Clara AD

aka Clara (pronounced Klah-ra)

  • I live in Mehhh~ The goat on Daisy Hills
  • I was born on November 7
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Female
  • Clara AD

    Orange are things I hate.

    Red are things I find idiotic.

    Blue are things that make me confused.

    Purple are useless things.

    Why is there a gap between the Leisure Island and the Main Island? Why did not build a bridge, and how can the Mii characters get across? Do they swim with their clothes on?

    Age is technically just a number (except for sweethearts and marriage). Like a child Mii that is 10 years old can be friends with Miis that are like 20 years or older. Also, couples can have major age gaps. I have two married couples: One born in 2003 and the other was born in 2006... Another thing, there can be age gaps between BFFs, like a kid and an adult BFF. Note: I replaced BF with BFF because "BF" can also mean boyfriend.

    When a Mii is deleted, nobody se…

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  • Clara AD

    About Tomodachi Life

    July 12, 2018 by Clara AD

    When the island population reaches 100 on the day the child grows up, what should the game do? Will they be automatically travel the world?

    Note: I hope no. of children on my island will not reach more than 50, because if there are more than 50 albums it will be deleted (i think). As 8 January 2019, there are 43 children on my island and 10 of them are travelers.

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