Chipper the Crow

aka Chipper

  • I live in Catharpsitta.
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is bird
  • I am a female crow. Chirp.
  • Bio I'm either a tall bird-like creature, or a weredragon. Currently writing a series of books about talking birds. Also, I love dragons. And drawing.
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  • Chipper the Crow

    A blog post about the adventures of the inhabitants of Barricade Island! Based off my Tomodachi Life game. Updates often.

    NOTE: Robo and Bath are married. And yes, they are random miis.

    Chipper: *gets phone call* ... ... ... Okay?

    [One trip to the Houses later]

    Robo: We g-


    Robo: What would you like to name her? We thought of 'Imogen'!

    Chipper: name.

    Robo: What new na-


    Chipper: Cyborg!

    Robo and Bath: '_'

    Cyborg: *beep boop robotic sounds*

    [Later, in the apartments]

    Averat (my look-alike): My souffle!

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