments at the start of the game. However, they still cannot customize these appartments until a Mii moves in.
  • Due to advanced customization options, the player can no longer give a Mii an Interior when they level up. Instead, the player can now give them clothes at any level, not just from Level 20 onwards. However, they still give a Silver/Gold Coin upon reaching that level and every other level beyond.
  • Pocket Money can now be spent by Miis, and can be used for other things other than to unlock a Vacation to Space. For instance, the Mii may buy a random article of clothing or a random piece of furniture that they will place in their house/apartment.
  • When giving a Phrase, the player now has the option to give them a happy, angry, sad, or worried phrase in addition to a normal phrase when they level up. This replaces the Mii randomly asking what they should say for one of these.
  • Confessions can now occur at the Fountain, Amusement Park, Train Station, and Fancy Restaurant.
    • When Interupting at the Fountain, the first Mii will appear at a distance from the confessing Mii and run up to them. The second Mii will splash up from the Fountain itself, similar to the second Beach interuption.
    • When interupting at the Train Station, the first Mii will be seen reading a newspaper while seated on a bench at first, but will lower the newspaper to reveal their face and get up. For the second Mii, a train will suddenly pull into the station and open its doors, revealing the second Mii inside.
    • The interuptions at the Fancy Restaurant are the same as the interuptions at the Cafe.
  • Proposals can now occur at the Fountain, Park (in place of the Fireworks Show), Observation Tower, Cafe, and Beach.
  • Miis can now be interacted with in any accessable area, similar to speaking with Travelers. However, the player cannot edit their Appartment/Home interior unless the Mii is directly inside that location.
  • The Player can now sell anything, not just Treasures, at the Pawn Shop.
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