Because the comments reset and I recently changed my user-name on my previous blog, all content is moved here. Here are my own sequel suggestions for the next Tomodachi Life game...


When a player starts a new save game, unlike the previous game where every single island was the same, instead the player can choose from 6 different island designs. These include:

  • Normal: The original design used from both previous games. These include two islands, one Main Island and a Leisure Island has been expanded. The only difference is that now both islands are connected by a bridge. The usual activities found in the previous game are found here, and activities also found in Tomodachi Collection have also returned.
  • Farm: A farm-styled island. Activities related to farming are plant/harvest crops, egg-collecting, pulling weeds, milking cow. Animals here are cow, chicken, sheep, duck, pig, and horse.
  • Tropical: A holiday-like island. The beach is more vast and has much more activities to do there. Activities include Fishing, Sandcastle Competitions, Surfing Competitions, and more.
  • Snowy: Same as the original, but the park has more snowy-related activities around the winter. These include a snowball and snowman activity, an ice-skating activity, and more.
  • Valley: A picturesque island. Around the edges of the island are hills, and they replace the beach. When Miis visit the hills, they can be seen having picnic, laying down, talking with others, etc. Activities here include sledding down the hills, camping in the valley, mining, and more.

Mii Maker

I kinda hate it when people say Mii Maker "has so many features". Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. There is no color palette on hair-styles so you can't color your Mii's hair styles platinum blond, light blond, blue, or any colour you want. You only have a small selection of colors as mentioned on Mii Maker page. So does for the eyes - there aren't even colors such as orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink, or red!
  2. There are few amount of female hair-styles, and this game should have separated category too. Like this: category for male hair-styles is a blue body icon with white background, category for females is the same but drawn with a pink body icon, while unisex is drawn as both blue and pink body icon joined together. I dislike if some of my Miis have similar hair-styles, especially babies.

Nice game tho!

Mii Apartments and the Islanders

Players will have much control over the game, you can make a Mii of your choice fall in love with whoever you want and decide how it will end up, and make a Mii of your choice fight with another Mii of your choice and decide what they will fight about, and you can change relationships of a Mii of what the Mii thinks about the other Mii, and you can make a scene with Miis of your choice, the limit of the amount of Miis is unlimited, like a Mii Movie Maker, and decide if the couple will break up.

You can set for the Mii who their siblings, cousins, uncles, parents and grandparents are.

Mii Apartments can now have a roommate with up to 4 roommates.

Players can interact with Miis in Mii Homes (if they are married).

All interiors have a bed where the Mii sleeps for the night instead of sleeping on the floor.

A Mii can bring their Best Friend or Sweetheart/Spouse for a sleepover. It takes 1 day. Raises relationship by 1 or 2. For Miis that are in relationship, if they are at Kinda getting along or lower it will raise their relationship by 3 instead the usual 1 or 2.

I want to see the hallways in the Mii apartments and watch as Miis enter and leave. I would like to see the Mii apartments designed like the apartments in real life too. They have a bed, bathroom, a shower, etc.

You can sell clothing and head-wear if a Mii doesn't like both, or if they have too many of it.

Relationships should not decrease, especially with sweetheart/spouse or best friend. Normal friends are OK...

Travel tickets should be a lot common rather than being a rare item, which you can only get it around once a week.

Conversations should have more detail or transcripts like in Animal Crossing series.


New Locations Added: Swimming Pool, Caves, Stadium, Forest, Playground, Lake, and Daycare added. Mii's can hang out at these places (Except for Daycare because only babies from Week 1 to Week 3 can hang out there)

The Clothing Shop, Pawn Shop, Interior Shop, Cafe, Food Mart, Hat Shop, Import Ware are formed as a Mall. At the Mall you can visit these Shops.

Train Station, School, Fancy Restaurant and Mount [island] (Used to be Firework Display) no longer hidden locations and can be used to see what the islanders are doing there and what events are happening there right now. The Fancy Restaurant, Mount [island] and the Train Station are now places where the Mii can confess their love to the other Mii.

At the Cafe, the event Unisex Hangout is added, meaning there will be a chat with random males and females, and you can also decide what Miis will be in the chat.

Description Features

  • School: Every Monday to Friday, Kids and Teens will go to school at 6:30 AM to 1:00 PM, except for Friday, where school ends at 12:00 PM, and only Kids and Teens can confess their love at school to make it more realistic, it's strange for a adult to confess their love to another adult at school, you can visit the school and help students with their problems, when a fight breaks out at school, you have to report the fight to the teacher and ask her/him to break it up, only Teens and Kids would fight, but it's not possible for a Teen to fight with a Kid.
  • Stadium: Every afternoon or evening, you can host a Soccer Match, Random male Miis with the same age group will play Soccer and are in their Soccer Uniform, it's a Minigame, and you will choose a team to play as, and the voice of the player's Mii is the announcer. Besides that, the Mii can also confess their love to another Mii, and propose to the Mii's lover during a Soccer Match.
  • Train Station: This place also has events that can happen, such as: Dance Battle (12:00-13:00), Comedy Club (15:30-17:00). There is also a bulletin board for what happened (or will happen) on the island. The Mii can also confess their love to another Mii besides let the Mii propose to their lover at the Train Station.
  • Cafe: This place is used for Miis to not only hang out, but also eat and talk. From 6 AM to 11 AM, some Miis will be there for breakfast, or some Miis will eat in their house and apartment.


A Mii can become friends with someone no matter what the target Mii is doing, even when the target Mii is in a fight. If the Mii is sad, they will also decline. Dialogue here...

Want to Befriend

Mii: I want to be friends with [Mii].
I'll introduce you
Not right now

I'll introduce you
Mii: What should I do to get along with [him/her]?

  • Be flattering
  • Try to listen
  • Keep it brief
  • Be polite


What should talk about to get along with [him/her]?

  • Something funny
  • Gossip
  • Deep thoughts
  • Something serious

Mii: I dunno... I'm not in a mood to talk to [him/her] right away.

Asked to be Friends

Mii: I heard that [Mii] wants to be friends.
I'll help you
Don't do it

I'll help you
Mii: It's not like I even want to become friends right now or anything...


Sometimes when a Mii wants to confess his/her love after the "clothing change" question, he/she then will say "I dunno... I don't have a good time to confess my love." This will happen if the Mii being confessed is in fight, feeling sick, or sad - even if their status with the confessor is good. However, the confessor will not gain sadness.

Concert Hall

I love it how you also can create (and even edit) songs of your own, but the the thing is i hope they will add my idea in the next sequel. Add more genres of music like Jazz, Bossa-Nova, Folk music, Rock, R&B, Country, and Classical music. Even we can create a group of up to maximum 10 people.


If the player chooses a solo performance, the clothing of background dancers will depend on the gender. Males will wear Cowboy outfit while females will wear Cowgirl duds.

Classical music

Same as opera.

Folk music

This is exclusive to American and European versions. If the player chooses a solo performance, the clothing of background dancers will depend on the gender. Males will wear either Bow tie & shorts, Lederhosen, or Lumberjack clothes. Females will wear either Alpine dress, Folklore shirt, or Forest maiden outfit.

Marriage and Children

Thinking about a baby

Married couple can only have a child if their relationship with each other is between Super happy and Soulmate. Sometimes when the player chooses "Great idea!", they will say either of these...

  • If it's the Asking Mii: "My relationship with [him/her] is not high enough, so whatever!" = The spouse is between green and dark green status, but the asking Mii is lower than both.
  • If it's the spouse of Asking Mii: "OK, I guess [he/she] didn't feel the same way as me..." = The reverse of the first result
  • If BOTH OF THEM: "Oh my... We're not happier enough, so I think today isn't a good time to have a baby."

The asking Mii "will not accept the player's desire for them to have a baby" if (by chance) their relationship used to be either of those above but it drops to Totally happy or lower.

It will not happen for couples who have recently married, and they would like to have a baby right away, probably because "Very happy" is their default status.


Baby event has been enhanced. One week after the request already accepted, the phone rings with a married Mii saying "Ahem...", and the player is teleported to house of a married couple. In there, they will learn that the wife is not feeling well. The scene will then be taken to a nearby clinic.

After the pregnancy scene, the husband will ask which gender the player would prefer ("Do you think the baby would be a boy or girl?"). The options are: "A boy", "A girl", "Do it yourself"/"Think about it yourself", "Either is great!"/"I don't mind which."

  • Option 1 and 2 lets the baby to be a boy or girl (depending on which option is chosen).
  • Option 3 allows the father Mii to choose a gender himself, and will tell the player which gender he has chosen.
  • Option 4 has a process similar to a pregnancy in real life, in which the gender will not actually be revealed/told until the baby is born.


It happens about one week after the pregnancy event. While the phone call intro is just about the same on the day a baby of married couple is born, the player will be teleported to a that married couple's bedroom, where the wife is in a deep sleep and can't wake up. Her husband tells her what's wrong, but don't worry... they're going to have a baby!

At a nearby clinic, the doctor will ask the husband to wait outside. Some minutes later, the husband will be shocked while a baby's cry is heard. If the player has chosen option 1, 2, or 3, the doctor will say "In fact, the two of you did have a [boy/girl]!" - but if option 4 was chosen, the doctor will say "It's a [boy/girl]!" instead. Like in Tomodachi Life, the parents will then explain a name they were considering for their baby - to which the player can simply go with what the parents wanted, have them think about another randomly chosen name instead, or create a name themselves. The baby's personality can also be changed.

Mii Homes

A Furniture Shop is for furniture in the Mii Homes. A Mii that has a house (married) can have a problem that they'd like some new furniture or a specific kind of furniture. If it's for Nintendo 3DS again, L and R can be used to change the room the camera is in.


If the 3DS date is set to a holiday, the island will celebrate depending on what the event is. Each holiday listed below also has an exclusive Mii News report & comments.

  • Super Bowl (3rd February) - An exclusive evening news report will talk about the football game the day of the Super Bowl.
  • Valentine Day (14th February) - A Mii of a relationship will give a letter to their partner or to the player. Both Miis can do this. The Mii will show the letter to the player and ask if he/she should give it. If yes is selected, the other Mii will read out the letter. The player can keep the letter or throw it if the Mii writes to the player.
  • April Fools (1st April) - A Mii may go play prank on a friend of his/hers. This can bring the relationship or cause a fight.
  • 4th of July - Exclusive for players in US. The whole island population will gather at the park at 8.00 PM to watch the fireworks. Lasts for an hour long.
  • Thanksgiving (24th November) - Married Couples will gather at their house (if they have children on the island, they'll gather at the house too) between 7.00 PM and 9.00 PM for Thanksgiving dinner. On this day, a Mii could talk about something they're thankful for as Misc. Dialog.
  • Christmas (25th December) - Miis can buy a present for their sweetheart/spouse. The player can also write a holiday card to their Miis.
  • New Year - On 31 December, the entire population will gather at the Observation Tower at 11.00 PM to 12.00 AM to watch the countdown. When it's over, majority of them will go to sleep. On 1 January, the entire population will do the same as they did in the original TL.

More Problems

Best Friend Breakup

"Things haven't been going so well with me and [Best Friend]..."
— Mii, US
"I think I don't want to be best friends with [Best Friend] anymore..."
— Mii, EU

Best Friend Breakup is an event that involves two Miis that are best friends end their friendship with each other. Afterwards, the Miis will show up as each other's "Ex-Best Friend" in their relationships. Just like a regular breakup, the player can let them Move On or Work Things Out. If the player chooses Move On, it will show a cut-scene in the park instead of at café.

It is possible that a Mii can dump their best friend by becoming best friends with another Mii. This will not cause any sadness, however.

More Status

New statuses: Acquaintance, Ex-Best Friend (after the Mii lost his/her BFF), and Friend (Fight).

Here's what I hope for...



  • Want to befriend
  • Occasionally greets
  • Polite
  • Knows a little
  • Doesn't know
  • Not that close
  • Just won't get along


  • Want to be friends
  • Respectful
  • Politely greets
  • Interested
  • A little Interested
  • Uninterested
  • Not really interested
Ex-Best Friend


  • Can still get back?
  • Best memories
  • Quiet
  • Feeling lost
  • A little sad
  • Just want to ignore
  • AOA?*

Asterisk = "Acquaintances once again?", because it's too long


  • Still friends (same as ex-sweetheart/spouse)
  • Good days
  • Feeling well
  • So-so
  • Not seeing
  • Try to ignore
  • Want to forget (same as ex-sweetheart/spouse)
Friend (Fight)


  • Wishes to forgive
  • Better than it seems!
  • Calmed down
  • Mad
  • Very mad
  • Enraged
  • Just can't forgive


  • Ready to forgive
  • Relaxed
  • Feeling a lot calmer
  • Very angry
  • Totally angry
  • Super angry
  • Doesn't care

Speech Bubble Dialogue

Ex-Best Friend

"[Ex-Best Friend] and I used to hang out together. Now... not very often."

"[Ex-Best Friend] and I weren't all that great together, if you know."

"[Ex-Best Friend] was the closest [male/female] friend of mine."

"Can [Ex-Best Friend] and I still be friends?"

"Eventually, I broke up with [Ex-Best Friend]. Now I'm free! Harsh?"

"From now on, I want to forget everything between [Ex-Best Friend] and I. We're back to being just friends."

"Guess some things with my best friend aren't meant to be good..."

"Having a close friend wasn't actually a bad thing to me. [Ex-Best Friend] and I had some great memories..."

"I can re-imagine my happy times with [Ex-Best Friend] when I close my eyes."

"I don't think [Ex-Best Friend] and I can get back together as best friends again..."

"I don't want to say why [Ex-Best Friend] and I are separated."

"I hope [Ex-Best Friend] is feeling better now than we were together."

"I learned a lot of friendship from [Ex-Best Friend]. I'll never forget it."

"I should totally erase all of my days with [Ex-Best Friend]. Oh, um... That's a little embarassing!"

"I want to make [Ex-Best Friend] happy forever. Is that alright?"

"I wish [Ex-Best Friend] will not hang out with me anymore..."

"To be honest, [Ex-Best Friend] should become best friends with someone else. I don't trust [him/her] now."

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