Clara AD

aka Clara (pronounced Klah-ra)

  • I live in Mehhh~ The goat on Daisy Hills
  • I was born on November 7
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Female
  • Clara AD

    I REALLY wish I could own a second copy of Tomodachi Life, because i enjoy playing the game! The island name will be Cherub Island. I'm currently trying to get it before the end of 2020; otherwise I will add those in the new Tomodachi Life game.

    • Total Male Islanders: 26
    • Total Female Islanders: 26

    Full Name (Nickname) Birthday Personality Favorite Color Origin
    Andrés Unknown Easygoing Dreamer Light green

    Ahab Nero Greddenburg (Nero) Unknown Outgoing Trendsetter Unknown Aski1
    Benito Hernandez (Benito) Unknown Confident Adventurer Blue OC -- Variant of made by User:Chaft
    Easygoing Dreamer

    Cyan Graham (Cyan) 24 January Outgoing Entertainer Purple Aski1
    Donald Cropper Sr. (Sir Cropper) Unknown Outgoing Trendsetter Red Aski1
    Eric Paladin (Eric) 3 May Outgoing Trendsette…

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  • Clara AD

    Phrase Generator

    January 11, 2020 by Clara AD

    Mii's will ask the player to tell what should they say when happy, mad, sad, or worried. I have to enter a phrase, but I'm actually not good at naming them. Any suggestions?

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  • Clara AD

    Is there any way to get a second copy of Tomodachi Life besides owning two Nintendo 3DS? I don't want to delete my island because I really enjoy it.

    Plans for the second copy here:

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  • Clara AD

    Next Tomodachi Life Ideas

    December 12, 2019 by Clara AD

    Because the comments reset and I recently changed my user-name on my previous blog, all content is moved here. Here are my own sequel suggestions for the next Tomodachi Life game...

    When a player starts a new save game, unlike the previous game where every single island was the same, instead the player can choose from 6 different island designs. These include:

    • Normal: The original design used from both previous games. These include two islands, one Main Island and a Leisure Island has been expanded. The only difference is that now both islands are connected by a bridge. The usual activities found in the previous game are found here, and activities also found in Tomodachi Collection have also returned.
    • Farm: A farm-styled island. Activities relat…

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  • Clara AD

    This is a transcript for when a Fight event is experienced in Tomodachi Collection.

    Intro Choices Result
    Mii: "[Mad greeting]"

    (The player touches the scribble button.)
    Mii: "[Mii] and I got in a fight. I'm so mad now."

    • Reconcile
    • Whatever

    • Option 1: "Can you help get rid of this irritation first?" (The リスト icon flashes.)

    After calming down... Result
    Mii: "I feel much better now. I'll try to make up."
    (The Mii goes to the apartment of the Mii they were fighting with.)
    Mii: 「この間はごめんなさい」
    • Other Mii: 「こちらこそごめんなさい」
      (Back in the apartment, the Mii dances to happy jingle.)
      Game: It went well!
      Mii: "Thank you so much. We've become friends again." (Happiness increases)
    • Other Mii: "「ゆるしません」"
      (Back in the apartment, the Mii slumps as sad jingle plays.)
      Game: It was no good...

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