As Saleh7414 said on my previous blog... If you accidentally save the game after two Mii's become sweethearts, and you think they are not great together, here are some tips!

  1. Restart the game until either relationship drops (goes down) or they get in a fight. It may take a while.
  2. If an orange icon appears that the Mii wants to take his/her sweetheart on a date, close the game without saving. I mean... simply reload back to the last save.
  3. If you have Travel Ticket, do not give that item to either of them. Just interact with the Mii every-day.
  4. When a friend problem appears regarding their relationship, selects "Not compatible". If the relationship is at "Getting along OK" or lower... instead of breakup, sometimes the Mii will be worried about relationship with his/her sweetheart. Select "Actually..."! Keep doing this as long as it appears.
  5. Now that their relationship has decreased (possibly into Kinda/Not getting along), there's a chance that the two Miis will breakup. Touch the scribble button, then (if you want) select "Move On". Finally, the two Mii's break-up!
  6. After the two Miis broke up, they both will be depressed. If the Sadness bar turns to normal, it means one of the Miis who broke up have been cheered up.
  7. Now that the two Miis have ended their relationship, continue playing with them.

Note: I ever experienced this when one of my Mii's want to fall in love but I don't want them to be together FOR REAL. Pretty much of the time. I think it's the same as Set-Up.

That's all for it.

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