There are many things in Tomodachi Life that tend to confuse me often, and so like how other users did, I want to post what I find confusing here too.

Bold text is what I find more annoying.

I will be posting more confusions and annoyments about the game in the future.

List of confusions

  • Why is there a gap between the main island and Leisure Island? Why did they not build a bridge, and how do they even get across? Do they swim with their clothes on?
  • I tend to not understand just exactly what the Magic Shows' purposes are.
  • *Sigh* If only you could also change your Mii's Lip Colour like you could do that in Miitomo/Miitopia, but in this game you just can't... But I do get that, this game was made in 2014 (or 2013, maybe I’m wrong) and Miitopia came in 2018 with the Switch.
  • When a proposal fails, it makes me so mad and painful at the same time. I always get so excited whenever a couple is about to get married, but when I fail, I always feel like I just lose focus. At that point, it's when I get so enraged, I literially try to (not really) get so mad at my 3DS, and I lose my temper. I truly hope in the next game, the proposing Mii after a fail, I wish that instead of saying that they will try again another time, I want him/her to say instead: "I may have failed my proposal... But there's certainly no way to give up! I have to try again. What do you think?" If the player accepts, a pop-up message will come up saying, 'Are you sure you want to try again? Failing will result in declining the relationship even more!'. The proposal will take place at any random venue.
  • When a child has grown up, and you are about to decide if you want to send them to explore or become a resident, and you click the wrong option, it really annoys me because you cannot undo it!
  • In the classroom and there is a love triangle/square, how could a Mii that is hiding in a locker even fit in there?
  • If a Mii tried to set up a couple with two other Miis and it ends up as, "They didn’t hit it off well...”, one of the other

Miis ends up with them having an orange problem and asks about the suspected relationship. If you say that they’re a perfect match they’re not friends, coinciding with the unknown Mii problem.

  • Fight flashbacks do certainly seem pretty 'violent'. Especially the one where the two miis throw random items to eachother. Like, it always looks like they will get hit. First of all, they would get hurt very badly, they could get sent to hospital if there was one. Also, how can they even manage to have random treasures even FIT in their pockets? I just don't get it...
  • I tend to find some Mii News reports rather odd, others cringey, and some a bit annoying.
    • I don't understand that in the "[Mii]: Kindergartner" report, why the attending Mii has been said at age 0. Children don't start kindergarten until age 4 or 5, so it doesn't make sense.
    • The 'Just Like a [Treasure]?' doesn't explain enough. For example: "The scientific world welcomed some bright news today. They said it was impossible to create a scented candle that looked exactly like a kettle. But, Professor Blanc's team did exactly that late last night. The professor is tipped to win the chemistry world's most coveted Ellsworth Award." I'm more about the person who wants to know why and how. How did they do it? Who did they do it with? Some reports are not enough to get my head around. Also there’s virtually no way you could make something look exactly like another.
    • For the '[Mii]'s Kindness' report... another weird element. Example: "Here's a heartwarming story for you. Little Amadea was seen crying, after her origami crane got stuck in the branches of a tree. That was when Brianna jumped up and grabbed it for her. Brianna said, "I was just doing my duty." Just how can the person who gets the random treasure for the Mii waiting at the bottom jump so high? Impossible!
    • The 'Extreme Eco Car Revealed' story simply does not make sense. My example of this story: "Have you been waiting for a car that's so environmentally friendly it doesn't use any fuel at all? Well, here you go! A large scale test drive of the wonder car was held for the media and public today. Real_Amin, who got to test one of the cars, seemed extremely excited when he said, "This should finally solve all of the world's pollution problems!" In the image explaining the idea, one of the Miis literally is pulling the car, not just having one other person drive it itself. It makes me think, is that really enviromnentally friendly? If they're driving on a main road, how can they even drive? They need someone to be on the road to pull it! Sheesh!
    • 'Who Logs the Most Toilet Time?' is another really confusing one and just dumb. "Everybody wants to know, apparently. According to Newman Research's latest survey, the number one person with the longest toilet time on Sunshine Island is... Abby. Number two on the list is Susan. Matt had been the favourite but ended up on taking third place. Upon hearing the results, Abby said, "I think Emily takes longer," voicing displeasure with the research." Just how long do they stay in the toilet for? Besides, people use the toilet for up to 30 seconds, only sometimes longer. If their true time value was much longer then that, welp, that would turn out really bad for them. And also, why would people want to know?
  • Some speech bubble dialogue can also confuse me as well.
    • Sometimes, Miis can ask for more islanders to come to the island. No matter if the population has reached the limit, I simply don't get it. Even if I had only just added a new Mii, they keep on asking for more. And more.
    • When some Miis ask for their relationship with somebody to last forever, but when you look in their relationships, their status isn't looking good.
    • "I would like to see a film with [Mii]." Well, of course there isn't such thing as a movie theater, so they can't watch a film. Of course they can't.
    • A Mii would like to see through the Food Mart delivering. Technically it does because I purchase food and give it to them.
    • Sometimes after a Mii makes a friend, immediately after suceeding, they would talk about doing something with them most times. Well, after they just met, they wouldn't really go anywhere else straight away, right?
    • Sometimes Miis can tell me how to play the game, and I already know how to, so I don't really want to listen to those tips.
    • A Mii could talk about taking over the island. Sorry, that’s not possible.
  • Some adults, especially the Energetic Miis, do sometimes get a tad immature.
  • Especially if it is a Mii I had made myself, I don't want to use Age/Kid-O-Matics on them.
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