If you want to name your Mii islander or want to give the newborn child a name yourself, but you think the game can't pronounce it right, here's my suggestions for you:

  • Alexandra - Ah lack sun dra
  • Anna - Ah na
  • Caroline - The most common way is "Ca ro line", but in my opinion,"Ca ro leen" sounds better
  • Clara (My name!) - Most people here "Kleh ruh". It's commonly incorrect! It should be "Klah ra")
  • Leon - Lay on
  • Leona - Lay o na
  • Leonore - I had a baby on my new island with this name and I rather pronounced it : Lay o nor
  • Lena - Leh na
  • Levi - Normally, people hear "Lee vie" but the most common way is "Leh v". Sounds better in my opinion.
  • Lucas/Lukas - Loo cus
  • Mikayla - I had a baby with this name on my previous island and I rather pronounced it : Me ky la
  • Mya - The name "Mya" is like between "Maya" and "Mia". The pronounciation would be ‘Mi-ya’, but the ,Mi-ya' must be quick. It's like Japanese word "mya".
  • Naomi - Nah o me
  • Usagi - Ooh suh ghee
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