Reversal between all versions of Tomodachi Life, as far as i know.



  • EU/AU: Energetic
  • US: Confident


  • EU/AU: Energetic
  • US: Easy-going

Food Reactions

[He/She] really liked it.

  • EU: Jump up into the air fist-first, showing a very high amount of satisfaction. Happiness increases significantly.
  • US: Happily pat their belly with one hand, showing they really liked the food.

[He/She] didn't like it at all...

  • EU: Turn gray and melt to the floor with a very shocked face while suspenseful music plays, showing that the Mii "Really hated" it.
  • US: Hold their stomachs in disgust (trying not to throw it up), showing they disliked the food.

Relationship Colors

Very much in love/Very happy

  • EU: Light green
  • US: Orange

Trust completely

  • EU: Green
  • US: Light green

Want to forget

  • EU: Purple (with "Just" before that word)
  • US: Indigo

Relationship in Japanese version

IMG 20190118 180526

Based on the picture, that is example of Relationship List in Japanese version. Here is the rough English translation.

~Kia's Relationships~

  • Spouse: Yoshi - Irreplaceable person (Magenta)
  • Child: Kishi - Fairly satisfied (Green)
  • Best Friend: Jordan - Trust a lot (Orange)
  • Friend: (The best fun)
    • Strawberry
    • Keito
    • Takeru
    • Fuan

Western Tomodachi Life fans be like...

(Code: [US]/[EU])

  • Husband: Yoshi - Kinda getting along/Slightly unhappy
  • Child: Kishi - Great pal/A lot of fun
  • Best Friend: Jordan - Trustworthy (Both version)
  • Friend (all Kinda getting along)
    • Strawberry
    • Keito
    • Takeru
    • Fuan
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