Tomodachi Life OST 'Adeline'

Tomodachi Life OST 'Adeline'

26% for the Friendship rating. Compatibility Tester Japanese version.

Someone uploaded some tracks on Youtube that plays tracks that are only in the Japanese version.

Like the one I posted here on this blog, this song plays around at 26%* Friendship rating for that game.

There's other videos on there too, the titles they gave them were:

'Adeline' (the video that's posted here)

'Top' (this plays at the title for the Compatibility Tester, this sound is also in the Western versions just as a Saxophone. )

'New Year' (, this music plays over the island on January 1st only)

'Mild 1' (, this plays around 44%* at the Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

'Gospel' (, this plays around 77%* at the Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

'Menuet' (, this, plays around the 39%* at the Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

'Power Piano' (, this plays around the 83%* at the Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

'Dock' (, this only plays if you're receiving a traveler/ import item or a traveler leaving through Streetpass.)

'Sad Waltz' (, this plays around 5%* at the Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

'Mild 2' (, this plays around 52%* at the Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

'Sonata' (, this plays around 19%* at the Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

'Failure' (, this plays at 0% Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

'Orchestra Fanfare' (, this plays at 100% Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

'Comical' (, this plays around 62%* at the Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

They also have the Romance ones from the Compatibility Tester down too, they're all labeled as 'Love Ranking'. I wonder why they didn't label the Friendships one as 'Friendship Ranking'.....

The (*) I added to the %s, is because I was checking this live on my game.

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