Explanation: With certain level-up gifts, Miis can be seen doing various things with them.

With what items do Miis have success in using? With what ones do they fail? Let's find out.

Italics mean that this is not in the game, but would be a theoretical event added by me.

Item Positive Negative Neutral Explanation
Ballet Manual Miis dancing Miis tripping, falling, etc.
Baseball Bat Miis hitting the ball Miis missing the ball Miis swinging the bat Miis don't actually hit anything with this item.
Beauty Kit Miis successfully applying makeup, etc. Miis failing to apply it correctly A failure really doesn't seem plausible with this item.
Book Mii reading See above, w/success added
Bubble blower Miis successfully blowing bubbles The jar runs out of the liquid; the Miis don't blow properly
CD Miis listening to CD, dancing The CD fails to work Since something similar seems to happen with the laptop, the failure sounds plausible.
Cell Phone Mii talking
Fishing Pole Mii successfully catches something Mii failing to catch anything; A Mii reels in a boot, etc. This item is strange because it never seems to end up in success for the user.
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