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Confession Reversal

In Tomodachi Life, it's possible for a Mii to confess his/her love to another Mii who is already dating.

Normally, if the relationship of Mii being confessed is Getting along OK or lower, the confessor will fail. If the Mii being confessed has at least "Great pal" status, the confessor will accept.

The confession will usually fail if the Mii has higher status. However, if the confessed Mii's relationship with their sweetheart is low ("Kinda getting along" or lower), then it's guaranteed that the confessed Mii may say "Sure" to the Mii who is confessing, ditching their sweetheart.

If another person interrupts their confession and the target crush chooses the interrupting Mii; but if the player says that they can't date then the target crush will stay with their original sweetheart. This outcome is very rare and it only happens if the confessed Mii's relationship with the first confessor is lower than the interrupting Mii.

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