I expected more things in Tomodachi Life, but it didn't happen, so I created this so what I want to see in Tomodachi Life 2

Things I want to see in the sequel

  • Train Station, School, Fancy Restaurant and Mount [island] (Formerly named Firework Display) no longer hidden locations and can be used to see what the islanders are doing there and what events are happening there right now, the Fancy Restaurant, Mount [island] and the Train Station are now places where the Mii can confess his love to the other Mii.
  • You can now have a option to make your Mii a Teenager and a Toddler, along with making your Mii a adult and kid at the Mii Maker.
  • New Locations Added: Swimming Pool, Caves, Stadium, Forest, Playground, Lake, Daycare, Mii News HQ and Harbor added, Mii's can hang out at these places (Except for Mii News HQ and Daycare because only babies from Week 1 to Week 3 can hang out there)
  • You will have much control over the game, you can make a Mii of your choice fall in love with whoever you want and decide how it will end up, and make a Mii of your choice fight with another Mii of your choice and decide what they will fight about, and you can change relationships of a Mii of what the Mii thinks about the other Mii, and you can make a scene with Miis of your choice, the limit of the amount of Miis is unlimited, like a Mii Movie Maker, and decide if the couple will break up.
  • You can set for the Mii who their siblings, cousins, uncles, parents and grandparents are.
  • New Song Styles Added: Country, Jazz, R&B and Reggae
  • In the Rap Song Style, there will no longer be sung, but just rapped, like traditional raps.
  • You can now choose if the Mii will live in a apartment or Mii Home and if your family will live there too.
  • Mii Apartments can now have a roommate with up to 4 roommates.
  • You can move the Miis like in Third-Person Mode.
  • Catchphrases are replaced with what your Mii will say, and what emotions it will have and no text limits.
  • Babies will now age every week instead of a day until Week 6, at Week 6 the Baby will become a kid and you will decide if you will age him to a Teenager with a Age-O-Matic.
  • Jobs are added.
  • You can decide who is the Principal, Teacher for Teenage Students, Teacher for Kid Students, Teacher for Week 3-5 Old Babies, Janitor and School Councler.
  • At the Cafè, the event Unisex Hangout is added, meaning there will be a chat with random males and females, and you can also decide what Miis will be in the chat.
  • The Clothing Shop, Pawn Shop, Interior Shop, Cafè, Supermarket, Hat Shop, Import Shop are formed as a Mall, at the Mall you can visit these Shops.

Description Features

  • Family Options: This time you can decide which Mii is the parent, uncle/aunt, grandparents, siblings, children of the Mii of your choice, this was made to prevent something like a sibling falling in love with their sibling, when two siblings of each other get in a fight, the parent has to break them up, if it fails, the two wont talk to each other for a while.
  • School: Every Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 3-5 Week Old Babies Kids and Teens will go to school at 8 AM to 3 PM, except for Wednesday, where school ends in 1 PM, and only Kids and Teens can confess their love at school because to make it more realistic, it's strange for a adult to confess their love to another adult at school, you can visit the school and help students with their problems, when a fight breaks out at school, you have to report the fight to the teacher and ask her/him to break it up, only Teens and Kids would fight, and it's not possible for a Teen to fight with a Kid.
  • Jobs: You can decide what Mii will get a job and where he will get a job, the Mii will automatically get hired, it is not possible for a Mii to get fired, the Mii can work as a Police Officer, Doctor, Firefighter, Detective, Supermarket Employee, Hat Shop Employee, Clothing Shop Employee, Restaurant Employee, Pawn Shop Employee, School Employee, Interior Shop Employee, Import Shop Employee, Cafè Employee.
  • Stadium: At the time you choose, you can host a Soccer Match, Random Miis with the same age group will play Soccer and are in their Soccer Uniform, it's a Minigame, and you will choose a team to play as, and the voice of the player's Mii is the announcer, the Mii can also confess their loves to another Mii, and propose to the Mii's lover during a Soccer Match.
  • Train Station: This place also has events that can happen, such as: Dance Battle (12:00-13:00), Comedy Club (15:30-17:00), Dajare (19:00-20:15). There is also a bulletin board for what happened in the island. The Mii can also confess their love to another Mii and let the Mii propose to their lover at the Train Station.
  • Cafè: This place is used for Miis to talk or eat or hang out, at 6 AM to 11 AM, some Miis will be there for breakfast, or some Miis will eat in their house and apartment.


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