I don't have European version. I was searching for the Dialogues in the European version of Tomodachi Life, but couldn't find any... Anyway, here it is!


  • "Did you know that giraffes moo like a cow?"
  • "Getting presents just makes me worry about what to give in return..."
  • "I can only sleep properly in my own bed."
  • "I dreamed about [Sweetheart] last night and woke up so happy!"
  • "I'd like to be friends with the me in your world."
  • "I'd love to live on a desert island."
  • "I'm so worried about where [Sweetheart] could be right now..."
  • "I think tomorrow's gonna be a great day... I don't know why."
  • "People think I'm younger than I am."
  • On Birthday: "What a lovely day that just so happens to be my birthday!"
  • Liked room: "Thank you for the new room. It's pretty nice."


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