This is a transcript for when a Fight event is experienced in Tomodachi Collection.

Intro Choices Result
Mii: "[Mad greeting]"

(The player touches the scribble button.)
Mii: "[Mii] and I got in a fight. I'm so mad now."

  • Reconcile
  • Whatever
  • Option 1: "Can you help get rid of this irritation first?" (The リスト icon flashes.)
After calming down... Result
Mii: "I feel much better now. I'll try to make up."
(The Mii goes to the apartment of the Mii they were fighting with.)
Mii: 「この間はごめんなさい」
  • Other Mii: 「こちらこそごめんなさい」
    (Back in the apartment, the Mii dances to happy jingle.)
    Game: It went well!
    Mii: "Thank you so much. We've become friends again." (Happiness increases)
  • Other Mii: "「ゆるしません」"
    (Back in the apartment, the Mii slumps as sad jingle plays.)
    Game: It was no good...
    Mii: "It didn't work..." (Mii gains sadness.)
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