If a new installment of Tomodachi Life gets made, I personally feel like if Mii dialogue depended on personality, then it would add lots of diversity to the game.

Problem Dialogue

Problem All Personalities Easygoing Outgoing/Energetic Confident Independent/Reserved
  • "I'm hungry!"
  • "I'm thirsty!
  • "I need  to eat."
  • "I feel a bit hungry."
  • "I'd like to eat something."
  • "I need to eat. Can you give me some food, please?"
  • "I'm a bit peckish. Having a meal would help."
  • "Hey, [Main_Miii]'s lookalike? Can I eat something? I feel hungry right now."
  • "I'm starving!"
  • "I'm very hungry!"
  • "I really need to eat..."
  • "I'm very thirsty..."
  • "I need to eat right now. I mean it."
  • "My tummy is rumbling like crazy. Please give me some food!"
  • "Can you please give me food? I'm so hungry..."
  • "I'm so hungry... I need to fill up my stomach."
  • "Gimme something to eat or I will get  mad."
  • "I need to eat RIGHT NOW!"
  • "I am super hungry. Like, really really hungry."
  • "I need food right now. I mean this seriously."
  • "Giving me food will go a long way towards making me feel happier."
  • "Make sure to give me food or else."
  • "I feel very, very hungry..."
  • "I'm starving quite a bit, and I need to eat..."
  • "I'm going to need to eat or else I will feel worse."
Eat Anything
  • "I could eat  anything!"
  • "I need to eat. ANYTHING!"
  • "I have to eat; anything will do!"
  • "My hunger is dropping down. I could eat anything...
Specific Food
  • "I'd like to eat something [desc.]."
New Clothing
  • "I'd like some new clothes."
  • "I feel like I need some new clothing."
  • "Wearing the same clothes all day, every day gets boring. In this case, I'd like some new clothes to wear."
  • "I'd like some new clothes... Please?"
New Hat
  • "I'd like a new hat."
New Room
  • "I'd like a new look for my room."
Upset Stomach
  • "My tummy doesn't feel too well..."
  • "Urgh... I feel sick in the tummy."
Lost Item
Funny Face
Voice Actor
  • "Do you want to hear my impression of ____?"
  • "I've got a good pun for you. Want to listen?"
  • "I thought of the best pun ever! Wanna hear?"
  • "This pun has what it takes to be funny. Do you want to listen to it?"
The Sneeze
X-ray Vision
Catchphrase Review
Mysterious Letter
Family Talk
Disposable Camera
Hair Color
Age Change
Becoming Friends
  • "I want to be friends with ____."
Introducing Friends
Friend Opinions
Relationships not working out
Huge Fight
  • "I had a huge fight with ____! Now leave me alone! We have nothing to discuss!"
  • "____ and ____ have had a huge fight and still haven't made up."
Make Up
Making Relationships
Suspected Relationship
  • "Why would ____... want me to go out with... ____?
Worrying about Relationship
Confession to a Mii
Likeness of a Mii
Confession to multiple Miis
Play Game
  • "I need to get my homework done. Can you help?"
Invite Mii for Visit
Child Introduction
  •  "My name is ____. I grew up from my parents ____ and ____."
  • "Hello, I'm ____. I'm the son/daughter of my parents, ____ and ____.
  • Nice to meet you! I'm ____, and I was actually grown on this island."
  • "You're a friend of my parents, right? I'm ____."
  • "I look awfully similar to my parents, don't you agree?! I'm ____!
  • "Hey, [Player]'s look-alike! The name's ____. Do I look really big?"
  • "I can't believe I'm not a baby anymore. My name is ____."
  • "My name is ____. A grown up... That's it."
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