I have the Japanese version for this game and I've noticed quite a lot of differences from mine to the EU/US versions. I'm not that great at Wiki's and I wanted to do as little editing as I could or at least get some help.

The main differences I've noticed are a lot of new items have been added to the food. The original Japanese version had it as Japanese/Foreign Food/Sweets/Drinks. I went with calling it Western in my small edits I did today but technically they mean non-Japanese. So things like Peking Duck get called Western, which just seems weird to me. Foreign doesn't seem right either, so any feed back would be good.

I don't know how to add on to the table as well so I could make extra pictures of the different food added or if a new section would be better since it might be confusing to some. Just another thing that I'd like feedback on before I dig in and add pages and more edits.

Clothes also have a lot of new items like the Banana Suit and Hot dog suit that weren't available in the Japanese version. There's also different arrangement for some of the items. A lot of the Japanese clothing like the kimonos are in the normal Female or Male clothing depending on the item. Special Emperor clothes and Princess Kimonos are in the Costumes, some of the school uniforms have been changed to the regular clothing. So when Adding the catalogue number I've had to add which section it was in.

I'll be adding what I can and I want to limit myself as I can only really add from the Japanese version. I hope everyone is having fun with their game! I've had mine now for over a year, already seen a few of the kids that were born on my island have their first birthdays. 

___Mz Doom June 22nd 2014

  • Update*

Added the page Japanese Differences so I will be working on that day by day. If anyone else wants to help edit the formatting or linking to this page when it's done. At the moment it's still very much a work in progress.

Mz Doom (talk) 21:53, June 24, 2014 (UTC)

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