So inspired by Clara AD's post, I decided to find some European dialogue!

Thought Bubbles

If (best friend) were in trouble, I would help him/her right away.

Some people are easy to talk to. Some people aren't...

I've been waiting for you to visit, (player)'s lookalike!

Whenever somebody brags about themselves, I just pretend to listen.

You look hungry.

Not everything has to be perfect for me to be happy.

Even when people say they had a funny dream, it's never that funny. 

I can't help laughing out loud when I watch a funny film.

I think (spouse) said somebody's name in his sleep... (they refer it by male pronouns even if a male Mii is talking about his wife)

I wish I looked a little different.

I think that all my wishes could come true!

It's Saturday! Are you working today, (player)'s lookalike?


I had a fight with (Mii)! I'm so mad!

I need some kind of hair accessory.

I'm going to say (mad phrase) when I'm angry. What do you think?

Can you give me something to say when I'm happy?

I was thinking (friend) and I don't really see eye to eye... What do you think about me and (friend)?

Check out my impression of (friend).

I've got to have a cute hat.

I think that (best friend) is a really good friend. But what do you think about me and (best friend)?

Please look inside my tummy!

I think (male Mii) needs a special someone... How about setting them up with (female Mii)?


Outgoing, mad: I'm so mad about something!

It's been three weeks, hasn't it (player)'s lookalike?

Where have you been for a whole month, (player)'s lookalike?!

Good evening!


Can it really have been a month, (player)'s lookalike?

Good evening to you!

It's been two weeks, hasn't it (player)'s lookalike?

Thanks for coming, (player)'s lookalike!

Outgoing, worried: Sorry, but do you think I could be alone for a while?

I got over my hiccups thanks to you.

Long time no see!


Leaving Food Mart: Thank you. Have a nice day!

Night Market Greeting: Roll up! Roll up! Try your luck!

Leaving Night Market: Come again!

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