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aka Clara (pronounced Klah-ra)

  • I live in Mehhh~ The goat on Daisy Hills
  • I was born on November 7
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Female
  • Clara AD

    Island Child

    April 3, 2019 by Clara AD

    Here is the photo of my Miis' son I've taken from Photo Studio.

    Johan and Valerie with their son Erik.

    What do you think?

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  • Clara AD

    Reversal between all versions of Tomodachi Life, as far as i know.


    • EU/AU: Energetic
    • US: Confident


    • EU/AU: Energetic
    • US: Easy-going

    [He/She] really liked it.

    • EU: Jump up into the air fist-first, showing a very high amount of satisfaction. Happiness increases significantly.
    • US: Happily pat their belly with one hand, showing they really liked the food.

    [He/She] didn't like it at all...

    • EU: Turn gray and melt to the floor with a very shocked face while suspenseful music plays, showing that the Mii "Really hated" it.
    • US: Hold their stomachs in disgust (trying not to throw it up), showing they disliked the food.

    Very much in love/Very happy

    • EU: Light green
    • US: Orange

    Trust completely

    • EU: Green
    • US: Light green

    Want to forget

    • EU: Purple (with "Just" b…

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  • Clara AD

    When the player gives their Mii a food... or the Mii is hungry.

    A Mii's reaction that normally stays the same for the rest of his/her life will sometimes change.

    Here for example when i gave my Mii Macaroni & cheese:

    I guess it's the same in Japanese/European version.

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  • Clara AD

    One of my mii's want to confess their love but i don't want them to because they're not so great pairing. What should i do if they actually become sweethearts... but i don't like the two?

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  • Clara AD

    There isn't a specific category for this so I just called it "other".

    The sleeve of Miis' clothing on my island is depending on the season in game. In Spring and Summer, they all wear short sleeve clothing or sleeveless clothing. In Autumn and Winter, they all wear long sleeve clothing.

    Miis will fall asleep earlier if they're sick, sad, in a fight, or having love problems.

    Visit my Youtube channel here: [1]

    From what I've experienced, the Christmas theme (map and store music along with everything in shops) begins at 18 December and ends on 31 December.

    In my opinion, the relationship colours in Japanese version seem to be reversed.

    And also the relationship colors in both US and EU version.

    • There is no "Totally in love"/"Totally happy" word for …

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