Orange are things I hate.

Red are things I find idiotic.

Blue are things that make me confused.

Purple are useless things.

Mii Apartments, Islanders, and Event Locations

Why is there a gap between the Leisure Island and the Main Island? Why did not build a bridge, and how can the Mii characters get across? Do they swim with their clothes on?

Age is technically just a number (except for sweethearts and marriage). Like a child Mii that is 10 years old can be friends with Miis that are like 20 years or older. Also, couples can have major age gaps. I have two married couples: One born in 2003 and the other was born in 2006... Another thing, there can be age gaps between BFFs, like a kid and an adult BFF. Note: I replaced BF with BFF because "BF" can also mean boyfriend.

When a Mii is deleted, nobody seems to care. I know their records were wiped and and they seemed to have moved "somewhere else", but can't their friends and family care at least one bit? It's kinda like being un-personed...

Who is serving Miis coffee at the Café exactly?

Love and Relationship

How Travel Tickets are the main way to help improve relationships despite being very hard to obtain than any other item? In my opinion, it is extremely painful if a Mii of a couple in the danger zone (Very happy or lower; not necessary for newlywed couples because "Very happy" is their default status). I wish the future Tomodachi/Mii games will not do this thing.

When the set-up fails with "They didn't hit it off so great...", one of the Mii's will ask why would their friend like the two to become sweethearts. This can really suck especially if they are acquaintances. Also, why won't those set-up Mii's automatically appear on their relationship list without any friendship problems and the player says "Perfect match"? I don't understand.

  • The same thing happens with this friend-like problem "I don't really know much about this [Mii] character. What do you think about me and [Mii]?" Also, in this problem, why I have to reply about what do I think about the two Miis together. Whichever option... will not appear... not even "Great match!"

You're right there is no way to improve the Mii's relationship with their ex. If there is no way to improve a Mii's relationship with his/her ex, how can the Mii that broke up get back together? Do they randomly join in conversations with their ex when the game is turned off or something?

A dating or married Mii wants to take their partner on a date, but sometimes when the player chooses any location the Mii will say something like they're "not in a good mood".

Mii Homes, Marriage, and Children

"Are you hoping it would be a boy or girl?"
— Mii, when they have a baby in Tomodachi LifeThe player can pick a gender - a boy or girl - or let this game decide one at random. Upon answering, the baby's face is revealed, which is a mix of the two parents' facial features. The baby cries in return.

My main problem with this one is the baby's facial features. Yes. It's not common for babies to have full teeth at early stages (that is... if you wonder why the majority of children on my island have closed mouth). This is annoying when the player accidentally chooses "So cute!" but if the baby's face looks ridiculous, who cares?! Another thing, at stages 3-5, girls have boy hair-styles vice-versa; a boy can sometimes have his hair tied in either pigtail or ponytail, especially at Stage 5.

Besides that, I hate it when babies on my island have nearly-identical or similar hair-style, especially at Stage 3-5. I have a couple of babies who share the same hair with each other (Leon and Rudolf, Adam and Brandon). Another problem with this one is when the baby has the same hair as its parents. For example : Lukas (Traveler) is a son of my look-alike and he had the same hair-style as Thomas at Stage 3 and 4.

Mii News

[Mii]: Kindergartner

Mii, age 0, finished [his/her] first day at [Island] Kindergarten today! [Mii] had dreamed about getting a fresh start in life for a long time. Finally, [his/her] recent application to re-enter kindergarten was officially approved, and [his/her] wish came true! 'I hope I make lots of new friends!' [he/she] said, looking particularly excited. My main problem with this one is the age. A child doesn't start kindergarten until the average age of 5. Also the Mii is talking in this age; the average child can't talk properly until the age of 4. Another thing, where exactly is the school taking place? Wherever location, how many students are expected to be there?


In Travelers/Dialogue page, the Mii says "Um...thanks. That was...interesting." It's more like he likes than dislike the food.

When a Mii is given same food, he/she will always say "This again? Thanks, but I'll pass." What? Does that mean the Mii will obviously accept again...?!

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