Today is my mii players birthday, she turn 20 that year could someone please do something special on my 20th mii birthday! here a story for all fo you!

Kaleb mii reporter on mii news: Today is April 10th 2018. It is Kelly's Birthday is today, we go live from restraunt where she is!

  • goes to Kelly the 20 year old mii is with Jennifer, amy, Owen and jorge special guess from me are here and they are happy*

owen: *sing* La la la la la la

Jennifer: *sing* La la la la la la

Owen: La la la la, Dear Kelly

Jennifer, Amy, Owen and Jorge: *sing together* La la la la la.

Jennifer and Owen got the popers and bast them

Amy: Congrates!

Jorge: Congrates!

Kelly: Thanks! *blows candles* woo-hoo!

Here the from the matter

Coby: Happy 20th birthday Kelly!

Stephanie cross: Can i have some cake?

Kaleb: thats all for now from the mii news this is Kaleb Sun sining off!

Tell me what you think of my story?

Happy 20th birthday kelly

happy 20th birthday, Kelly!

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