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    Wiki Fauna

    November 23, 2014 by HOAFanguying

    This page is intended to be humorous and should not be taken seriously under any circumstances.

    Many kinds of WikiFauna inhabit the Tomodachi Life Wiki. Some types can be found on other wikis, like Wikipedia.


    Rarity Fairly Common
    Aims To revert all vandalism!

    WikiSoldiers are a kind of WikiFauna who roam the wiki and are skilled at removing vandalism and spam. They are often admins or rollback users.

    If you are a WikiSoldier, express it by using the userbox:


    Rarity Quite Rare
    Aims To make loads of templates!

    WikiAnts like to make lots of navigational templates for the benefit of other users. They are called WikiAnts because ants make big nests with lots of rooms, and a wiki could be seen as a big nest and the templates as the rooms. Wi…

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