Since everyone (well, not everyone, but at least a few active editors on this wiki) seems to have a blog like this, I decided to make one as well.

Annoying things:

  • Whenever Miis change clothes on their own, as a lot of times the outfits in which they switch are either very ridiculous/stupid looking or just don't fit the character at all. Especially annoying when it happens when the Mii is sleeping in their home.
  • I'm getting tired of the dreams that always spawn the same items. This is why so many of my islanders have ninja costumes, superhero girl outfits etc. in varying colors. And it's getting harder and harder to find Miis that haven't eaten fried seafood, escargot or spinach yet. I prefer the dreams that just spawn random food items.
  • The "unbelievable" things in the dream are just too predictable now. Like whenever a Mii starts a sentence, the "shocking" revelation is always the same. The island is always a turtle. Brown cows always produce chocolate milk. Jacksfilms (or another Mii) is always an alien. I wish there were random ways sentences could continue instead of just random full sentences, because when you've had the dream enough times and hear the beginning, you instantly know what the whole thing is going to be. It gets boring.
  • There is no way to edit or delete travelers as far as I know. Once you make one, you're stuck with them unless you delete your whole island. And a traveler can never have special hair color like islanders because you can't give them items.
  • When the player tells a Mii to go confess with a custom phrase or giving a gift and then the other Mii doesn't even show up. Just makes the whole thing go to waste.
  • When Miis jump in vacation photos. Makes it hard to get a good picture.
  • For some personalities, the color of the baby's clothes as a baby doesn't match the color of their outfit when they grow up. Specifically the easygoing and outgoing/energetic female outfits.
  • The limits for the phrases the Miis say are way too short so it's hard to fit anything the characters typically say unless it's shortened or already short. The things the Miis say by default are longer as well.
  • While you can change the outfit of the Mii who proposes, there's no way to change the outfit of the Mii who is proposed to until after the wedding and honeymoon (if the proposal is successful). This means, if you see the special someone in an outfit you don't like, you'll have to either fail the proposal or restart the game or else you have to take the honeymoon photos with them wearing that outfit. Like one of my Miis was wearing a hamster costume when another Mii proposed to them in a fancy restaurant and later in their honeymoon pictures because, of course, they just had to change clothes off screen again.

Things that don't make sense:

  • One of the many random questions is if the player has been abroad, and if they answer yes, the Mii says they're so jealous. Like what about the travel tickets I give them? Fair enough, Rachel, who asked the question, had never had a travel ticket, but she's married, which means she has been on a honeymoon.
  • When a Mii says something along the lines of "I play with [Friend] nearly every day." about a Mii they only just befriended. Like it can be their random speech bubble dialogue directly after the friendship problem in which they befriended the other Mii.
  • When a Mii says that they wish they were best friends with [insert random Mii here] when they're already best friends with a different Mii.
  • A male Mii in a relationship says he wishes a nice girl moved to the island.
  • Miis who are children born on the island can wonder about their real-world lookalike.

Combination of both:

  • Child Mii gets a problem that they wish to be older. I go to the editor and change their age to 18. They still have the exact same problem, still wanting to be older. But, of course, if I give them an Age-o-matic, they reject it because they're already a grown-up. Ok then... And then the only way to get rid of the problem is to change their age back to a child and give them the Age-o-matic. But those problems have the longest expiring time of all the normal problems, I think.
  • When a Mii turns 18 while affected by the Age-o-matic, they still remain affected by it, at least if they're married. And there's no way to get rid of it if they're married except having the couple divorce or deleting the other Mii.
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