These are a few things I've noticed while playing Quirky Questions, but I'm not sure if it's a thing that always occurs or just a coincidence.

For the first one, the "Who hates ____?" question in Quirky Questions. For some time, I thought Miis would never raise their hands if you fill in the blank with "me" since like 90% of the time or more, it would just end with the "Ummm..." scenario. But, I've noticed that a few times, there's a Mii (or even two) who does raise their hand. So that lead me to trying to figure out if there's some kind of pattern there. And after repeating this experiment ba couple of times, it appears that it's always the same Miis raising their hands. These Miis include Saria and Vsauce in my game.

Next, we get to the "Who loves ____?" question, with again "me" filled in the blank. This appears to be the opposite situation of "Who hates me?" where this time the majority of Miis raise their hands but there are a few who don't. And it appears that a lot of time, the Miis that don't raise their hands in this question are the same ones who raise their hands in the other question. But there are a few exceptions. In my game, such exception is Zelda, who didn't raise her hand during either question. A reverse exception might be Emma, as, if I recall correctly, she raised her hand during both questions when she was asking the questions. (Actually, that was probably only a case of her raising her hand because she was the one asking the questions and both had someone answer.)

This has lead to a speculation that Miis always vote the same way to the same question in Quirky Questions. Has anyone else ever made repeated Quirky Questions experiments like these? Let me know in the comments.

Speaking of voting the same way, a similar experience also happens in Judgement Bay. It started when I noticed that when I made Miis vote between a happy face and sad face, it was always the same 7 Miis voting for the sad face, and the seven always said their custom catchphrases. So this lead me to experimenting. Small faces — still the same result. Upside down faces — still the same result. Both sides sad faces — Miis who voted for the sad face now voted for the right face. So then I voted with the happy and sad face switching places, and the Miis who previously voted for the sad face now voted for the happy face. So, as long as both sides had three lines (no matter how they were made), it would always be the same Miis voting for each side. So, I wonder how it is determined how Miis vote. It seems that Miis always vote the same way if each side of the screen has the same number of strokes (or whatever it is called when you touch the screen and then lift the stylus) or at least if both sides have 3.

I continued experimenting with Judgement Bay and it appears to be the case in other situations as well. Another possible thing is, that if you put the two things in the opposite order (as long as each option has a different number of lines as it wouldn't be able to tell the difference if it's the same number), the Miis will also vote the opposite/same way (so Miis who vote for the box of 2 on the left when there are 4 on the right vote for the box of 2 on the right when there are 4 on the left) but say different phrases. Also, the voting the same way each time also probably applies to 3 or 4 options as well.

However, there is one problem with this theory (or whatever). I tried to recreate the π vs τ poll from March, where only jacksfilms voted for Pi. However, no matter how I put the two boxes, it never lead to a scenario where only a few Miis voted for Pi, or at least not a scenario where it was only jacksfilms and new Miis. This might mean that the Miis' choices change whenever there is a new Mii added to the island.

And back to Quirky Questions. It appears that the position of the Mii in a round of Quirky Questions is determined by their height. Shorter Miis stand in the front while taller Miis stand in the back.

Another thing is that the Mii who asked the question will always raise their hand unless nobody else does (when it says "Ummm"). In the latter case, they still raise their hand when asking the question. So I'm guessing you can only determine the answers of the six Miis, not the seventh Mii who asks the questions.

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