I decided to share Tomodachi Life dreams I've had here to have the biggest probability of it being seen by people who actually play the game and understand my descriptions of the dream better. I might update this to include possible future dreams.

Some of these are only parts of the dream as I'm only including parts that are relevant to Tomodachi Life. Also, this doesn't include every Tomodachi Life dream I've ever had, only the ones I can recall when editing this. This also doesn't include Miitopia dreams.

It's also strange how, as far as I can recall, I had no Tomodachi Life dreams in 2018 or 2019, but at least 5 each in both 2017 and 2020.


April 8

I started playing Tomodachi Life and my Mii started dating another Mii.

April 25-26

I added Zelda and Link Miis to my Tomodachi Life through some kind of Mii selection thing (which was different from any actual ways to add Miis to the game). Adding Zelda and Link also added 3 special Miis with special interiors on the 3rd floor (at the time, I didn't have any Mii Apartments extensions yet). I also discovered a way to add two Miis on each other's friends lists. It also included the actual Sailor Moon theme and a song about The Lord of the Rings, neither of which were among the 8 songs that could be given to Miis. This is what inspired me to add Zelda and Link Miis to the game.

April 30

I was trying to film Tomodachi Life, but my family kept interrupting me. My sister and her friend even ruined my filming setup, which angered me. And, for an unknown reason, I also tried to film footage of Wii Sports baseball for my Tomodachi Life video. It had the same Miis as Tomodachi Life but they looked different.

July 11 or earlier

There was a Wii U game that was just Judgement Bay.

August 3

The YouTuber BRRGames had a Tomodachi Life playlist so I decided to check it out. However, when I started the first video, it was actually Skylanders, but, of course, I didn't notice this inconsistency in the dream. The gameplay was about BRR controlling the Skylander Terrafin in some sort of cinema along with other Skylanders, and it was possible to knock Skylanders off the arena, and he knocked off some on purpose and others accidentally.

September 27

For context: Back then, I mainly played Tomodachi Life for a YouTube series, and many of the Miis I had on my island were different from the current ones since I changed them later that year.

Anyway, to the dream. I was currently editing an episode of the YouTube series but decided to play the game anyway. In the dream, I had previously made 4 new Miis who weren't actually in the game, and one of them was some kind of squirrel that was supposedly the original mascot of the Finnish ice hockey team (not actually true). I noticed there was a love problem so I quickly put up my filming set up since I didn't want to leave such an important part out of the video. It was one of the new Miis, who confessed to one of the other new Miis and they got into a relationship. However, my filming setup crashed so I couldn't film it properly. Then there was another love problem, this time with an earlier version of Max. I also noticed that the earlier versions of Max and Chloe had a house even though they weren't married at the time yet. However, since my filming was failing so much, I decided to just ignore it and leave the game.


January 2

I was playing Tomodachi Life on my sister's 3DS (Testing Island) and saw a bunch of love problems. So I went to one of the Miis' apartments but got a problem that was unlike anything I had ever seen before. In it, the Mii wanted to confess but he was angry and it was way more complicated than any of the normal confession problems. It included the Mii asking multiple choice questions (similarly to the Questions problem) and I had to pick the correct answer. There was a life system, and each life was represented by some kind of green marble, while getting a question right would increase the number of green marbles, and the goal was to get to 5. I got the first question right, but then in the second question, I answered incorrectly twice and lost all the green marbles so I lost. So, in the end, the Mii didn't confess.

February 12

I had a dream where I added the character Eggy but instead of speaking with a text-to-speech voice, he spoke with his actual voice, and this prevented him from saying some of the lines. Anyway, in the dream, it started with George and Chara having a child who grew up (although in the actual game, this already happened with Adam), and the family album also included parts of George's childhood. Then Sophie (I think) got in a relationship with Eggy. However, right after I left a room for the first time after the relationship started, there was already a fight between Sophie and Eggy. This somehow made their status revert back to friends. I went to Eggy's room and he was angry. I looked at the friends list, and Sophie was just listed as a friend, without the "in fight" part, and they had the yellow/orange friendship status. I then went to Sophie's room, and she was sad instead of angry because of the break up. It had a thought bubble with Eggy's face, and tapping it had the same effect as trying to resolve a regular fight. So Sophie went to Eggy's room but Eggy couldn't forgive her. This made her even more sad. From her point of view, Eggy was listed as a friend in fight. I was hoping for Eggy to get the problem where he said he no longer wanted to fight with Sophie but this never happened. There was also another wedding but I forgot which two Miis got married.

April 18-19

I had a dream where I played Tomodachi Life again with my main save but somehow I had Miis of Tails and Cosmo from Sonic as well. I was about to leave, but I noticed one of the two had a love heart on their window. So I opened it and it was either Tails or Cosmo wanting to propose to the other. And that's where the dream ended.

May 23

Eggy made a return to my Tomodachi Life dreams. This time, he had a baby. The baby looked like some weird alien thing with pale skin and thick black eyebrows as horns (even though babies can't be born with black eyebrows). Then, whenever the baby needed babysitting, it showed a problem icon on the house but it was a tiny figure.

May 25

Either Regina or Zelena had a daughter (which neither of them has in my game, both only have sons). Regina's child and Zelena's child of opposite genders were in some sort of ice skating place, and they seemed interested in each other (which bothered me because they're supposed to be cousins). Also, like all of my married couples except 5 divorced off-screen, resulting in a lot of house deconstruction. Star and Illuminati were among the divorced couples, which caused me to panic. Not sure about which other couples divorced or stayed together, but Pricefield (Max and Chloe, the first married couple) was one of the couples that stayed together.

May 30

There was a thing where playing Tomodachi Life at a certain time of the day (not sure when but it seemed to be nighttime) would activate it in the beta version instead. The only changes caused by the beta version were that some of the things looked different and there was a new problem type, which was dark pink (so it was distinguishable from the love problems) but I don't remember what they did anymore. In the dream, there was also a Tomodachi Life remake on the Switch, and by remake, I mean it was pretty much almost exactly the same as the 3DS version in terms of what you could do in it, the biggest changes being having to alter how things looked due to the screen.

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