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  • I live in Mehhh~ The goat on Daisy Hills
  • I was born on November 7
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Female
  • Clara AD

    As Saleh7414 said on my previous blog... If you accidentally save the game after two Mii's become sweethearts, and you think they are not great together, here are some tips!

    1. Restart the game until either relationship drops (goes down) or they get in a fight. It may take a while.
    2. If an orange icon appears that the Mii wants to take his/her sweetheart on a date, close the game without saving. I mean... simply reload back to the last save.
    3. If you have Travel Ticket, do not give that item to either of them. Just interact with the Mii every-day.
    4. When a friend problem appears regarding their relationship, selects "Not compatible". If the relationship is at "Getting along OK" or lower... instead of breakup, sometimes the Mii will be worried about rel…
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  • Clara AD

    I wish the food reactions in Tomodachi Life included a statement, instead of just gesture. Here's on my thoughts:

    • [He/She] loved it! "Woo-hoo! I'm jumping in the air! Thank you so much, [Player]'s look-alike."
    • [He/She] liked it! "That tasted really good. Thank you, [Player]'s look-alike!"
    • [He/She] liked it. "Um... thanks... I guess? Yeah..."
    • [He/She] didn't like it. "Ugh... I don't like this. That tasted like a trash..."
    • [He/She] didn't like it at all... "EEEWWW! It was really weird! Don't give it to me again!"
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  • Clara AD

    Is Tomodachi Life available in other languages beside English and Japanese? I play American version of Tomodachi Life. If there is one, what are they? And how can i download or get it? Do I have to change the language if i had non-American 3DS... or what? I guess there's nothing on Youtube.

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  • Clara AD

    Names Pronunciation

    May 1, 2019 by Clara AD

    If you want to name your Mii islander or want to give the newborn child a name yourself, but you think the game can't pronounce it right, here's my suggestions for you:

    • Alexandra - Ah lack sun dra
    • Anna - Ah na
    • Caroline - The most common way is "Ca ro line", but in my opinion,"Ca ro leen" sounds better
    • Clara (My name!) - Most people here "Kleh ruh". It's commonly incorrect! It should be "Klah ra")
    • Leon - Lay on
    • Leona - Lay o na
    • Leonore - I had a baby on my new island with this name and I rather pronounced it : Lay o nor
    • Lena - Leh na
    • Levi - Normally, people hear "Lee vie" but the most common way is "Leh v". Sounds better in my opinion.
    • Lucas/Lukas - Loo cus
    • Mikayla - I had a baby with this name on my previous island and I rather pronounced it : Me ky …
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  • Clara AD

    Reverse Confession

    April 6, 2019 by Clara AD

    Can I add sub-heading called Confession Reversal in Confession page? The main heading is "Other Ways". I'll move this from Trivia, and it will be like this:

    In Tomodachi Life, it's possible for a Mii to confess his/her love to another Mii who is already dating.

    Normally, if the relationship of Mii being confessed is Getting along OK or lower, the confessor will fail. If the Mii being confessed has at least "Great pal" status, the confessor will accept.

    The confession will usually fail if the Mii has higher status. However, if the confessed Mii's relationship with their sweetheart is low ("Kinda getting along" or lower), then it's guaranteed that the confessed Mii may say "Sure" to the Mii who is confessing, ditching their sweetheart.

    If another p…

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